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  1. Thank you all for your advice I really appreciate it. The LL knows that I didn't cause the damage to the cistern, it was already there when we moved with a small hairline crack on the cover, which over the 2 years just got bigger and bigger. I wish I had signed an inventory now, big lesson learnt! I am shocked that the LL didn't even discuss replacing the bathroom he just sent me a letter with a breakdown of what he has taken out of my deposit, and stated that £600 was used for a new bathroom suite, because he couldn't match the cistern top. Once I've sent the LBA, and if I get any response, I will post on here.
  2. I started the tenancy on 1st April 2005. The bathroom suite is about 8 years old maybe more. But I'm not sure how I could prove this. Or do you think that the landlord would need to prove how old it is?
  3. I hope someone can help. I moved out of privately rented accommodation on 30th April this year. I started my tenancy on 1st April 2005. I initially put down a £1000 deposit and have just received a letter from the landlord with a breakdown of costs to the home. We did not complete or sign an inventory prior to tenancy. He has informed me that as there was a crack to the cistern top of the toilet, he could not get a replacement and therefore has had to pay out £600 for a new bathroom suite. He has also charged me £225.00 for cleaning, which between me and my mum over 2 days left this house spotless. On top of that he has charged me 81.50 to clip his conifers and some weeding of a 10 x 8 front garden. 30 to re-align some wonky cupboard doors, £20 for a missing light switch, and some other little petty extras. I think these charges are totally unreasonable, and as I am not protected by this new deposit scheme am unsure what my legal rights are. Can he just go ahead and arrange for a new bathroom suite to be fitted? Does he not have to provide me with quotes first? He hasn't provided me with any receipts. I have read the other threads and have printed off the letter before action, do you think I should respond to his letter with the letter before action first, or should I just reply asking him to forward me on all receipted documentation. I would appreciate some help. Many thanks.
  4. Thanks wino, I hope I get some advice soon too. Went to the bank today and they have now stopped all my direct debits and standing orders so everything that was supposed to go today hasn't , they've done this without any notification to me. I'm concerned now that they will just close my account. They are totally unreasonable to deal with and I can't seem to get a bank account anywhere else. All because my selfish ex has run up all this debt, just wish I hadn't been so naive and had the account frozen, but my priorities have been looking after my disabled daughter and just trying to make ends meet and I didn't think for a minute that he would have done this to me and made no effort to pay this debt back.
  5. Hi there, This is my first posting so excuse me if I go on a bit. I have a personal account with Natwest which I have had for 19 years, back in 2005 I opened a joint account with my now ex partner. He abused this account by cashing cheques at some sort of cashing service and now the Account is £3100 overdrawn, it did have a £1000 pound overdraft facility on it, but now they are after me for the money. Although I have had nothing to do with this account since October 2006 and I did not write the cheques they are still sending and calling me every other day. I and my ex partner have told them that he takes full responsibiltiy of the debt and they said that I had arranged with them to pay back £161 a month which I did not agree and this was agreed between them and my ex partner. They have now retained my switch card and withdrawn the £500 overdraft on my personal account without any notice. They have not sent me even a cashcard, so each time I need to draw out any money I have to go in with my passport. My local branch said that my account had been transferred to Birmingham lending Centre. Is there anything I can do to clear my name of this account? Would seeking advice from a solicitor help? As I have a personal account are they entitled not to even send me a cashcard to withdraw money? Please help I'm desperate!!
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