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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Im after a bit of advice again! I have signed 2 settlement letters with MJ one for personal acc and one for Business ac in full and final settlement Money has been transferred to my personal account last week no problems,but my Business account has been blocked,I had arrears on a Bus Loan £680 however a snotty senior manager has informed me that my agreement has been terminated and they are demanding payment and are entitled to keep the refund to offset towards the loan. I have also been given notice to find alternative banking arrangements. Any good basic business accounts out there? But there not closing my personal account! I did not agree to this in my settlement letter. Can I revoke my settlement letter for the business account?and let a Judge decide After all if there had been no charges there would be no arrears and the put a block on my account on 10th July so I could not have electronic funds paid into the account,so basically they have created the arrears BTW arrears only started after I had started my claim I am having a meeting to disscus this tomorrow and would like some info before I go
  3. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-particulars-claim-hard-copy.html This is the one I used you can also enclose your spreadsheet (charges) You will need to take 3 copies of each
  4. Just got response back from MJ They will agree to scrap the confidentallity clauses and make payment of £3402 within the next 7 days I had 2 charges on my claim that had already been refunded:o So it look like this battle is over and............. I WON Donation on its way once the money hits my account
  5. Ooops forgot to mention SCM acknowledged my claim but it was MJ who submitted the defence and made the offer The offer was made on 14th and defence filed on 17th maybe SCM are really snowed under
  6. Have you tried emailing them? [email protected] It worked for me
  7. Okay Quick update Got back from Jolly Hols to find 2 letters 1.Copy of defence filed on last day(seems standard one) 2.Offered Full refund on personal acc and 95% refund on Business Account this was due to some incorrect dates on my spreadsheet and a charge that had already been refunded, it also included confidentially clause I called them this morning to give correct dates for charges and said I was not willing to accept unless they dropped the clause and amended there offer to the correct amount She said she would contact her "clients" and get back to me One point that made me laugh was about informing the courts that settlement had been reached after the following quotes If I had signed and accepted there initail offer I would be breaking the agreement by telling the Court:grin: :grin:
  8. If there offering now it really speaks for its self, stick to your guns I'm sure there would be no offers if they could prove the case in court Good Luck:)
  9. little bit of digging Looks like your buyer is an expat although see doesn't appear to be buying or selling for the last month which would explain not replying to you emails It could be a simple mis understanding if shes lost or had her credit card stolen her provider could have put a stop on all her purchases you have her address why not try writing to her If you need any more help let me know;)
  10. Okay Guys a bit of advice after starting out going after all my creditors for unlawful charges believe me the list is long!! I have start looking at other halves shes really good with her stuff no charges on bank accounts or credit cards :o however she has STUDIO CARDS and on every statment has payment protection averaging £20 per month With her permision I called them to find out what it was for and when did she ask for it,I was told that it is added to the account automatically .It covers Unemployment Sickness and accidental Damage or theft.My point to them was she is registered disabled and hasn't worked for 15 years and as we have contents insurance which would cover accident damage or theft I sent them an email in June demanding that it should be cancelled and refunded anyway new statement arrived and there still charging it any way after a fairly heated phone call they now say its a verbal agreement they ask when you order if you want insurance there are going to pass my complaint to another department Whats the best way forward is it the same as bank and credit cards Nothing has been signed re insurance and OH denies agreeing verbally Apologise for rambling post Any thoughts
  11. I would they that your agreement was to that complaint as it did not say any future complaints prehaps one of the Mods can advise
  12. Some banks are withdrawing O/D some are closing accounts it is advisable to open another account just in case Natwest STEP account seems to be the one everyone is going for Goodluck:)
  13. Car boot sales are great places too.... One with every item sold:D Oh and one for the browsers
  14. It was on the news early on that a couple were going to court (Stockport) this afternoon but there has been no mention since maybe the newsroom might divulge some info
  15. Open another bank account NatWest - Current accounts - Step account This can be done online and can be opened fairly quickly
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