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  1. Thanks for the great advice everyone. I don't think the statute barred thing will apply, as I haven't given them my new address. I think I will contact them one at a time as and when I can afford to pay, but without given them new details - use a c/o address or something. I don't want to spend years worrying about them finding me. Thanks again.
  2. There's quite a big one to a major bank (cancelled my overdraft and forced me to convert it into a loan which I couldn't afford to pay back - around £3K) around £1k on an egg card, AA loan, around £1-2K, and two credit cards, £500 and £200. All unsecured. I feel really bad but I'm not even sure how much I owe to the bigger ones - hhave been a total ostrich!
  3. Hi I'd like some advice please. I have lots of debt left over from my student days. I was paying reduced payments for a few years, and they were reducing slowly. However, I dropped the debt managment company as they were charging a ridiculous amount of money which I wanted to use the pay of the debts. The creditors then got stroppy and started wanted to do detailed finiancial analysis on a regular basis, started adding on interest, demanding more money etc. Around this time I got married and moved house. I decided not to tell them for a few weeks as I needed a break from the str
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