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  1. thanks for your quick response Both Arrow and Mbna details are the same, amount owed and default date Received a default notice letter from Mbna dated letter on 09/12/20 asking for part payment on or before 30/2010. Then received letters from four different dca's all chasing payment. Nothing from Arrrow and certainly no default notice.
  2. Hi I have just looked at my credit file (Experian) to find four defaults One default is with Mbna credit card which I settled and now shows satisfied and dated 30/11/2010. The second default is with Arrow which is for the same amount and date as the Mbna account, surely you can not have two defaults from two companies for the same account. The Mbna account is full of information about payments and dates. The Arrow information consists of 5 lines with no information only that the default balance is exactly that of Mbna! If I pay off the other defaults will that improve my credit s
  3. I have just received a reply from my credit card company stating that my claim for the mis-selling of PPI on my credit card has been refused on the grounds that as it was a online application and as I filled in all the questions I accepted the PPI willingly.Surely a case to answer, as the on line questionaire did not explain the full implications of PPI just a tick here the box provided
  4. thank you for your quick reply! what is my next action?
  5. I had a credit card with Capital One, got into difficulties, debt passed to Lowells, I then got a Debt Management to look after this debt. Debt management went bust. Now I have Robinson Way after me on behalf on Lowells and Capital One. Looked at what little paper work I had and it looked like it might have been six years since last payment, so I wrote to Robinson Way saying statue barred. this is the contents of their letter. (We do not accept the statue barred on this account. and if you were to demonstrate that this debt is time barred the debt st
  6. hi Ims21I thought i replied yesterday but can not find the thread. So hear goes again.My mortgage broker has gone out of business.My first mortgage was with Gmac can not remember PPI or not. My other mortgages have been with Northen Rock and my latest mortgage is with Mortgages PLC.Maybe a SAR is the answer.
  7. Hi IMS21 Sorry for delay, problem with computer! I wrote the CAG standard PPI reclaim letter to GMAC and received a slightly confusing letter back from Paratus AMC/GMAC stating that they have never sold PPI. If I had been sold PPI, it possibly was through the mortgage broker. I bit the bullet and rang Paratus questioning their claim of never selling PPI and they confirmed that they Paratus and/or GMAC have never sold PPI, hence my thread.
  8. I understand that GMac mortgages have never sold PPI on their mortgages.iis that true? I had placed a similar posting just recently, but can not find it for updates
  9. is it true that gmac have never sold ppi?
  10. thank you ims21I will look for my paperwork regarding the default notice.
  11. I have received from Santander a letter offering me my ppi payments in full, but they want to reduce the amount because of the outstanding debt after I defaulted on the loan. Can they do this. They have give a figure for the total amount of ppi but no amount for the outstanding debt and want me to sign within the next 28 days.
  12. Can anyone advise? I wrote the standard PPI letter to GMAC (my previous mortgage company) and received a letter back from Paratus AMC stating that GMAC was a former company of theirs and that Paratus has not and does not nor provide advise on PPI therefore unable to to assist. They suggest I try the financial advisor who introduced us to the mortgage (as Paratus are washing their hands of this claim). The financial advisor has now ceased to trade so I could not go there if I wanted to. I am 90% certain I took out PPI with GMAC as I am unable to locate the paperwork for my mortgage.
  13. HiI have recently moved house and destroyed a lot of paperwork because I cannot find anything regarding CCA request or SAR for this.I have know a little about the statue barred for quite awhile and would not in a million years paid anything off this account which has had dormant for years since 2001/2
  14. Hi what happens when you hand over the house keys to the mortgage company who are the 1st charge who presumerably will have the house auctioned off with a shortfall in the auction price and the the outstanding mortgage and any other charge on your house ie 2nd charge or even 3rd charge. I know that all the money raised by the auction sale will firstly go the 1st charge (mortgage company) and if shortfall then what?Will I be chased by the 2nd charge and how?.
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