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  1. I have all packaging still. Is it up to b and q to decide what they give back to ne? Ideally i want to demand a refund
  2. Hello. I brought a 10ft swimming pool 7 days ago from b&q but have found it to be faulty as it is letting air out rapidly. Stupidly the wife lost reciept. I understand with a bank statement i should be able to take it back. Question is should i still get a full refund?
  3. Too be honest Im unsure about times of last payment and admittance of the account. I asked via email about the CCA not using a template letter which explains the 12 day ruling. Should I send a copy of that to them? As they are willing to do it through email is it OK through email in which I'm not offering the £1 for them to process it?
  4. I have had the following replys sent back to me. First of all they are saying that lowells own the debt. I can confirm that lowell group own lowell reference 162xxxx. I have now requested the credit agreement for this account. We will be in touch as soon as we have 45 days, however this may take longer. In a separate email they have told me it's not statute barred as the account defaulted on 18 April 2011
  5. Lowells are chasing an old Lloyd credit card account. I checked on check my file that uses a number of credit file information. I emailed them with a settlement offer. I have also requested from them to provide details of who owns the debt
  6. Hi, I've just looked at my credit file and can't see a debt that I'm being chased for. Potentially this could mean it's statute barred. I'm not sure when I last made a payment but have never acknowledged the debt since last payment. The only issue is if it is barred then I recently offered a settlement offer before finding out it could be potentially barred. I feel I've mucked up but would like some advise.
  7. I dont know if anyone has experienced this but ive been getting calls from halifax saying i was inquiring about loans (of which i havent). Then i was speaking to someone in hsbc and was given a number by them for another department within hsbc. i rang this number and spoke to someone at halifax?! he said that they had just moved in to the building. have hsbc left private info for people to get hold of???? i just found it all weird when i thought about it
  8. will i not get the ccas with the sar request? or should i do it seperatly? I remember doing the loan online simple as clicking a button. cant remember any paperwork what so ever
  9. This is my situation and the debts and amounts i owe. hsbc personal loan £3300 hsbc credit card £3500 i have also had a bank account with hsbc with at least £1000 of charges on it. i want to claim for the charges on all the accounts and possible ppi on the credit card and loan. whats the best way to deal with it? if i ask for a sar does that mean i get information on all these accounts? do i have to fight my 3 claims on an individual basis?
  10. where can i find the information you are telling me to look at? doesnt look like the consumer wiki part of the site is working?
  11. thanks for that, cant get the links working though. just blank pages??
  12. I currently owe £3500 on my hsbc credit card which is also 4 months in arrears as i was out of work for 4 months and unable to pay my monthly installments. Im trying to offer a repayment plan to hsbc to what i can afford. i cant seem to get a clear replayment plan from them as they are just saying they will except £60 for 9 months and review my account as ive asked for interest to be stopped. i feel like letting the debt get passed on to a dca just so the interest will stop. ive read of people doing this but is it wise?
  13. now recieved a letter from moorcroft saying the following "if you do not contact us following receipt of this letter we may have no alternative other thn to recommend to our client that solicitors issue legal action against you which may follow. please note if legal action is necessary and if the solicitors instructed are successfull in entering judgement then your debt may increase"" soliciters cost for issue of claim form £70 court fees for issue of claim form £65 soliciters cost for entering judgement £25 then they have charged me £12 for sending me the letter "as per terms and
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