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  1. I have been selected for an interview on the 23 September 2010, the company cancelled this for another date which I was not able to attend. The company told me it would get back to me with another to fit in all the managers. How long do I have to wait for them to get back to me? They have actually finished all interviews as I saw the dates, and would be implementing someone soon, do I have any rights, such as legitimate expectation?? or any rights within employment rights and The HRA 1998.
  2. I'm taking it further,total breach of contract, plus I had to use my phone to call them, pay as you go now nil credit.
  3. Thanks for everybody's help, went to court everything is sorted and the bailiffs have disappeared, yepee!
  4. Hi Asda have offered me £10 compensation although i paid for a delivery of £5.50 and an evoucher which I asked not to be given as I no longer want to shop there. The complaint consisted as under the sales and goods and services act s.13/s.14: delivery was around 6 hours late products missing an damaged because we were waiting in couldn't go out to source food from another supermarket as still waiting for the arrival of Asda. frustration and inconvenience as couldn't take lil one out as waiting for delivery, outside the time they were suppose to arrive. Is it unreasonable for me to want more than a £10, which is really £4.50 as I still had to pay for delivery? Any advice on next move??
  5. Hi there its been a long time, finally went to court on the 17th May, Monday. Judge said he will give me 28 days (via the out of time declaration). He said to wait a week as the council (Ealing) will get in contact me etc, if not I should contact them. He said this would take it back to the original PCN where I should be able to see why they gave me this PCN and photos. Is this what I am to expect, as its back to court in 28 days
  6. Thanks for the info I have been scurring the website for info as well even lexix nexis. The property is Housing Association and I have developed a plan to pay off more than half (3/4) the arrears in 3 years would that seen reasonable to them?
  7. Hi and thanks so much for your replies. The tenancy is an assured. i moved into the property in Feb 09 with another landlord and Catalyst took over in July. Catalyst have not provided me with a tenancy agreement as to date or a rent book Also because I am classed as having a disability would this apply: 22.— Discrimination in relation to premises. (1) It is unlawful for a person with power to dispose of any premises to discriminate against a disabled person— (a) in the terms on which he offers to dispose of those premises to the disabled person; (b) by refusing to dispose of those premises to the disabled person; or © in his treatment of the disabled person in relation to any list of persons in need of premises of that description.
  8. Please really need some help. My Housing association have told me they want to hand me a ground 8 Notice of seeking possession order due to rent arrears of more than 2 months. They have not really consulted with me whether i can afford to make payments, but have told me to pay more than £10 per week for the arrears is now £1783. Unfortunately some of the arrears acquired due a previous tenancy which was transferred to them, and when i was working. I am already paying £10 per week although i am on benefits and by law required to pay £3.75. I have a meeting with the manager on the phone before Christmas who told me that i either paid a big amount as £10 will take forever and they would seriously seek a NOSP ground 8 where the judges have no discretion. Can anybody help on what to do at the next meeting with the manager, who just seems he just wants to kick me out!
  9. My n244 was recently sent back due to one documentation being outdated(dated Oct 2009). Therefore thanks for this, I can re-note this on my N244). Alot of consideration has been put towards my post here on Consumeraction, where I am grateful of all replies. Thank you
  10. As I have a drive on my new home, is this included or seen as private property? ie would this be seen a trespassing?
  11. Thank you Tomtubby Happy Christmas and everyone else for your detailed replies ...so does that mean they cannot pursue my car at my new address? I have written to them again noting: 'that they are in breach of clause 8.1 of Part 75 of the CPR Rules'.
  12. t mobile do a 6 months contract plan sim only which most people with low credit status may be applicable?
  13. but has the council followed the rights procedures before they sent you out the NOSP, they have to follow the ground 8 pre protocol action before submitting such decision. please look at this link: Pre-action Protocol for Possession Claims based on rent arrears - Ministry of Justice
  14. have they followed the council he ground 8 protocol. If they havent then they could be liable in the court's eyes. look at the link: Pre-action Protocol for Possession Claims based on rent arrears - Ministry of Justice
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