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  1. Hello

    I am 24, and I just want some advise on a loan i have. I have this loan for 2 years now. I took it when i was 20, for £4000, at a rate between 5 - 7 % APR, which i was ok with, paying of £106 a month. Now a couple years on, I just found out that my loan for £4000 is really a loan for just under £5750 ?!? Because of my interest amount adds up to £800 and my insurance amount of £950 which they made me take because of the size of the loan, thats like nearly 50% interest! I only found out about this, when i asked the bank, how long i have to pay, to clear my loan! Noone told me it was 50% more then my loan amount i had to pay, i just thought 6%, is this fair?


    I love the site btw, keep up the good work :)

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