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  1. The prevous post was only the penultimate Last Post (do i get a prize?)
  2. Now that i am no longer working for a claims management company, can i get my PM ability back please?
  3. Got another job - (back into nursing) and now at least have an income. Looking increasingly likely that the company will go under so I think its just lesson learned. Thanks for all help and advice
  4. Thanks bookie - good advice. I actually managed to do a little freelance programming work so I made a bit of cash so now solvent again. but next month.... Considering taking these jokers to court for the outstanding - anyone got any comments?
  5. Update to this scenario They have finally decided how much they are going to pay me - but are claiming they have no money - and may pay me something on friday - or may not. I am now in trouble with bills and bank charges backing up and threatening calls coming through I should have been paid on the last day of june - they gave me just enough to cover my rent - they still owe me nearly 3k but by the time this is paid a good portion of it will be swallowed in charges and default fees. What can i do?
  6. The company WAS limited - but I never had any form of written contract
  7. First I must apologise for the length of this post - I have a couple of issues I need to ask about. 1 I started work for a claims managment company some 3 years ago - I was employed to get claims and process them in almost a sales and sales management role (initially I had a branch of the company in south wales as I was a friend of the owner of the company - i was also given a share in the company)- I noted the difficulties with the computer system, and so initially in my own time I began to start to write a computer system to ease this process. About a year on - I was still working on this computer system, still outside of office hours and my "partner" suggested as things were getting tough - that we consolidated operations, i move to Manchester - and we set up an office there - where I was employed to manage the computer system. Not only the web based system that I was writing but the office system, all the computer hardware and software and basically anything that needed power to work (telephones fax printers franking machine) were my responsibility. I continued to develop my program until about 2 yrs ago - the company started to use it. I still continued to develop this softward - more in work time but since I had other duties ( and these were many and varied) I still continued to write at home (also less interruptions) until last month - when I decided I had had enough of this company (for reasons I will not go into ) and resigned. Now 2 questins 1 Who owns the intellectual property of the computer software I spent the last 3 years developing - the company claim it is theirs as I developed it whilst being paid but I maintain that I put in a good deal of work outside of work hours. also I am still awaiting my final pay - and my ex partner is avoioding my cfalls- says he will call me back and then doesnt. as most people do I live on a month to month basis and because I have not been paid at the due date - I am starting to get charges as direct debits are returned. can anyone advise And as a final note to the site team (if any are looking) - since I am no longer (and will never again) work in the claims managment industry - can I have my pm capablilty back please..... Thanks for looking. FD
  8. If you have a 12 month AST then the landlord cannot evict you before the contract ends unless you are in breach of contract. His right to evict you with 2 months notice only begins after the contract ends and becomes a statutory periodic tenancy. I would advise your friend to go to the CAB or SHELTER for proper advice on this.
  9. if the AST is rolling over onto a statutory periodic then your friend only needs to give a months notice to quit and do so. tell the letting agent to stick their fees where the sun dont shine.
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