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  1. I found it offensive because I am Irish! My goodness I was only giving my opinion!
  2. I do know what you mean! I try to stick to the same time everyday to get into a routine. Mainly i do the 20 minute free step listening to my ipod and I also go for a walk everyday. I prefer that than going to a gym! I assure you i am no 'skinny minnie' but i think it has helped!
  3. I bought the Wii Fit last week and do half an hour each day! There is yoga as well as aerobic exercises. I can't do too strenuous stuff due to lung problems but i have lost 6 pounds!
  4. I opened nationwide flex account online. Soon as I had new account details, I phoned benefits people, gave new account number and it was done straight away! They then sent letters with the new details on. The only thing is, I don't have a cheque book or debit card but accounts are different!
  5. Hello! I opened new account with nationwide. Phoned the benefits people I.e childrens allowance etc. And it was all set up straight away. I had an overdraft with hsbc that I left open but amazingly they have not come after me for-yet!!
  6. i have not posted but have been following! very best of luck!
  7. just want to bump your thread! maybe you could explain the situation a bit more and someone may be able to help!
  8. AIC is what drove me to CAG (thank God!) They were, for me, the nastiest lot. They were dealing with my RBS account. They tried all the bullying tactics etc. I wrote a strong complaint letter to RBS about AIC and they took the account back. I now pay a minimum amount each month.
  9. i don't know if it helps but i work in a charity shop and we were donated some PS2 games (football etc.) we do not sell them but if you would like them let me know! or, i could send them to you and you could sell/exchange them at GAME. maybe worth something!
  10. Soon you will be called 'Mr Notsoworried! When you start getting the brilliant advice from CAG, you will realise you do have rights and problems can be sorted!
  11. I worked for 3 years at a special school for children aged 11-19 with Autism. I will say that on occasions, some children were restrained but i assure you it was for their own safety. The teachers/staff were trained extensively. I know that a lot of the parents had to really fight to get their children diagnosed and a special needs statement issued. I really just wanted to add my support and i hope you and your son get what you want!
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