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  1. Thank you for reply. There is mention of this so called debt on my credit file, but it has not had any impact on getting credit because I pay all my monthly payments on time, I contacted Equifax about putting mention on my file that debt is contested, that lasted a month before being removed. I will ignore all letters that I get unless they come via registered post. I still can't believe it's taken a year. Thank you for advice it is appreciated.
  2. I have received a letter today giving me until 8 December 2016 to pay £66.79. Past due are working for Hutchinson 3 mobile. In September 2015 I contacted 3 mobile because I could not access website to check my mobile phone account, I hot e-mail saying my account was closed, I left it at that, by February 2017 no attempt to collect monthly payments was made via direct debit. I clised the direct debit and thought nothing more. Then today I get a Letter from Past due credit solutions telling me they are working on behalf of 3 mobile, I owe £66.79 and must pay this by 8th December 2016 or they will instruct 3 mobile to start court action to recover outstanding debt plus costs. Past due is based in Glasgow. Any help in trying to deal with this problem would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. I have recived a letter today from my bank co-op, i am informed they have repaid the money taken by Ziinga from my account. I am very concerned that a bank does not listen to it's customers, and re-pays money after a recharge was made against a fraudulant company. Banks sent me paperwork from ziinga outlining it's terms and conditions showing charge of 59.99, bank paid ziinga 61.94 against my wishes. I have written to the co-op bank and asked for a recharge, but I do not expect to get a satisfactory outcome, i am very annoyed. Anyone who has any idea what to do next would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Ziinga have today 31/01/2011 taken another 59.99 from my account. went to speak with bank about this problem re-occurring. i was told it was with dispute team who are awaiting a reply from ziinga. British phone number for ziinga does not work, bank advisor tried to ring them. due to this problem i have asked for a new card. very dissappointed in co-op banks lack of help to recover my money. bank not interested in charge back, they do not know what it is.i am now forced to change direct debit for sky tv or incur penalties.
  5. I wrote because I had already spoken with my bank in person. They did not know what to do, new rules had just been introduced by government. Writing was best way to explain my problem and what I need, talking on phone can cause problems with misinterpretation of what is beeing said. Phone calls can be ignored or something important could be writen down wrongly. Writing a letter is more important than a phone call, letters are offical and evidence, phone calls are not.
  6. I have managed to recover part of the £59.99 ziinga stole from me. They took £28.99 as a charge for re-paying money. I had already written to my banks head office, asking for a charge back against ziinga's bank. I will wait and see what happens. Do not give up. I have also notified microsoft that I beleive ziinga is a con.
  7. in december 2011 I visited an auction site called ziinga, I found it advertised on facebook. I had a look around the site once i had signed up, i read terms and conditions. I did not place a bid at that time. A few days later a get an email saying i had won a canon camera, all i needed to pay was £1.00 to get item, i payed using my debit card. a week later 31st december 2011, i checked my bank, i was shocked to find £59.99 taken by ask-ziinga.com. I contacted ziinga and asked what it was for, they say it is for premium membership of their site, I challenged them on this as i did not sign up for membership. Platinum membership they say is what I had paid for as camera was a promotional item, there was no mention of this in the email at time, they say i will have to pay £59.99 a month for 3 months. Ziinga say this is in terms and conditions, it was not when I signed up. I now class this group as fraudulant and criminal. I asked for my money back, they keep dragging their feet with excuses of we need your user name, they was alreday given this in my email, they also say to get my money back i would have to pay £28.99. I have loged a complain with my bank, who are going to monitor my account and refuse to pay ziinga. I can not find an address for ziinga to write to, or to enable me to take court action. If anyone reading this knows the address, it would be appreciated, also if my post is in wrong section please help with moving my message to the right section. thanks.
  8. I have had sky for 2 weeks now. Just paid £16, now my next bill is due on 5th april for £66.11. It seems i hav eto pay telephone line rental of £11.25 monthly in advance. I was not told of this and only found out when I spoke with an advisor this morning. I am having cancel my direct debit due to next payment being on 5th april, i get paid on 6th. has no overdraft on bank account, i would incur £15 bank charges becaus efunds not available on date requested. Sky say it takes 2 weeks to change the hpayment date, which would be 1st may, that i beleive would incur another month payment and I can not afford to pay over £100 subscription charges. I will cancel direct debit and pay when I get paid, incurring a £4 fee for non direct debit. I am disgusted with the way I am being dealt with.
  9. Hi folks hope everyones well. My bank refused to pay a £16 bill, even though there was £15.99 in bank. 1p under, now they want £15 for returned unpaid. I threatened to report them to ombudsman, but they are not concerned. It seems my account does not have an overdraft, so no matter how much costs are out, will incur £15. even if i am out by 1p. very unhappy with this.
  10. A case of financial hardship is being allowed, I have used this, due to unemployment, against the Halifax, with a satisfactory outcome.
  11. rakker. if you have proof of payments to theses people then you have nothing to fear, but if you need expert advice, i would go see someone from either, citizens advice or trading standards. These companys can help you profeesionaly and they do not charge anything for their help. I have used trading standards previously, to stop idiots like these, trying to bully me into paying more. Also if any court action is started you have evidence to provide the court, who will look favourably on you. Do not ring the banks. If you have any bank accounts with them close it and move to another bank,otherwise you could end up losing all money from account, to pay for your debts. Goodluck
  12. Forgot all about this. I have so many debts with different companies,all going to debt collectors,that littlewoods/cabot, are at bottom of my pile, due to be smallest. I have a payment card for cabot,paying them £1.00 month. due to unemployment, and seriousley in debt. Waste of time trying to chase up paperwork,at end of day, they could say they have provided copies of originals,and court may agree,even though my copies are not legible. I am looking at Bankcruptcy due to all my debts being over 5 figures in total. I am awaiting funds or hope creditors will take me to court.
  13. can some tell me where to get the telephone harrassment letter please. I need to sent moorcroft one to get them to stop ringing me everyday. I all ready have a deal in place since may,so i will not talk to these idiots on the phone.
  14. i hope what martin says is true. last i heard judge said that his ruling would make history whether that means we win or banks win i can only guess, also the banks wanted more time to think any decision against them over, maybe the banks have won if results are published on thursday. which ever way it goes we could lose out, if banks win we have to stop claiming and accept what ever they want to charge, if banks lose we could have to pay for all transactions done with the banks. only time will tell.
  15. Martin lewis says the OFT test case results are to be released on thursday 24th April, lets hope it is true and results are favourable.
  16. thanks for the replys much appreciated. i tried to read the details using a magnifying glass, all that did was send my eyes funny. I think i will take all documents including my initial request for CCA to trading standrds on monday,i will have more time to do this then. Maybe trading standards can scrutinise the documents,and make a comment,which would be enforcable.
  17. here we go my second post of so called CCA documents from cabot debt collectors. blocked out as much identifying details as possible. This attachment will be 9 pages long hope they all come out,if not hope the important ones do. cheers. if this fails then i give up trying, it is becoming stressful trying to fix problems. cabot 2.doc
  18. i will remove pages and try and cover details which may identify myself. i can not edit online, tried before but would not work in open office, will try copy to note pad try again,repost and add all documents received from cabot.
  19. Thanks citizenB your help is much appreciated. cheers8-)
  20. greetings all. on31st march i sent moorcroft debt recovery a request under the consumer credit act 1974 for details of their right to take on a debt not previously revealed to me by abbey bank.delivery of my letter was confirmed on1/4/08 since then i have had two phone calls from moorcroft 1st on 9th april and second on 10th april, sound quality poor so i use drecall to check out who called, rang number got recorded message saying moorcroft, at that stage i hung up without speaking to anyone. what i want to know is does this mean they are going to ignore my request. according to my figures they have until tuesday april 22nd 2008 to reply, that covers 12+2 days. i am going to log all calls from moorcroft namely dates and times for future action via trading standards, i am familiar with trading standards and way they deal with idiots like this, they are very good at it.
  21. regardless of ccj being issued,i beleive you are still entitled to information. best option is to use the consumer credit act 1974 and request all relevant information on your original agreement, companys can not deny a request that is lawful and just. use one of the template letters found on this site or moneysavingexpert site, post it first class recorded delivery with £1.00 fee,do not forget to keep copies of all communication between yourself and the company you are contacting. keep up the presure you are after all entitled to the details acording to the consumer credit act 1974, other people will give you the same reply. do not let the establishment win. power to the people.
  22. just started a new thread entitled littlewoods/cabot and attached copy of so call credit agreement. anyone who wants to have a look and comment or advice are welcome to do so. cheers:cool:
  23. greetings all,this is my first thread so bear with me. on 13th march i sent via email a request to cabot for copy of agreement they are chasing me for from littlewoods/barclcard under consumer credit act 1974(sections77-79) on same day i got a reply informing me of receipt of my request, they classed it as low importance. on 29th march got official reply, although cabot has requested the information, the original lender is experiencing a delay in retrieving the information from its archives. we will send the information to you as soon as we receive it. after the required 12+2 days from begining i sent cabot a second letter dated 5th april also by email. on 7th april i got email from them saying we confirm that all the information for your cca request was received on april 4th 2008. this is being posted to you today by first class. said paperwork received on 8th april 2008. after seeing the paperwork i was shocked to find that it is unreadable, small print and looks like a copy from a copy of acopy. i would appreciate some help on how to go about dealing with this problem. i will attach the copys i have for your inspection and advice. thanks cabot.doc
  24. thanks for reply but nothing says how to start a New Thread. if there is i can not see it, i see how to reply but not how to start one.
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