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  1. can anyone give me advice on how to fill out the N244 please , I need help urgently as the eviction date is the 28th Jan Ive beenntrying to trace an endowment that is due up at the end of this month but the insurance company moves very slowly '.
  2. dont want advice via pm but some of the information surrounding the circumstances is confidential for the moment
  3. i received an eviction order today dated 22 Nov 2012 , the postmark is the 27 Novemmber 2012 and it has been wrongly delivered to some one who has only come back from holiday and has now brought it to me . The date set for the eviction is 28 January 2013 , My circumstances regarding the arrears are very complicated can anyone help please ?
  4. Just out of interest is there any point in me starting a counter claim for unfair charges and sending a SARS or is it too late ?
  5. Have finally managed to get in touch with the Nationwide , what an obnoxious bunch they are . The woman I spoke to ,was adamant that I had to pay the £381 .86 saying that I knew that I owed it. I asked her what the debt was for and she replied that she didnt have to tell me , it was an outstanding amount on an account . I asked politely at this point , for them to send me proof of the debt ,again she said they didnt have to , I had to prove that I didnt owe it .?? How can I possibly do that after all this time , when Ive been under the illusion that this account was closed . She admitted that I had been into a branch years ago to sort this out , but again wouldnt accept the fact that on that occasion I had closed the account,even though there has been no activity on the account ,only the charges that they have put on it. She also said that the debt had been passed to a debt collection agency who had passed it back to them as they saw that I had another account with funds in after them not being successful contacting me . I asked why when they knew that I had another account that they had never put a note on the account to speak to me when I went into a branch . She also said that they had spoken to me in 2003 , to be honest I cant recall ever speaking to them about it in 2003 as the account must have been closed by then .. One other thing she said was that the account had been frozen on the 4th Aug , which is the date that was on the letter I received on the 9th. So basically they had already taken action before allowing me to refute any debt. I have contacted the FOC who is writing to them , but it can take up to 8 weeks and I am now in a pretty poor position as regards being able to pay my mortgage etc .
  6. Thanks for your replies , before I make contact with them this morning would it be worth making a call to the FSO ,to log this with them. One other thing I forgot my current mortgage is now due and with the account being frozen I will now go into arrears , (BARCLAYS) , so should they refuse to un freeze the account I will have no access to my funds and could potentially be in a lot of bother .
  7. The account that they have frozen is in my name only . The account where they are saying there is a debt is in joint names . Are you saying that what they have done is unlawful.
  8. After posting this morning , a letter , obviously computer generated arrived , dated 4 August 09 , Again addresses ed to both myself and my partner . sent by UK Mail , S postage so time was not of the essence when it was posted . As it looks as if they wanted the letter to arive AFTER they had froze the account . I quote from thie correspondence , Despite previous attempts to contact you , Ive had no acceptable payment proposals to re-pay the outstanding balance on your FlexAccount. Due to this unpaid balance , I've frozen your FlexAccount. This may result in Direct debits or standing orders set up from your FlexAccount not being honoured . Please pay the outstanding balance in full within the next 14 days . If you dont I'll transfer the frozen funds from your FlexAccount to reduce this debt without further reference to you . Please call the above number if you have any queries. Yours sincerely un decipherable squiggle name Unsecured Debt Recovery . un quote . I most certainly have an issue with the language of this letter . Who is the ''I'' as I am under the impression that the Nationwide is supposed to be a ''we'' . Again they have targeted me , yet have made no reference to my partners account . One of the staff in the branch today told that it was written into the terms and conditions of the society that they are allowed to do this .Im wondering if this is so as this account was taken out about 22 years ago principally to pay the mortgage that we had with them , although the mortgage is long gone . One of my arguments is that why have they froze ALL of my money , why not just the amount that they are saying is owed on the other account . They have caused me hardship by doing this and yesterday I was left stranded with my 5 grandchildren ,because of my inability to buy petrol to get home .
  9. I have a Nationwide account which I use and keep going just for paying bills etc and also for use abroad . Yesterday went to a cashpoint and my card was impounded . I tel Nationwide immediately as I knew that I had sufficient funds in the account . Going through all of the security questions , I was aked how many accounts I had , my response was one . The person on the other end then decided to transfer me to ''another dept'' which I held on for 15 mins and then put the phone down. So this morning I went into my branch to be told that I have 2 accounts , and that my account has been froze as there is an outstanding amount on the 2nd account . It transpires that this other account was an account that I was under the impression was ceased a long time ago , when I split with my partner for a while as it was in joint names . If I remember correctly it went into the red as charges were added because a DD was applied for before its due date and the salary had not been payed in until its due date . Anyway I am sure that it is all charges that are on the account .But I was assured by a branch member who is no longer there who I took the matter up with over 5years ago that the charges would be dropped , it now seems to appear that this has not happened . They have actually froze over and above the amount that they say is outstanding on the other account and I cannot access any of the remaining money , thereby putting me into hardship over the weekend as the collections team who I am told I need to deal with are not available until Monday. They also appear only to have targetted me for the recovery of this amount and not my partner . Can anyone offer any advice as to my next move please
  10. She first spoke to the fraud dept yesterday afternoon and discovered the worst ,they told her they could do nothing until today as a there was a pending transaction on her account ,then when she called them this morning she discovered they had allowed the transaction to go through . She had already had to tel them twice yesterday as they had blocked her card , yet on the two occasions she spoke they gave her different reasons as to why the card was blocked . I cannot comprehend why Abbey allowed her account to be plundered , I thought that there were protocols in place to prevent this .
  11. Is there anywhere within this forum that can give constructive advice for my daughter please. She discovered yesterday that there had been fraudulent activity on her bank account with the Abbey . Basically someone has helped themselves to the best part of £3000, she is left with £34 . The Abbey so far are being really unhelpful , to compound matters she has also found that there has been some application for what appears to be credit in her name , we dont know at this point whether this has been successful,she has already gone to the police to report it ,but they say they can do nothing until she gets reports back from Experian , etc. She is absolutely distraught .
  12. Hi , I looked through the paperwork and it said reply within 14 days . Then I did a double check and noticed that it was dated 22 Feb , yet it didnt arrive until 26 Feb, so Ive spoken to the court and they said its 14 days from the 22 FEb , So I lost 4 days straight away. It has been sent from the local court .
  13. Hi , I havent made any approach to the Woolwich as yet . the way the system now is you deal with Barclays . I am really reluctant to speak on the phone as they do not listen to you and accuse you of being deceitful. After the last tel call to them I came away from it thinking that it was lt my own fault and perhaps I hadnt done enough .Should I write ? Re the date for the defence to be filed , I cant find anything in the paperwork , just the date of the hearing , 14 April . Many thanks for coming back to me , its ahelp knowing someone is there .
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