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  1. Hi I have been looking for a definitive answer to a question i have and after ages trawling the internet I wondered if anyone here might be able to help me. We are looking to take out a mortgage in a year or so and are interested in the new help to buy scheme mortgage guarantee scheme....however.... I have a ccj of £2127 which is over three years old, will this mean we are ineligible to apply? Other than this, our credit reports are clean, and we have very little outstanding credit. Many thanks for any help
  2. Hi I would really appreciate some advice. My husband and I are looking to buy our first house together, and anticipate that it will take us approximately 3 years to save a 15% deposit. The problem is that I have a CCJ that was issued in February 2011 of just over £2000. I am paying regular payments towards this but its not settled yet. As I understand it, this will drop off my file in Feb 2017. My questions are: Do we stand any chance of getting a mortgage with this CCJ on my file - even if by the time we are applying it will have been issued 4 years prior? Would it be
  3. Hi dx Thanks for your quick response. On Equifax, one debt is showing at Default marker in November 2009 and nothing since, and the other has a Default marker in April 2008 and nothing since. However we haven't checked these reports in the last few months so not sure if the first default has dropped off already. We did offer F&F settlements two years ago but didn't hear a thing from either company to accept or reject these offers. \Even if the default drops off, does the account remain on the report? Thank you so much for your help! Sarsocks
  4. I will try and keep this brief - I would be very grateful for some advice. I have two credit cards that both have a balance of around £2000/£3000 - it has been at least two years since a payment or any acknowledgement has been made to these debts, and I have not heard a peep from the DCA's who were dealing with both cards last time I heard from them. Myself and my husbands long term plan is to eventually buy our own home and we are keen to clean up our trashed credit reports as quickly and effectively as possible - although we accept this will take a long time. We have done some r
  5. Hello all I am hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice. I have had a finance agreement for a car purchase which ...finally....has ended having been paid off in full. However.....over the five year term of the loan, there have been various late payments, and payments that were made by methods other than their preferred method of direct debit. For each bacs payment we made, and letter they sent us, they have charged us £10.00, and in addition charged 'penalty interest' along the way. The amount they now say we owe is over £600. A couple of years ago we successfully
  6. Thanks for your replies everyone. Cannot believe this has reappeared on my file - I wouldnt mind but I paid the damn thing off with a F&F settlement over a year ago!! I guess I will have to contact Cabot to get them to remove it, have already emailed Equifax. It seems so wrong that they can just do things like this without any authority, or knowledge at all.
  7. Morning all I am in a bit of a panic! I have just been having a look at my credit ref file on Equifax, i cant see the actual file detail because my free period has finished - however......there is an alert on there stating that a new credit account has been added and that it is a credit card - they even give a credit card number!!!! and the provider is listed as Kings Hill No 1 ltd/M&SFS. Now have done a bit of digging on this site and think Kings Hill are a DCA - is this right?? But surely they dont issue credit cards - and I am concerned that the other letters may stand for M
  8. Hi all My husband and I have pretty bad credit files after 7 years of what can only be described as financial misery. We have recently obtained copies of our files which didnt contain any surprises, apart from a mistake by Welcome who had not marked a debt as satisified when it should have been. Anyway, my husband has two debts outstanding - one for RBS, and one for Mint (both credit cards). I've been reading with interest about how you can CCA some companies - and have a question regarding this. In the far off future we hope to get a mortgage (we both had mortgages in the pas
  9. Thank you rory you have been very helpful, I am on the case!!! Nothing to lose and all that!!!
  10. One last question - if they refuse to refund the charges, instead of taking things further in that respect, could I still make an offer to pay, say, £125.00 in FFS or do you think they would see that as them refunding them anyway as I'd be paying a smaller amount than they say is actually owed? If that makes sense!! I know its pathetic but for an easy life I am tempted to just keep paying them in installments but this is just one debt in a long long line of debts for us and it would be nice to have this one all cleared up once and for all.
  11. Will do - fingers crossed they refund the charges, if not I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and keep on paying in installments until its cleared. thanx again.
  12. I was probably going to offer about half anyway as a ffs so if they would remove the charges I would be happy to pay the rest. About a year ago we successfully claimed back bank charges of over £2500.00 and wondered if claiming these back with littlewoods would involve a similar fight - presumably they won't just give them back without a quibble? In your experience is it better to keep on paying intsalments whilst waiting for sar info? Thanks again for all your help, it is invaluable to people like me who are totally at sea with all this and just want to get everything back on track...
  13. Yes it is the home shopping side - re the charges I would imagine they must be at least half of the amount owing - do you think they might just be prepared to take that amount off the balance? I'd be happy for them to do that rather than try to get the charges back by reclaiming them as maybe quicker? I just want to get the wretched thing sorted!!! I will defo send the SAR - sorry for being thick but will that detail all transactions and charges on the account? Would that then put me in a position to be able to offer a FFS? They have sent me a default notice about two wks ago stating
  14. Hi rory and thank you for the quick reply. Oh yes there are tons of charges but I'm afraid i do not know the exact amount as numpty that I am, have not kept all the statements. Was not sure how the land lay with regard to charges - do you think they would take these off? If they were to accept a ffs - I presume that wouldn't help the default tho, I guess that is with me for the next 6 yrs regardless?
  15. Hello Hoping someone can help me - this is a truly amazing site and I feel so much more able to deal with all the nasties that come with DCA's etc after spending lots of time reading threads on this site. I remember reading a thread about ffs but now can't find it - sorry but am a newbie and still a bit hopeless at navigating!!! Hope I have posted this in the right place. I have an account with littlewoods which defaulted and I have been making pmts of £30.00 per month directly to littlewoods but having been dealing with a company called NDR I think re this - poss like an in h
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