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  1. Hi Guys I have not suffered any loss with this company but sympathise with those who have. I am just making a couple of points to try and be helpful here. First, a Judgment does not make you a preferential creditor. Preferential creditors are people like employees etc. A CCJ in itself does not make you any more than an unsecured creditor. Second, it is unlikely that the police will be interested until the liquidator has finished his enquiries and they will consider it a civil matter. Likewise, trading standards are not likely to get involved at this stage either, not that they c
  2. Hi There this is my first post on this forum so hope I dont breach any etiquette. I am a little confused regarding yur statement: The remaining £20,000 would go into an IVA Pot for me (who took on many of the joint debts). In addition to this £20,000 I were also instructed to pay £285 per month. If your wife managed to settle her debts with her share of the equity, how has it concluded that you have 'taken on the joint debts' if the debts were joint and several your creditors wouldnt accept this anyway, can you explain please? It sounds to me from what you have said, t
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