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  1. hi Gertie100, I know that, the best way is personal Loan but they dont want give me, I asked, but no way... not 12,000.00 if I dont have nothing, no home, no mortgage,( rented flat) only full time job. :(
  2. Hi Gyzmo, thank you for your help, I think to go and ask to Black Horse, but I dont know how is working this, where should I go first, to Black Horse ask for a Loan or find a car and just after, because what happened if I will have a car and they say "sorry"? Have a nice day
  3. Hello all, I need a piece of advice. I‘d like to buy a car and take a loan, but I have problem to get it. I asked my bank First Direct for a personal loan and they say “no”, because I have already: - a personal loan and outstanding balance 1,100.00 - Visa - balance 1,500.00 - Another Visa (Capital one) – 1,000.00. - Two store card (total 700.00), but I am easy able to cover the payment for it. (Monthly: 2,600.00 after tax, no children) I asked Natwest as well and they say the same. My income now is not a small, I have a permanent contract, and 50 hours per week, now will be 1year on my current job, before 2.5 years on another place, about 3 years - the same address (2.8months) My credit score on Experian is 745 and on Call credit 820.00 Firstly, I should say that I honestly have never ever had any finance problems, I've always paid my bills in full and on time, for all payments I have DD, I had just 3 delay payments, but it was just maximum 3 days and 3 in areas on last 4 years, but it wasn’t my fault , I am on the electoral roll, I never had CCJ's, I never been on the court, maybe because I don’t have the mortgage account only I a rent a flat ? Hopefully some legal expert out there can tell me what to do. Can anyone recommend a direct loan company that will look at applications with my credit score??? I need 12,000.00 for 48 month Any advice would be greatly received Regards
  4. you know, if I will call , I am sure they tell me that I can't , maybe should I send the first letter?
  5. Hi freakyleaky, Thank you very much for confiration but now I am not sure if is not to late . Regards:)
  6. hello, How much can I claim from FD, if they took from my account £25.00 Penalty for overdaft, can I claim all amount 25.00 or just different between £25.00 and £12.00 ?? Thanks
  7. hello, I dont know how much can I claim? If FD took from my account £25.00,should I claim full amount or just different between £25.00 and 12.00? Thanks Wiosna30
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