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  1. afternoon all. this morning i received a letter from intrum justitia based in harlow,stating brittania music & film have passed administration of my account to them and i am supposed to contact them to arrange payments or £20 will be added to my account for admin charges. I do not beleive that these people nor Brittania have the right to contact me in anyway in regards to this account, reason being sine march 2007 i ahve had an administration order in place to cover all small debts of which brittania are one of, the amount being requested by intrum is the same amount on the order which i have been paying into county court since last year. i have an appointment with an advisor at citizens advice on monday morning about all my debts and will show them the letter. I personally will not be contacting intrum about this, they can try and file court papers if they wish, i will fill out any court papers sent and also ask for compensation for my trouble. If i write to them i will bill them £25 for my administration costs and see how they like it.:lol:

  2. in my post earlier i said i had a call from mercers regarding my abbey debt, after looking at it again i realised it was not mercers but Moorcroft who rang me this morning. Mercers was for barclycard who now use cabot financial. I sent email to cabot requesting CCA but i did not offer to pay for it, debt line website only suggests payment if they have not sent it for free. My email was recieved and passed to the relevant department,i kept copy of reply,now only time will tell,if i have got their attention and i hope they do not reply with the details in 14 working days.:roll:

  3. had a call from MERCERS this morning regarding my abbey debt (loan) they gave me some details about me to prove who they were speaking to,this is easier to deal with otherwise i would not give details out over the phone. mercers wanted to know if i could make a token payment of £20 i said no but can pay £1 they said no,i told them citizens advice would be intouch regarding my debt. might have got a better response from a brick wall than from them. I think alot of these so called debt collection agents do not follow the rules and do what they want,believing we would never take action against them,how wrong they are. for the record companys like Mercers,Cabot Financial, wescot to name a few are a big pain in the seat.

  4. i am having trouble with cabot financial who bought my debt from littlewoods personal finance,who intern supply a card from barclycard. my problem is i recieved a letter from cabot with a letter from barclycard enclosed,i am treating this with some suspicion, because i have an agreement to pay off my debt at £1.00 monthly,i have a letter from barclycard stating this. today at 10.20am i recieved a call from cabot financial, wanting to speak to me, the usual question was put to me confirm my details, i refused to do so, i quoted the administration of justice act after the bloke on other end of phone said they will keep ringing me until i speak to them, he kept moaning at me,and would not listen to reason, even though i told him, i would file charges of harrassment against them. totally unaccepted behaviour,luckily i have an appopintment today with a debt councillor and i will bring this up during this meeting. i just want some sense of it all,if we run a business like them we would have no customers. i want to blow a big fat rasberry to cabot financial.:p

  5. martin lewis from moneysaving expert was on the write stuff, monday morning, The test case is over judge has decided and will publish results anytime from april to october, i believe he said. lets hope it goes in our favour ,otherwise i can see banks going back to charging what they want and start chasing us for any outstanding debts owed to them. If already been paid, then there is no way for the bank to recover what has been paid out.:roll:

  6. afternoon. I contacted the OFT due to my bank chasing me for bank charges which i have a claim in for, the OFT says that as the test case is still ongoing, the banks can still pursue you for the debt.I do not agree with it, but who am i to argue. Their reason for this is the court has not finalised the case. This seems to be one sided,banks can persue you for bank charges,But we have to wait for the out come of the court case.:o

  7. debts are statue barred after 6years. you can ask for details from the debt collection agency,who have your debt. debts can be barred if after 6 years you have had no contact with the original company,or debt management company and you have not stated you owe the debt. If you dispute the debt then you should put it in writing,but do not say you accept the debt is yours until they prove you owe the debt and or you have Made a payment in the last 6 years,which means you would have to wait another 6 years without any contact from them or you. otherwise you are liable for the debt. you can check out other peoples threads on this site, you will may find others are in the same bost as you and have dealt with their problem. put the debt collectors name into the sites search engine for posts if any relating to that company. otherwise do not let it rest and in no way accept the debt until eveidence is sent to you. goodluck

  8. i have an abbey loan and an old bank account. I have not paid anything towards my loan since the abbey refused my offer of £1, this is due to being unemployed and the payment protection insurance not paying out after 12 months. I am now waiting for the court papers to arrive so i can get the court to sign off on my offer or force the bank to make me bankcrupt. The quicker the better. I have claims in for reclaiming all charges totalling over £1600,but due to the ongoing court case this is on hold.other problem is the oft says the banks can still chase you for charges until a final decision is made.

  9. I have dealt with wescot on a bank charges claim, i disputed the claim informing them that i have a claim in for unfair bank charges amountin g to more than they want, today i got a letter saying, in respect of your email to us outlining the dispute on the account, we have taken the decision to return the account to the bank. this was signed by Miss G Snitch, accounts collection controller. I class this has a result for common sense.


    Just keep up the pressure on wescot, you are entitled by law to have all paperwork relating to you,sent to your home. if they refuse then use the freedom of information act to get them, they can not refuse to send you written details of your account/alledged debt. Trading standards can give you free advice and assistance on this if you need it.

  10. I have two different claims with two different banks. The financial ombudsman has told me that as the oft test case has not been judged, then banks are legally entitled to chase you for any outstanding charges on your account. This is happening to me, westcot is chasing me for 280 quid, i have got them to look again because my claim is far more than what the abbey is asking for.

  11. I had mercers chasing me for around £300 for creditcard debt even though i had made anarrangment to pay i back at £1 per month which i kept up. My barclycard was got from littlewoods personal finance, Due to being harrased by mercers i made a complaint via trading standards, i got a nice letter from barclycard saying they were investigating my complaint. a few weeks later i got a phone call, from a nice lady from barclycard, i explained to here what was happening and was told leave it with her and she would sort it out, this is because of my original agreement. This lady rng me back with in 10 minutes after speaking to mercers and ticking them off, they broke the rules by contacting me without being told to do so. I have had calls from littlewoods personal finance, who is the original creditor,they were told i have a administation order for littlewoods a copy was set to them, so far they have kept quiet.

  12. I like the idea of asking mackenzie hall how much they are willing to pay you for information. Maybe we can ask them for payment towards our costs of telling them what they want to hear, or charge them twenty five quid every time you write to them and see how they like being pick on. Lets all get together a petition and complain to the regulators who ever they are. would someone please give information on who regulates companys like mackenzie hall.:cool:

  13. I have been harrased by the halifax who was ringing me 3-4 time a day, in total before i contacted trading standards about this problem, i had over 30 calls in 3 weeks. with help of trading standards i sent a letter of complaint,by recorded delivery. Halifax admitted that the calls where from them and appologised for the trouble. I do not believe they meant it,and expect in the very near future i will again get calls, even though i invoked the administration of justice act. Just no talking to them at all.:mad:

  14. :razz: evening. I am finding this site very interesting and helpful. In my post i said i wrote to them when they first wrote to me a few years back, I can not find the letter now but thanks to all on this site Mackenzie can sing as loud as they want and still get nothing. I am not sending mackhall any money for anything, not even the rquested paperwork that was asked for by trading standards. I look forward to seeing if they send any paperwork, i need a good laugh. Good luck to all dealing with these braindead robots, who have nothing better to do than send letters with no detail of said debts.
  15. hi. If you do not know when you made a payment to these people, then I suggest you write to them ,and ask for written details of anything they have regarding the debt they say you have, you do need details of any payments you have made if you did pay. I am today chasing MacKenzie hall for details of debt from 1991 they say i have and made a payment in 2004 which i believe is wrong, and if i am the only correspondence they will have had from me was a pre printed letter from citizens advice, disputing the claim and informing them that said debt is statute barred. In my correspondence i did not admit to the debt and MacKenzie hall has 14 days to prove that i made a payment to them. they where told by trading standards to send me details. in short dispute the claim if you claim no payment made or debt does not exist, ask MacKenzie hall for written details. ope this helps if not speak with citizens advice for more professional help.

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