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    I sent them the letter explaining my current situation and asking to pay my outstanding overdraft in Monthly instalments, I enclosed the Budget showing my income and all monthly payments/expenses offering £40.00/ Month but I was ignored .


    I sent it  by recorded delivery, letter has been received and signed but I never received any response from them, any messages left , any calls . I had from them only two letters in Total – one in Feb, that they are closing my account and another one later with info that all my Bank Statements for last years I will get by email and password will be send separately , anything else.


    They passed my Debt to Moorcroft Group Plc ( letter from them on August ) and we agreed repayment plan  paying Monthly from now (first payment gone on the 1st of Sep ) But I noticed that on Credit File FD placed Default on my account dated August .


    Can they do this not sending first Default Notice ?

  2. First Direct wants to close my personal Bank account and pay arranged overdraft in 2 Months
    I just received letter from them that they have to review some accounts sometimes and they decided to close mine .
    My scoring is bad, I had problem before with gambling, payday loans etc., a few times I went over arranged overdraft but always in week or two paid this in full.
    I am with them 17 years, have overdraft £6000.00 and now I have to pay it back in 2 Months.
    Due to current situation, I am working, but my income has been drastically cut off , I don't have 6000.00 to pay them anyway.
    I did not call them yet, I don't know what to expect from them, because is impossible for me now to pay the £6000.00 as they want
  3. I have outstanding corporation tax of £2,900.00 from last year and now plus £6.500 a new one which should be paid before 1st January 20, total around £9,500.00.


    For last year I had set up plan with HMRC to pay my tax in Monthly instalments but I had some Family problems and I stopped paying them. The last letter from HMR I had in November 19 (Notice warning of legal proceeding)  to call them what I did but they did not want to set up again new plan to continue paying, I only heard that they put my account to Enforcement team and they cant do anything now and I have to wait. Yesterday I received text from HMRC about the same thing to contact them and again calling I heard only that they can’t help me because my account has been passed to Enforcement office. I want to pay this in instalments as I can only afford 800.00£ Monthly payment. I am working as a Contractor and have a small income.


    What should I do now? Who to contact ? what to expect next? I want to start repaying this, but HMRC any time I am calling them I hear the same that I have to wait for Enforcement team. From November 19 I did not get anything, why they texting me to contact HMRC if they don’t help anyway. I don’t want to have knocking bailiffs on my door, but I am not getting any letters/ reminders at all so I don’t know what to do now. I don’t have any assets, only old computer I mobile which belongs to my Ltd company , anything else. 

  4. Hello,

    I had a Loan with them and after 18 Months paying them 4,230.00 ( borrowing £3.000) to close my account still I had to pay £3,111.00.

    They won’t tell you that they 'front load' the interest, meaning you pay all the interest only first

    I borrowed 3k 18 months ago,

    paid them 4.3k already and still owe them 3.1k?

    Essentially this means they are taking the interest for the final 18 months when in reality I want to settle it before then,

    plus they charge you interest for a period of time in the future that has not even happened yet!

    I attached my signed contract and I can’t see anywhere that I will pay first interest only.

    Is this right?

    Can they do this not stating anywhere on the Contract?

    Can someone read this please and let me know if I am wrong.

    I want to complain asking for some refunds,

    I paid my loan earlier (just recently) and still was to repay more than I took.

    I asked as well for breakdown on the end asking how my instalments have been calculated and final Settlement and Statements but I did not received any details!!!

    Only this, please see below:

    “We did receive the payment and your account is now closed.

    I have attached a copy of your Transaction History.

    Below is an explanation of how our settlement figures are calculated.

    I have also attached a copy of your signed loan agreement showing the terms of the loan.

    We charge the full amount of your interest at the beginning of your loan agreement.

    This means that we do not charge interest on a daily or monthly basis.

    You owe the total amount payable on day 1 and you are obliged to make payments monthly in line with your agreement.

    If, however, you decide to settle your loan early (in full or partially) we are obliged to give you a rebate of some of the interest under UK law.

    The consumer Credit act gives a complicated calculation of the minimum rebate of interest we need to apply.

    The formula to calculate the rebate can be found at the following link…


    This rebate is deducted from your current balance to calculate the settlement figure.

    The rebate changes daily and you receive less rebate the further you are into your loan term.

    If you have any further questions please let me know. “

    Can they do this?

    It’s any point send Complains to FOS?

    Thank you






    Can they placed default knowing that I am on the process of complains???

    I sent complains to NovaLoans / cash4younow on the 6th of October 2017 and asking on the same time to put my account on hold  until my complains will be resolved by Novaloans Team. This means that during this time they will not ask me to make any payments and no additional charges or interest will be applied to my balance to allow them to investigate my concerns and contact me  after. I had only response on the end of December 17 where after I forwarded my complains to Financial Ombudsmen Services and again I asked for the same, to put my account on hold. They agreed a reduced amount and remove all interest and charges from my balance, meaning that I would just repay the amount I borrowed, (£600) what I was not happy as I asked to write off all outstanding amount (I had so many payday loans on that time) During all this time, when  awaiting responses from October 17 until June 18 I did not pay any instalments as I was waiting for final Decision from Financial Ombudsmen Services.


     Novaloans knowing about my complains process and my difficult situation placed a Default on my Credits accounts in December 17 anyway. 


    “Despite us agreeing the above reduced repayment plan with you, we were still legally obliged to advise you of the arrears on your account and as such we emailed you on 29.12.2017 advising you that your account was now £561.18 in arrears as you had defaulted on your contractual payments of £187.06 per month. On 29.12.2017 we forwarded you a summary of borrowing email which advised you that your account was in default as you had failed to maintain payments in accordance with the terms and conditions of your contract. In accordance with the requirements of part 4of the Payday Lending Market Investigation Order 2015, effective from 13.08.2016 we must ensure we provide our customers with a summary of the cost of borrowing. This summary must be made available to you when: 1. You settle the balance of your loan with us; or 2. Your account with us is closed as a result of default or forbearance; or 3. Three months have passed since you last made a payment to us and we have not closed your account We did not receive your first payment until 02.07.2018, (£50), some 10 months after your first payment was due therefore the summary of borrowing condition number 3 was met and you were provided with your requisite documentation Outcome of my investigation Cash4unow takes all complaints very seriously and we have taken some time to thoroughly investigate your concerns. I do not agree that Cash4unow unlawfully registered a Default on your credit file.”



    Can they placed default knowing that I am on the process of complains to Financial Ombudsmen Services??? I asked them to put my account on hold ? Please note that on the same time I was complaining against Wonga, Satsuma, Sunny, Money Boat, Unclebuck and more and only one Company Novaloans placed Default on my account. I was not able to pay requested instalments on that time.

    Thank you

  6. I sent Formal Complaint Regarding Irresponsible Lending due to so many loans and big debt and finally we agreed to repayment plans


    I had this email on the 27.04.2018

    "Thank you for your recent email.


    After reviewing all the information you have provided we are able to offer you a repayment arrangement of £20.00 per month which will be reviewed every 6 months.


    All interest and charges will be frozen during the arrangement.

    Please be aware that non-payment on the agreed date/s may result in the agreement being cancelled and then being subject to additional interest and charges as per your loan agreement.


    To accept the offer, please confirm the following:

    Is this affordable?

    Confirm your pay date?

    Confirm your pay frequency?

    Finally if the card ending 0493 is still valid to process the payments?


    Please respond within 7 days to confirm, failure to do so may result in further activities from our collections department.


    Please advice

  7. I was on repayment plan with Uncle Buck paying £20.00/ Month and always on time, anything missed (3 payments already)


    now I received this email


    We have reviewed your account and currently our recommendation will be to either instruct an external debt collection agency to collect your outstanding debt or pass your details to an external litigation company who may instigate legal proceedings in the form of a County Court Judgement, Third Party Debt Order, Attachment of Earnings or Bailiff Enforcement.


    You will receive further communication about the course of action we intend to take within the next 7 days.


    We also have plenty of ways for you to make your missed payment.

    The fastest way you can do this, is by using one of the options below:


    Visit our payment portal here.


    Or login to your customer login portal here.


    Alternatively, you can telephone our automated payment line on 01959 543400 and choose option 2 and follow the instructions


    If you would prefer to speak to a member of the team, all you need to do is call us on 01959 543400 and choose option 3.


    We do not want to take this form of action, we would prefer you to speak to us and discuss a way forward so please contact us immediately.


    You can also provide us with a copy of your income and expenditure via our website. It’s so simple, just visit our Budget Planner page and once completed we will be in contact.


    Why they doing this if I was repaying?

    Outstanding 180.00£ no problems never with my payments

  8. On my first call after sending them letter and asking for help to lower my Monthly repayments

    I went with someone from Santander across over all my expenses, loans, bills etc and only affordable amount was on that time £20.00/ Month.


    Knowing from beginning that they will place defaults I will organise my expenses/ plans maybe differently

    but I was told that any defaults won’t be placed, because I am paying what has been agreed,


    I don’t have this in writing as always they sent only letters to contact them over the phone,

    but for all that time from October I was not chased by anyone from Santander regarding payments,

    because I was paying and always on time.

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