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  1. I have an old debt, a loan, which still have £930 to pay. The company, GE Money, have indicated they will accept a final and full settlement figure to clear the debt so I wrote offered them a payment of £300 which in hindsight was probably too little. Today I received what looks like a default notice from them saying my account is now in arrears. I have been paying £70 per month for a number of years and never missed a payment. Can anyone explain why I have received this notice? It doesnt explicitly say Default Notice but it seems to suggest I am now in arrears. Thanks
  2. Hi, Hello to everyone from a newbie although I have been lurking for quite a while I had a letter back in January from Lowell trying to get me to pay a Barclaycard debt from 1991. I sent them a demand to send me a copy of the credit agreement and I had several letters acknowledging this saying they would get back in touch when Barclaycard had supplied them with the agreement. They acknowledged receipt of my letter on 22 January but as yet I have had no credit agreement from them. Now that the 1 month is up, should I make the first move and inform them that the debt was statutory barred (it was over 6 years old, no payments have been made since 1991 and I have not acknowledged it) or should I just sit back and wait? I am slightly concerned that they may try something else so I was wondering if it's best to make the first move. Thanks southnorth
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