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  1. Hi there I bought a Nikon Coolpix L120 digital camera from Argos in January this year and until 4 weeks ago, it worked fine. Whilst on holiday, the button that is pressed to take photos suddenly required far more pressure than before - to the extent that taking a picture became very hit or miss. We took the camera back to Argos and, because we couldn't find the receipt, we have had numerous phone calls to ask for information - date the camera was bought, pick-list number and even my debit card number (which I was very concerned about). Argos staff state that if we can't prove purchase i.e. the receipt (how much more can I do and shouldn't they be retaining records to satisfy legislation and accounting standards) Nikon will charge us for any repair! I was under the impression that, as my contract is with Argos, I only have to prove purchase - which I have done by producing the item, box (with Argos item code number stuck to the side, pick-list ticket, date purchased and the debit card details). Surely, they now must concede that I did, indeed, buy the camera and not just nick it. I think Argos need a kick up the jacksy by OFT and, depending on the outcome of this return of faulty goods, I shall be taking this further. Argos staff are surly, rude and blatantly unaware of the Sale of Goods Act and need significant training (along with customer service training). Comments please.....:-x
  2. Take great care setting up a payment plan with this lot! They have a habit of charging a £99 administration fee for 'setting up' the payment plan! They did this to me - oh and they added charges in excess of £1,000 as well!
  3. What should I include in a letter? I have taken to include everything in each of my epistles to one DCA. Every time I write to them, I start of with what I wrote in my first letter, then the second letter, then the third letter and so on... One recent submission had a total of 11 letters, notices, requests etc in one single envelope - this will not only ensure that they can't say they don't have information to hand re my earlier requests, but also ensure that I maintain pressure oif their systems by creating my own personal paper mountain in their offices! (I do use recycled paper and is worthy the postage just to imagine the face of the cretin who opens the letters!) I beleive it is my patriotic duty to help keep this country peaceful by ensuring my correspondence keeps one cretin away from the phones with their head stuck in a filing cabinet filing my letters. Of course this tactic also ensures that it takes them ages to supply all the information when I hit them with a SAR as I always miss one specific line out of copied correspondence to ensure that they provide copies of originals. This is my own personal tactic for dealing with the leeches and bullies of the world......
  4. Could I use this letter to place an account into dispute with a mail order firm - they applied PPI when I was in recipt of IB (so surely this would certainly be misselling), and are still charging interest on everything.
  5. HI I would recommend persevering with this lot. I have recently launched my own war of attrition against this lot by making official complaints (by email) to them telling them that they've phoned me when I've told the to write, using automated diallers which never connect - in breach of OFCOM guidelines, failed to comply fully with lawful requests (Section 10 notice, CCA and SAR), harrassed me, threatened court action (albeit verbally) without an enforceable CCA. Indeed, I am up to complaint number 10 - in a single month! It is now my practice to respond to every phone call with a complaint citing all my complaints to date as background plus the new complaint - this making it a separate and wholly new complaint which requires a whole new investigation etc. The result? All of a sudden my credit record shows unknown status on tehse accounts when last month they were reporting 3 months late. HOwever, it's not all positive because despite asking for a response from their MD, I have yet to receive any response from anyone except photocopies of a couple of letters that their solicitor S Beat sent me last year. I asked them for a copy of their complaints procedure - nothing provided. Personally, I am sort of happy because my phone is quiet butI would actually like a response to each of my complaints as there is no excuse for their collection methods and dosregarding their duties under the various legislation. This company (and its associates) relies on bullies to frighten people into submission - if you take the bully by the horn they start to back off QUICK. I haven't even started to tackle them about the PPI charges that they applied to the accounts - something I would not have signed for (indeed, I signed no agreemnet whatsoever) as I was out of work and on IB when the account was opened. Guess I will have to go searching for info on PPI now.....
  6. PMSL I did wonder last year but thought that 'Debt Collection' etc covered this and as they are acting for companies within their own group they would be covered by the credit licenses held by the companies. I guess that this could now be added to the list of misdemeanours in my complaints against them. Surely the 'Debt Counselling' is a conflict of interest with the rest of their activities. Surely the 'Right to trade off-site' means that, whilst they are calling from their premises the fact that the other end of their call is in my home technically means that they are trading off site?
  7. Quick question: If JD williams contatc me about an alleged account/debt and then Reliable Collections also contact me about the same thing (alternating) would this be covered by this particular Breach - both are Limited Companies and, whilst being part of the same group, are separate corporate identities in as much as being registered at Companies House in both name and at different registered offices (Level Street - JD Williams and Houldsworth Street - Reliable Collections). To me this says clearly that they are not linked apart from being in the same group. (but I am probably wrong). Often they contact me by phone and interchange their company names during the conversation so you cannot be sure which company is actually ringing. Mind you, the conversation goes something like this: Me: Hello, who's calling Them: JD Williams calling about your account. Me: Oh yes..? Them: can your confirm your identity? Me: Yes thanks - I am defninitely me (At this point, I usually ask my wife to check that I am me) Them: You have to provide proof of identity by law.. Me: Which statute states this, anyway you must have been sure it was me to ring me.. Who are you? Them: Reliable Collections ringing about your JD Williams account Me: So are you JD Williams Ltd or Reliable Collections Ltd? Them: erm (then they take 50/50) ... xxxxx Ltd Me: Wrong answer, you haven't passed identity verification, goodbye -click I'd be interested in your thoughts, opinions and advice on this before I make further complaints to the OFT about the actions of both of these companies.
  8. Really? Please tell me more - I need cheering up..... I am in the middle of 8 formal complaints with them not one has been addressed yet and their 20 days to deal with the first couple end on Friday.
  9. It's funny, since I started invoicing them for my time etc, (£148 due from them so far) the calls seem to have stopped
  10. HI Macatac I made my complaint to OFT last week too. I also made a complaint to OFCOM (silent phone calls, abandoned calls, harrassment) and am in the process of cfinishing my complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office too as they didn't supply everything they had on me following my SAR and failed to cease processing my data following my Section 10 notice. I am also waiting for a police officer to ring me back about the harrassment issue. Of course, these complaints make me feel like I'm fighting back but I know that really they all sleep in the same bed and, therefore, will not be found to be in the wrong. Still every complaint could be the one that finishes them off.
  11. Having made a complaint to OFT and OFCOM about a DCA (Reliable Collections), I am having niggles that despite the emails telling me that they use information given in their investigations, how can we find out what action they take? So, my question is, can I make a request under the Freedon of Information Act to find out how many complaints oFT and OFCOM ahve received about the named DCA? I believe that the larger the number of complaints, the more concerned I would be that these organisaitons still retain their licences and phone lines. Surely the number of complaints relates directly to their fitness to operate in their chosen field? Anyone have any ideas whether I can make such a request to OFT and OFCOM?
  12. Not reading your mind, just wondering for my own fights.....
  13. Should letters from DCAs have both Company Registration Number and Consumer Credit License number?
  14. I suggest we all use 'QC' in our sigs here... I will start the ball rolling... Welshwizard QC (Quite Content)
  15. They'll probably ignore the invoice just as they have the SAR, CCA and Account in Dispute letters.
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