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  1. Santander Default Short story first – I had a financial Problems due to Gambling , pay day loans etc… I sorted everything having help from the Forum here sending complains and going with some of them for Monthly repayments plans. I have arranged all payment arrangements myself, and done all negotiating myself also. I have a Loan with Santander and from October my Monthly payments were not any more affordable for me I called Santander and we agreed minimum payments each Month of £20.00 where I was paid anyway usually £100.00 or even more. I never missed anything what we agreed. After a couple of Months I received letter about arrears I called them again and someone told me that its automated printed letter and because I am on the repayment plan I should not be worried about and I should continue paying what I can. On Friday I received another letter dated 22.05.2018 telling me that they going to place Default on my account. I was sure that being on repayment plan Default won’t be placed I just called them again and someone from collection Team told me that I am not an arranged plan or repayment plan so they can place Default. How many days I have to clear my areas (I have around 2,600.00) – I am not sure if I can pay this in full in one go but do I have some time to stop them? Can I put my account on hold and complain because of the wrong information given? I have to add that I don’t have any copies of the letters which I received from them, I didn’t keep them, probably my fault.
  2. Hello, On one of my paypal accounts I have minus 277.00 – I sold something and Buyer claims that never received, I have at the moment other debt to pay so I ignored PayPal for now. Yesterday I received letter from WESCOT (wescot.co.uk)that they are instructed by PayPal to collect outstanding balance on their behalf. Debt its 3 Month old and still I have access to my PayPal account. What should I do? Can I ignore them now ? Do they have power to do something more apart from letters or text or phone calls? Thank you
  3. Hello, No I didn’t receive anything, and I paid over £12.000 to them but last 3 Months I stopped because I Have other things to pay but at the moment its quiet, NO LETTERS , no emails anything, I have I believe still around 3,000 to pay. I was surprised some time ago because always before Paypal was converting my payments to EUR and I had always two confirmation emails from them after each payment, one about conversion and another to thanks for payment, 3 Months ago after payments I was getting only one email, only thanks for payment, anything regarding changing it to EUR, it’s something strange but I can’t login to this account to check what’s going on.
  4. I spoke Today with Barclays complain department I heard the most stupid things in my life - they told me that they defaulted me because I didn’t respond to them after receiving letter telling me that they can’t accept my offer and I won’t be able to make any payments so .... no checking my account they put default, I was thinking that defaults are for not making payments not for not responding to letters She has to ask some Senior to remove it and let me know tomorrow. I didn’t call them after rejection because I paid outstanding amount before and someone on the phone told me that they going to stop default process and I don’t need to worry about. I was paying after each Month without any problems
  5. Hello, I was paying even if I had difficult situation , I was paying the minimum requested and in time !!! Sorry if you did not understand my comments , I was paying anyway !!! Can they still default me ???? My credit file it’s not perfect but no defaults , I have everything in place and organised, this one it’s my first one and I don’t understand why, I was paying anyway the minimum as requested !!! And always on time. Where to go to complain????
  6. I will have Today call from Barclays, because on Saturday they didn’t want to tell me default amount, she said she can’t tell me!!!! I am guessing they didn’t update my account after my payment and the same they didn’t stop default process. yes I did, and before date from the letter and after 3 months everything on time and full payments I didn’t get call from Barclays regarding my default yet. Maybe my first post was not enough clear so I will easily explain again (I am sorry) I sent them letter that I am in difficult financial situation providing budget and offering £50.00/ Month (many loans, payday loans, gambling) and asking to stop adding charges and interest. I did this twice, first by post and after again they requested by email. After my letter they cancel my card even if I didn’t ask and they rejected my offer telling me that I won’t be able to pay even the £50.00 and they can’t accept it. I called them explaining that I have help from family and I will pay the £50.00, still NO I had letter requesting in this case minimum payments each Month including interest, what was always over £80.00 I had over £200.00 in arrears because I was waiting for decision. Received letter if I won’t pay amount in arrears , I think it was before 3rd of November they will register default Full payment of outstanding amount made on the 1st of November and after each Month everything on time and in full, was always over £80.00 I don’t know why Default has been registered, I called them but I could not get answer. They cancel now my account so no access and no option to make any payments. If I remember they send me letter after in December that they can’t help me and they going to register Default but I need to be honest I ignored that letter because everything was up to date with my payments and on time. They include a cheque of £50.00 as an apologies Card / account was not old, I opened In March 2017 and I stared having problems from end of August 17 Please let me know step by step what to do now, what to send and where to remove Defaults from my Credit files
  7. Hello. More updates Respond from Adjudicator REGARDING Sunny – success !!! I am happy And below respond from another Adjudicator regarding Satsuma – completely opposite – Rejected and I received as well response from FOS and they agreed with Adjudicator that SASTSUMA did everything right, I destroyed the letter but was exactly the same as from Adjudicator, see attachment. I don’t understand – the same scenario, the same amount of loans, the same debt, the same time and two different decisions. Can I still do something with Satsuma?? satsuma.pdf SUNNY.pdf
  8. in October 17 I asked Barclays for help stopping interest in my credit card and accept my minimum payment of 50each month explaing my difficult situation (due to gambling pay day loans, unsecured loans different thread ) , I was honest and I provided budget spreadsheet they refused saying that I won’t able to pay the 50 and they will continue to charging me the minimum repayments what was over 80 each month and I was paying. They immediately cancelled my card which on that time was ok for me because I didn’t have plans to used any more only start to repay. I received todays letter that they registered default on my account and they are asking to repay all outstanding balance 3,500 well I can’t and if not they willl pass my debt to collection agency . I am shocked because my understanding was that if I am repaying minimum each month on time login to my account it’s ok . Please help, I was doing everything to avoid defaults doing for what they asked. in the beginning I had outstanding over 200 in December I had letter if I won’t pay this before 3rd of December they will register default I paid on time and after I was always on time . Can I still do something to cancel default ??? Can they do this if I was paying my minimum on time ???
  9. I received this email yesterday from Wonga and I am still waiting for response from Financial ombudsmen after my complains, I don’t know what kind of answer I will get this time from FOS. Is it anything what I can do to avoid defaults??? Can I call them and ask for repayment plan now even if I am awaiting for response from FOS? I sent Wonga email that I am awaiting response from FOS but they never responding to any emails "We’ve resumed collections activities on your account We're very concerned that, despite our previous correspondence and offers to help you resolve this matter, your loan remains unpaid. After placing your account on hold for 38 days we can confirm that we have now resumed collection activities on your account. Your outstanding balance is £602.54. We must remind you again how serious this situation is, as failure to act today could mean: We’ll inform the major credit reference agencies of your default. This will be recorded on your credit history and may affect your ability to get credit in the future. We may need to take steps to recover the outstanding balance such as passing your account to a debt collection agency. Helping with debt If you’re struggling with debt and would benefit from some impartial advice, you can contact one of the UK’s free debt advice services including: Step Change Debt Charity on 0800 138 1111 National Debtline on 0808 808 4000 Citizens Advice - visit the website for your local branch We are here to help, so please call us on 0800 107 8140. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Customer Care 0800 107 8140 Wonga.com"
  10. Hello, I responded to email received from Adjudicator and I asked again look into my queries but by someone else or Financial ombudsman this time but I received again email from the same person!!?? “ Thank you for your email with the additional information provided. As I’m the adjudicator that’s looking into your complaint, your email has been passed to me to respond. I’ve asked Satsuma for their comments regarding the outstanding loans you’ve said you had at the time, and will get back to you once I hear from them. In the meantime it may be helpful if I explain that due to the relatively low repayment amounts against your income, I wouldn’t have expected Satsuma to see the gambling transactions that you’ve mentioned, or to have seen the other loans you had at the time apart from the short term credit commitments that you had. This means Satsuma wouldn’t have known about your loan with Santander, your credit cards or your overdraft balances that you’ve mentioned. In addition regarding your request for Satsuma to write off your second loan, this wouldn’t usually be something that we would recommend. As you borrowed the principle amount and had use of these funds, we wouldn’t expect Satsuma to write off this amount. If we find that the loan should not have been given to you, we would usually recommend that interest and charges on the loan are refunded with 8% statutory interest, and any adverse information regarding the loans removed from your credit file. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, otherwise I’ll let you know once I’ve heard from Satsuma.” Please help – what should I pointed to her????
  11. but do I have chances??? Looks like they agreed that bank statements not needed and it’s my fault that Satsuma could not see everything in credit file and are based only what I told !!!!
  12. Is it worth going to an Ombudsman if an Adjudicator has REJECTED my claim? “Satsuma has told us that it asked you about your income, expenditure and attempted to carry out a credit search. However looking at the results of the credit search Satsuma carried out, it appears the data it asked for wasn’t available” I had so many laons and adjudicator says that SATSUMA could see only 2???
  13. how to Complain? where to send ?? Do I have chances ?? How many times in the past Adjudicator said one thing and FOS commented it differently?? I don’t know how they can see, even adjudicator that I had only two loans when was taking Satsuma first one in July. I went again with my Statements and see below my loans, completely wrong Loans: Santander 15 March 2017 – £15.000.00 RateSetter – 21.02.2017 £6,000.00 TM Advances Ltd – 22 August 2017 £3,000.00 Plus Ferratum 300.00/ each Month from June 17 and SAfetynet Credit 350.00 each Month Payday Loans: 10.05.2017 SUNNY £400.00 11.05.2017 WONGA £500.00 13.05.2017 MY JAR £600.00 16.05.2017 Novaloans £400.00 08.06.2017 Sunny £400.00 10.06.2017 Novaloans £400.00 19.06.2017 Poundstopocket £500.00 07.07.2017 Novaloans £600.00 13.07.2017 Satsuma £900.00 17.07.2017 118118Money £2000.00 01.08.2017 Wonga £500.00 10.08.2017 Uncle Buck £500.00 11.08.2017 STAGEMOUNT LIMITED £600.00 11.08.2017 SUNNY £50.00 14.08.2017 MRLENDER.COM £500.00 15.08.2017 EVFIN LENDING AC F MONEYBOAT £400.00 18.08.2017 THL £175.00 25.08.2017 WAGEDAY ADVANCE £300.00 Any comments welcome
  14. signature on letter - adjudicator but on email the same person as Financial Ombudsman Service, [email protected] I am surprised because the first instalment I paid week late because I didn’t have money and after two days I took the second one, this didn’t stop them to give me more even if I paid first late I don’t know how this has been checked, I had at least 9 pay day loans on that time plus normal ones from March 2017: santander 486.00/ Month, ratesetter – 264.00/ Month plus two more from August and they saying – only two ??? It is complete nonsense
  15. Hello, I have first decision from FOS I am disappointed, they rejected my claim, so what should I do next? I won’t have enough money now to repay full instalments and to avoid defaults. Any sugestions?? Probably my other 4 with FOS will go the same way your complaint about Provident Personal Credit Limited (trading as Satsuma Loans) I’m getting in touch to let you know that we have everything we need to look into your complaint – and I now have an answer for you. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think Satsuma was wrong to lend to you. So I’m not going to ask it to do anything – and I’d like to explain why in a little more detail. From what I’ve seen, you took out the following loans with Satsuma:  loan one for £900 taken out on 13 July 2017, to be repaid over six monthly instalments of £284.40;  loan two for £330 taken out on 8 September 2017, to be repaid over six monthly instalments of £104.28. what did the business have to do A financial business can make commercial decisions about whom to lend to and how much. But before agreeing to lend, the business has to check each time that the borrower could afford to make the repayments. And the checks it does must be proportionate. When considering a complaint, our Service looks at whether the business did the checks, which are proportionate to things like – but not limited to – the size of the loan, the repayments, what it knows about the consumer, and the things the consumer told it about their circumstances. If the checks the business did were enough, we won’t usually say that it shouldn’t have agreed to the loan. If we don’t think the checks were enough, and we feel that more proportionate checks would have revealed you couldn’t have afforded the loan, we’ll ask the business to put things right. please write to Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR dx 141280 Isle of Dogs 3 website http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk 2 what did it do? Satsuma has told us that it asked you about your income, expenditure and attempted to carry out a credit search. However looking at the results of the credit search Satsuma carried out, it appears the data it asked for wasn’t available. was this enough? why? I think the checks Satsuma did on both loans one and two went far enough. You told Satsuma that your income was £3,600, and your expenditure totalled £1,544. This would’ve left you with around £2,056 disposable income, which meant that both loans would’ve looked to be affordable. Taking all of this into consideration, even though loans one and two overlapped, the repayments amounts were relatively low in comparison to your disposable income. There was no information you gave Satsuma that would’ve required it to carry out further checks, so although Satsuma’s credit check didn’t gain much information, I wouldn’t have expected them to do any more. In any case I’ve looked at the credit file you provided and can see no defaults or other adverse information that I think would’ve prompted further checks had Satsuma seen it. The only loans outstanding at the time you had your first loan with Satsuma that it would’ve seen had the credit check been successful were two short term loans with the regular payments totalling £419. By the time of loan two they would’ve seen a further loan with £230 outstanding. Even taking this into consideration, I don’t think this would’ve prompted Satsuma to carry out further checks. I appreciate what you’ve said about frequent payments to online gambling websites, however at this point Satsuma wouldn’t have been expected to see this. So taking this and the above into consideration, I can’t say that Satsuma was wrong to have lent to you. what happens next I hope my explanation has been helpful and that I’ve answered the questions you raised. If you’re happy with what I’ve said, you don’t need to do anything – and we’ll close your complaint for you. If you don’t agree and want to take things further, please get in touch by 4 January 2018 – letting us know why and including anything else that you think is important. We’ll take a look at what you’ve said and let you know if it makes a difference. You can also ask for an ombudsman to make a final decision – but unless you have new information, it’s unlikely their decision will be different from mine. If you have any questions – or need more time – please get in touch by 4 January 2018 and we’ll be happy to help"
  16. I sent complains to FOS regarding Satsuma two loans on the 31.10.2017 and still didn’t receive anything. I am just wondering because yesterday I received email from Satsuma (see below) so maybe they know already something about my claim and has been rejected if I have this on my inbox: “Thank you for sending us further information regarding your financial circumstances. As we advised you previously, the Customer Care Team provide support and guidance on account management for our customers and those acting on their behalf. We specialise in assisting customers who may be finding it difficult to manage their account due to their personal circumstances. We have made a note of the information you provided to us. We will not pass this information on to any third parties; it will only be used internally to assist us with the management of your account. If you do not want us to hold this information on our systems, please tell us and we will remove it. I can see that your complaint has been closed and that a letter explaining why we have not upheld your complaint has been sent to you. This letter also explained why we have not been able to agree to write off your loans as you asked and advised you of your options if you do not agree with our decision. On the basis of the information you provided to us I will apply Breathing Space to your account. Collections activity on your account will be suspended for thirty days so you can contact a provider of independent financial advice to get help with your debts. Some of the organisations who can give you this advice are included on the list below. If you do engage with an organisation who offer financial advice I would be grateful if you could contact me with your reference number and a contact name and number. If there is no further contact from you or from a third party on your behalf in respect of addressing your debt in the next 30 days we will refer your account to Satsuma Collections. If no further payments are made your account will be managed in line with our arrears process. We are happy to support you by suspending collections activity on your account during this time. As you will not be paying the agreed weekly rate, these payments will show as being overdue. As we share this information with other organisations through your credit file this may affect your ability to obtain credit from us or other organisations in the future. Please be aware that regulatory arrears letters and annual statements detailing the status of your account will still be sent to you. These are not a prompt for payment and no additional interest or charges will be added to the balance of your account. I hope this information has been helpful to you. If you need any further assistance please contact me on the number below. The Customer Care Team is available between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. Alternatively, you can email us at: [email protected] or write to us at the following address: Customer Care Team No.1 Godwin Street Bradford West Yorkshire BD1 2SU” Did someone receive something similar when awaiting for FOS response?
  17. more updates 1. This some I have to say surprised me and I didn’t think that I will get something from them Loan – NOT PAY DAY LOAN, normal instalments loan for 2 years £2.000 with 118118 Money – received response today and the balance has reduced from £3234.21 to £1537.97 – I am happy 2. Sunny – having from June 4 loans with them and paid in full plus currently 2 outstanding they offered only around £72.00 refund – I was hoping to refund all my paid interest from the previous ones as well, so I responded that I am not happy but if I won’t hear anything from them until Monday I will send complains to FOS “In line with my decision, and to return you to the position you would be in had the above loan not been granted, I would like to offer the following: • All interest and charges paid in respect of the above loan, totalling £70.53 (you borrowed £400 and repaid £470.53) will be offset against your remaining loan. • Simple interest at 8%, calculated on the above figure and totalling £2.82, will also be offset against your outstanding loan. • The record of the above loan will be removed from your credit file, we will update Equifax, Experian, and CallCredit. The outstanding balance of your remaining loans is £455.67 and with the above figures accounted for, I will reduce the balance of your largest outstanding loan (33765025 - £398.47) to £325.12. I would expect this adjustment to be completed by the close of business tomorrow at the latest.” 3. Money Boat – received email yesterday reducing the outstanding balance from £469.24 to £172.92 – I am happy again 4. Cash4 you now – I don’t know what to do with them, received response Today – in last day from the 8 weeks- they saying that I was not honest with my creditors but who will tell how many loans you have if you need another one to play “ As I do not agree that loans 1-3 were irresponsibly loaned I am only able to partially uphold your complaint. Cash4uNow will write off the interest of £264.60 and remove the fourth loan from your credit file. You are still required to repay the principal sum borrowed of £600” I don’t know – send Complains to FOS or not?? 5. Satsuma – I sent Complains to FOS 4 WEEKS AGO and I received letter from them that they working now with my complains and contacted Satsuma for more info – I have to wait 2/ 3 weeks probably more to know final decision I have problem with WONGA who now started sending me emails/ texts, I have two monthly instalments outstanding now, they rejected my claim in full so 2 weeks ago I forward my complains to FOS, BUT Today I get NOTICE OF SUMS IN ARREARS. I sent them a few emails telling to put my account on hold, sending FOS reference number but I wasn’t lucky to get any email back
  18. so should I go for repayment plan when waiting for FOS decision?
  19. Do you think when I am waiting for FOS responses should I arrange repaying plan to avoid defaults? Even £10.00/ Month You said before that after if I win defaults will be removed anyway but what happens if I won’t win and FOS will tell me to pay – defaults will stay
  20. MORE updates, response from Uncle Buck - and they rejected my claim, see below " When assessing your loan application we conducted a credit check to assess your creditworthiness. As a high risk lender, even if your credit file contained certain adverse information, we would have still considered your application. In addition to a credit check, we base our decision to lend using data held within our internal risk scorecard. During our assessment of whether you were able to afford the repayments, we took into account the monthly income and expenditure you supplied on your application. You indicated on your application that you had enough disposable income each month to pay the loan back. The figures you provided did not highlight that you were experiencing financial difficulty at the time. Uncle Buck believes that in addition to our responsible lending policy, customers ought to employ an element of responsible borrowing. To assess any loan application, we rely in part on the information provided by customers in respect of their income and expenditure. As there is no independent way to check a customer’s expenditure, we expect customers to provide us with true and accurate information in this regard. I do not find it unreasonable that we relied on figures you provided as part of our lending decision. We understand our responsibility as a lender is to ensure each loan we approve is affordable and I am of the opinion that the checks performed in respect of your application were both adequate and appropriate. We only approved your loan once we had checked and were satisfied you could afford to repay it. I have reviewed the credit search from the point of application, this shows you had no defaults in the previous twelve or thirty-six months. There was nothing within your credit searches which would have given us reason to decline your application. I have reviewed the bank statements we requested, as part of our investigation. These show you would have had sufficient disposable income, if you were not gambling." I had 9 or 11 loans at this time on my File report but they didnt see anything I have to complain to FOS, MY third one
  21. not bad, but its not easy, I don’t have any experience regarding FOS so I am interesting how will go with them I am still waiting for few more but lets see
  22. Hello, I have more updates: SafetyNet Credit - 458.00 outstanding - full write off WageDay advance 387.00 outstanding - agreed 171.00 to pay in 6 instalments Ferratum - 372.00 outstanding, most write off - 109.20 to pay in instalments Wonga – received Today response and the THEY rejected my complains asking still to pay all amount – outstanding 657.00, sent already complains to FOS Satsuma – Complains already with FOS but after 5 weeks still any letters
  23. ok, I will pay but any way now I have more difficult situation so I am paying only a little, last Month In total around £50.00 in small amounts every few days and looks like they are happy
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