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  1. Thank you Brigadier a letter would be great !
  2. Yes, all charges/ ppi refunded. Removed default and then whole account from Equifax. Though they claim it is still on their side ! Been off Equifax 1.5 yrs.
  3. Thank you . Is there a template letter I could use on the site ? Another thing are they supposed to record the number 8 every month ? Thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone I would be very grateful for some advice regarding a Default placed by Capital One. Back in 2010, I started to complain to Capital 1 regarding charges and ppi added to my account. At the same time, I had a direct debit in place- which was not taken for 2 months. I don't recall receiving a default notice - Capital One placed a default , stating I defaulted on 12th November 2010. This was also the same month, that my direct debit was back running as normal with payment taken. I was successful in having the charges/interest refunded, although the
  5. Thanks. Will send again - hopefully this will be logged and reponded too.
  6. Thanks CitzenB No, never received a default notice at all either in October or after. Will send the letter again as suggested by Brigadier to their Data Controller. Last time, sent via special delivery to the registered office in Bradford- but received no response. Is this the correct address?
  7. I have taken what they said as correct and confirmed via email as happy with the refund.They said no interest applied on the 7 charges prior to May 2011 and that the interest stopped in Feb 2012, the latter is right. The list of default charges consist of overlimit charge/late payment charge. I plan to send Brig's letter again. Have already sent this to their registered office by SD but received no reply. CR state it was not logged on the system. Any advice on what to do next, would be greatly appreciated as Vanquis have continued reporting to Experian after the default date.
  8. Thanks. I have Vanquis registered office as in Bradford. The letter was signed for, but no acknowledgement. The advisior now dealing with complaint, said it was not logged on the system. Should I send another one or email ceo again?
  9. Hi Thanks for the reply.I have sent a letter to the data controller at their head office- by special delivery, but no reply. Apparently, not logged on their system. Have also complained and have reference no's for the ICO and OFT. Have I sent by letter to the correct place? The account has also been on hold- in dispute since January. Although, Vanquis only decided to lodge formally when we threatned Court Action. Since then, a Customer Relation Manager was dealing with the complaint, but has since ignored the emails/leters sent via special delivery. Now, an Admistration Team Leader
  10. Thanks Dx100uk. The default balance was £324 charges and the interest they give was £31. Vanquis state that : no interest was applied since Feb 2012 ( statements that I have confirm this) we have only charged interest on default fees that were applied since May 2011. Therefore any charges prior to this date are not eligible.The default balance was £547 so the penalty fees made up at least 65%. Have sent a payment for £194. Are Vanquis still allowed to process data with lots of 8's? I intend to write/email back to them asap. If not successful- would I be able to take this to
  11. Hi, Will post SOC up with interest when home. The markers are due to their fees. I would like the default to be removed. Given their response above- what would you suggest as the next step. On experian, they are still processing my data with lots of 8's.
  12. Hi everyone I have been in dispute with Vanquis for the last 9 months over a balance dispute- due to the balance consisting of penalty fees. During this time, the account has been passed over to external agents who placed the account on hold. Each time, going back to Vanquis advising of the dispute. Who in return, informed the DCA that there was no dispute, but to keep offering discount letters. some of the discount letters up to 50% were days apart. These offered different amounts! Eventually, back in August, Vnaquis lodged this as a formal complaint.
  13. Thanks. It is a credit card. Since last post- just had morning mail- confirming refund of charges/interest).
  14. Hi just wanted to check that I should quote COBS? Also, by establishing unfariness of their statutory duty (FSA rules) can be combined with s.140A of CCA 1974 to allege an Unfair Relationship.
  15. Thanks will have a good read. Yes, certainly have not been treated fairly. Am going to mention that one of staff members, shouted down the phone whilst talking over me. Even told me calls are recorded!!! This happened on two occasions. Even asked to speak to a Manager, which was transferred . She even told me she had to speak in a rude and bully way - " we have to be like this "!! Do you think I would have a strong case for the default to be removed .
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