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  1. I am in the process of sending a complaint to the financial ombudsman however have read online that it can take 12-18 months for them to deal with complaints and to be honest this has been going on for years so I just want it sorted...... Basically although I know long winded this is the issue at the moment: I originally took a loan out with welcome finance on the 22/2/2007 for £2000 the agreed repayment rate was £105.97 a month for 36months. I made the following payments to this account: £105.97 - 31/03/2007 £105.97 - 01/05/2007 £105.97 - 01/06/2007 £105.97
  2. Yes, My solicitor advised me at the beginning of the week to submit it as she is winding down the file as I can no longer afford to pay the solicitor fees for this to be dealt with.
  3. Hi all, This is along one sorry. This is a long story so I will start at the beginning. I began working for my fathers company in 2004, Due to problems in the company, wages owing and other debts owing etc he wound the company down and decided to retire and work more in the background. He offered me and my half sister the oppurtunity to open a new company and would help us set up contracts etc. I owned 49% shares in the company and my step-sister owned 51% of shares. I was employed by the company and had a contract of employment to oversee workers and manage the sites and was taking
  4. Hi, im not sure if its too late to do anything or help, My friend had a loan with log book loans for about 1,500 and got behind with paymets, she made a payment arrangement to pay £70 a week and kept up with the payment most of the time however did miss 3 payments. Today log book loans have taken her car..... and said she needs to pay £1,200 by the 10th January to get it back... She doesnt have that type of money.... and is really defeated and said she will just let them have the car to stop the calls and she will be able to actually pay her mortgage and feed her kids for once withou
  5. Right I sent everthing I had off to them and included a letter from my husbands solicitor... I have today now received a letter from tax credits to say that they have on their system I was unemployed from 6th april - 20th april 2008........I have spoke to work and realised its my mistake as I was on a career break from aug 07-march 08 and must have been last telling them/got the dates wrong.... As well as this they have also asked for a breakdown of my husband working hours.... My husband was contracted 39 hours and paid the same salary despite the hours some weeks worked more some
  6. I know its really late at night but does anyone have any ideas or am I worrying about nothing??
  7. We have received a letter from the compliance team from tax credits... We have nothing to hide and think we have done everything correctly but im now in a bit of a panic. They are looking at our award from 2008-2009 (the messiest year of employment for my husband) we had 2 children from april-feb then a new baby in feb 2009... The story so far... My Husband and his step sister worked for their father in the family buisness in 2007 some time he decided to hand the company to them, My husband had shares in the company but I think thats as much input he had. In Augu
  8. Hi, Im not sure if anyone will be able to help me, A couple of years ago a had a salesman come to my door about changing to southern electric, I was with british gas at the time so thought it was a good deal so swapped both my electic and gas over, The man checked the meters etc and I set a direct debit up... I have been paying £50 a month electric and £50 a month gas.... This has been going on for a couple of years (although I have missed a couple of direct debits here and there) I recently had a letter from southern electric about my electric as my direct debit didnt go thro
  9. Basically 6 months ago I was having difficulty paying my orange bills, I beleive they then totalled £300 odd pound. I spoke to orange about it and they agreed to put my account on hold for a period of 6 months. Anyway about a month later I recieved a letter from a DCA informing me that the debt had been passed to them and to pay it. I made full payment of the debt. Today I have recieved a letter from orange basically saying my six months are up and my sim will be reconnected. They have said that if I do not want it reconnected I will have to pay the disconnection costs etc which ammo
  10. think i found something..........The Data Controller Link Financial Limited 89 Albert Embankment London SE1 7TP is this the address others have used with success??
  11. Sorry! just a quick one, I am trying to locate an address for Link financial that isn't a PO BOX address so that I can send recorded delivery.... doesn anyone know of one or where I can easily find it. Thanks
  12. Ok thanks im going to print two subject access request forms tomorrow at work and get my husband to post them on Wednesday recorded delivery... Thanks guys... Am a bit nervous already... I know these things can take forever before you get a final conclusion not sure if my nerves will hold out though!! lol...
  13. I thought so, God i feel so young now!! Do you think they would be stupid enough to put the date on a claim form if they take me to court??
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