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  1. Thank you for so many advises, at the moment i have 7 days to pay minimum of 500.00, she will call me again on the 11th and lets see that happens later, I will update Many thanks again
  2. not easy, because I was always almost perfect, Month ago I had even excellent scoring but taking as well 2 loans to play to have my money back I don’t want go there and check. I am sure - I will never play again, I lost so much because I want to have more - I hate myself. I have a good job and not bad money so I can pay everything back, will take time only, the only problem I will have with Paypal, I can’t believe what did I do. Good things are I sent email to Colar to close my account and now I won’t be able to login again and use them even in the future
  3. Many thanks, at the moment I can still pay to my paypal account and even login there, account its not usable but I can go there, and still make payments from my Bank account. I cancelled direct debits so Paypal doesnt have access any more to my account. Your advice is - if they closed my account and sell my debt to someone I should still pay paypal, not them? I am sorry but I am not folowing you, I was never on situation like this. Paypal will say that they gave me opportunity to pay but using third parties and I refused. Is this becuase paying collectors will cost me more??
  4. Hello, What you want to know? I was stupid trying to have extra cash and I was buying from one of my account and use the option 14days pay after delivery, this went too far, it was for gambling, I lost control for short time, I am not addicted I have say, I want pay the debt to paypal but without any other third parties. This is not old debt and I told them I am fully responsible for this and I want pay it in full and I will, specially that I am still selling on ebay as a Business seller and I can pay every month something but she didn’t listen, she gave me only 7 days and I don’t know what will happen after I can’t take any more loans, I have big mortgage but I can afford to pay everything, I never had any missed payments I am only shocked why it’s so quickly, why they don’t want to wait if I offer to pay it ASAP, I know very well, my fault – I just lost mind for short time
  5. Please Help and give some advice I have over £7,000£ negative balance on my Paypal account - I can only say its my fault and I have to blame only myself but i want to pay off everything as soon as I can I had a call today from Paypal asking to pay this otherwise they will pass it to Debt collection, they gave me 7 days from today to pay as much as I can but what after ?? Did someone had simillar expeience ? What happenes after 7 days ? I asked to give me 8 weeks to pay it off but she didnt want to lissen Please advise, looks like they dont want any aggrements, I have to add that this debt its not old, week only
  6. Can someone help me with my question? I need remortgage and on experian I have almost excellent scoring and HSBC has the best deal for us, so i need to know which credit agency they using. Thank you
  7. Can someone explain me why on Experian I am only 73 points to have Excellent (at the moment i am good) AND on Equifax - very poor!!!I have the same info on both files, all correct, no late payments, no CCJ, correct addresses, register to Electoral more than 2 years . I cant understand the logic !!! I want do remortgage and at the moment I don't know what to do . The difference its ridiculous, any ideas why??
  8. at the moment our LTV IS 54%, but if I add another £45,000 to my mortgage will go up to 64% - I hope still is not bad
  9. no, we didn't, but I was thinking using broker the process will be faster. We dont have any problems currently with payments and we didn't have before but my question is - asking for more Money (included on our remortgage) do we need to have a proof how we spent them? Will the lender pay full amount directly to my account (from the increase) or in installments, depends how works are going on?
  10. Hello, We want to re-mortgage our house finding better deal with diffident lender and on the same time increase amount taking Money to do some improvements like change windows, doors, rendering etc... My Questions are: Can we increase mortgage with different lender? (Our house price increased over 30% from the time when we bought it) Will the Lender ask to provide estimates for work to be done from Contractors? Doing re-mortgage how much Broker's fees are? Thank you
  11. Hello, I just received email from Graham High Group Limited - Loss Adjusters that insurer approved our claim. Does Anyone know how long takes to have refund ? We have to pay our Contractor to start do works and no idea how long takes the payment process THANK YOU
  12. Please help !!! I hired NIFTYLIFT ACCESS PLATFORM for a couple of hours on the 25th of May and on the 1st of June I have a email that returned machine is broken and they asking me to pay over 1,000 as a cost repair. Its a nonsense!! Equipment has been collected from site by the driver from hss and was on the same condition as taken. The Driver/ collection person didn't say anything that is something wrong and didn't give me as well any paper work to signed stating faults or damages, I didn't get anything, now they want me to pay . Please let me have a template letter as I dont know how to respond - I am shocked !!!! Please help:mad2:
  13. Hello, After sending SAR request to newday ltd I received letter back that they are unable to locate any of my accounts . I don't understand - on my credit reports shows very clear NEWDAY for my MONSOON, RIVER ISLAND AND DEBENHAMS ACCOUNT . I provided all accounts/ store cards numbers taken from credit report and addresses. All accounts are not that old, I closed them on 2012 and 2013. Please help What next , where should i send my request? Thank you
  14. Hello, I am sending one SAR request but for 4 different store cards to NewDay. Do i have to pay them 4 x 10£? Thank you
  15. Good idea, I will email them but I am guessing I wont have any respond.
  16. Hello again, I had a loan taken on 2008 (paid full in 3 years) with OCEAN MONEY LIMITED, who was the lender BUT website doesn't exist any more and the address from the contract Pacific House, Relay Point, Wilnecote, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, B77 5PA checking ROYAL MAIL belongs TO ALDI SHOP. On company house putting Company registration number - account is still open and states address above but its ALDI SHOP THERE On my agreement i have that OCEAN MONEY is a member of the Ocean Finance & Mortgages Limited Group (IS OR WAS ON 2008) - now I don't have idea where to send, which address and to whose attention ? Any idea?
  17. Hello, Its my first time when i am trying to claim my PPI - can someone help me where to send complains I had a few store cards, all now closed and all information are from my Equifax account DEBENHAMS 2009 - 2013 - NewDay MONSOON 2007 - 2012 - NewDay TOP SHOP - account closed 2009 - GE Money River Island - NewDay NEXT - (2006 - 2012) I had as well Personal loan from Ocean money and again I dont have idea which address to use? Any help will be appreciated
  18. I AM unable to do what they expecting from me, I'd like to be redundant, but I am not sure if my Boss can tell me "go" if you dont want to sign and do not pay me anything.
  19. Everyone has now different job description and different roles, new unreasonable targets, and cuts. The problem is that we don’t have credit control which is very important role in this time, we had a few years ago 2 people working as a credit control, after one and now again one but without experience and working as a contractor so they want us to help him and do credit control as well, because IS CHEAPER. We don’t have time to do this, one person left in 2010 and his job has been split between us, I took around 50% of his responsibilities, now they trying to do the same again. My job description has different tasks now, 95% are credit control and only 5% what I am doing now. Looks like someone doesn’t have clue what we are doing here and how.
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