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  1. Hello, I am receiving emails with confirmations that they have my queries and with cases numbers but are they going to chase me for outstanding payments sending emails, letters, phone calls after the 1st when they won’t get mu Monthly instalments?
  2. Hello Guys, I sent all letters and attachments( Bank statements showing clear gambling signs plus budget) and I have to wait . I had already a few emails back that they have my complains and I will hear something depends from Company in the next 3, 5 working days or a few weeks. My Credit files are already very poor (I was excellent last year doing re-mortgage) and affected I won’t pay anything until I hear something from them regarding solution what’s mean I will have so many defaults and unpaid instalments. I will need to do re mortgage in the next 14 Months and I don’t know if Bank will still see my defaults after 16 Months and will take it into consideration . Can you please let me know?
  3. ok, I will do but should I sent another email to Mr lender asking to freeze all fees and others charges because respond in 8 weeks will leave me with arrears?
  4. Hello, I have first respond from Mr Lender "Thank you for your email. Please accept this response as acknowledgement of your complaint. As you have made us aware you are dissatisfied with the service we have provided, we can confirm that we will be conducting a thorough investigation into your concerns. This process can take up to eight weeks depending on the nature of your complaint. Once we have completed our investigation, we will be in contact to explain the outcome. " means I have to wait but as well hold on payments? Am i wright? NEXT - isn’t better request new debit card from my Bank than send 11 CCPA requests?
  5. I never sent anything like this so can someone tell me how this look - thank you (my previous post)
  6. Formal Complaint Regarding Irresponsible Lending.pdfCan someone read my complain and tell me if make sense please
  7. I don’t have any idea regarding the offers, my Formal Complaint Regarding Irresponsible Lending letter should have offer to pay monthly only capital - not fees and interest, let’s say 50.00/ Month? Or maybe should I send two letters, first Formal… and after second one with offer. I am confused I want to start claim from my Jar but I am not sure if I can. I had first loan 600.00 from 13.05.2017 and I paid earlier in full on the 28.06.2017, week after I took new one 1,100.00 (which I am still paying) - they did search on my Credit File. I had already at least 5 or 7 with the others and all searches are there and all loans as well. Is this qualify to Irresponsible Lending? Should I mention on my letter that they didn’t ask me to provide my payslips and Bank Statements, where is so clear that I was gambling? Should I attached my Bank statements and highlight loans and Gambling when sending the letter? And Finally – what Can I ask ? – I have outstanding with them 3 payments x 328.00 = 984.00 (from 1,100 borrowed on 06.07.2017) – to write off everything or just interest I can’t afford to pay it anyway – money left from salary 1,500.00 and Loans/ credit cards in total around 4000 Sorry for so many questions
  8. Hello, I read the Payday Loan Reclaim Guide and I don’t know what to do now, it’s so hard. I am not sure if I can claim, I was never lowering my income, I was always telling them that I have 3600 where the true is that to my account each Month is coming between 4000 – 4800. Secondly – to get the loan I was lying about monthly payments to creditors – I was saying that between 600 – 700 a Month – completely wrong, much much more Another – I am contractor on daily rate (working every day for my company over 10 years: First 7 – full time employee. After - last 3 – as a contractor) - I have limited company, but applying for a Loan I was choosing option full time employee, but they never asked me for payslip or bank statement. In this scenario – can I start my claims ? or just begging them to give me a time to pay this off 
  9. BUT still I don’t know if should I be honest with them and tell true about gambling problem?
  10. I want to pay all without so many problems, I need just more time so I will stop a few how I said before and offer to pay something on the middle (some small amounts) and after paying in full first half I will continue – if they allow me to pay the rest, credit as you said – its already affected, and it’s very poor anyway. I have to do everything to not have any CCJ because this can affect my husband’s credit as well so let’s see BUT still I don’t know if should I be honest with them and tell true about gambling problem I think my way won’t affect my future and credit that much as going for the PDL reclaim. Am I wright?
  11. I am really sorry but IF I AM following everything correctly I have to cancel few DD and CPA, let’s say SANTANDER, ratesetter, safetynet, satsuma and maybe two more, send them letters that I am not able to pay THEM now and ask to freeze interest, pay the others as before and let’s say from Feb 18 continue paying the outstanding ones. The question is – will they wait? What happens if bailiffs start knocking to my doors. How many Months I can do not pay and be in arrears ?
  12. Thank you Andyorch, how can I do this? I am sorry but I am not using this forum so often?
  13. I will read the pdl claim tomorrow but looking just quickly I noticed that I have to tell my creditors that I had problems with gambling - How can I approve this and will they ask me to do this? I am really sorry for my English but it’s not my native Language, I have two nationalities. Other thing is – taking any loan Gamblers usually are lying when future creditor asking for the purpose.
  14. what I need, I need a few Month "break " from a few lenders to pay the pay day loans and from Feb 2018 I should be ok - or maybe I am wrong
  15. I DID SPREADSHEET and I AM finished. I don’t know where to start, it’s too much, I took so many loans because was easy and most of them for gambling and now I don’t know even how to explain it to creditors that I am having problems to pay my Monthly instalments. Can someone look at my spreadsheet and help me to who I should go – I don’t want have defaults on all accounts, please help
  16. Many thanks but attaching spreadsheet with all debts they can always say why we have to do this, go to the others and ask for holidays. I will try anyway Will this affect my credit reports? Can I send them by emails or post only?
  17. I won’t be able to pay this Month: 486.00 – Santander – unsecured loan 10.10.2017 286.00 satsuma – I paid only yesterday £30.00 rest its outstanding until Month end 264.00 – ratesetter - unsecured loan 20.10.2017 Plus weekly 115.00 (about) to iwoca REST OF MY MONTHLY payments are gone but if I won’t pay the mentioned I have to pay next Month twice but I won’t be able. I am stuck and I don’t have idea what to do next Should I pay these ones first next month and do not pay others which i paid recently and do this for another 3 - 4 months until all my pay day loans gone???
  18. I have another Bank account from I don’t have any of my standing orders or direct debits and my salary again are coming to my Business account so are ok. I want pay all of them but I need a break a few Months to pay others first so I don’t know what can I ask them. I am not sure even what to offer
  19. Please help, First time I received my salary and my outgoings monthly payments are bigger than amount received. I have unsecured loans and pay day loans and this Month I won’t be able to pay 3 of them, I read all the 10 steps but I am still panicking, I have more payments than my salary and I need at least 3 Month to back to "normal" when my paY day loans will be paid in full but this Month and next one I have to stop some payments. Please help and let me know how to go the creditors and what I can ask TO HELP ME, WHAT should I tell them? Can I ask to freeze 2 Month instalments or just offer pay a little? Many thanks
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