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  1. Yes, I did – I paid by debit card. I am sorry but I don’t understand – so should I stop paying them ? what happened after ?
  2. Why I should not be paying to Moorcroft ? FD closed my account, when I tried first pay them, money has been returned to my account immediately . I did not speak with Moorcroft, I just set up plan with them online
  3. UPDATE I sent them the letter explaining my current situation and asking to pay my outstanding overdraft in Monthly instalments, I enclosed the Budget showing my income and all monthly payments/expenses offering £40.00/ Month but I was ignored . I sent it by recorded delivery, letter has been received and signed but I never received any response from them, any messages left , any calls . I had from them only two letters in Total – one in Feb, that they are closing my account and another one later with info that all my Bank Statements for last years I will get by email and password will be send separately , anything else. They passed my Debt to Moorcroft Group Plc ( letter from them on August ) and we agreed repayment plan paying Monthly from now (first payment gone on the 1st of Sep ) But I noticed that on Credit File FD placed Default on my account dated August . Can they do this not sending first Default Notice ?
  4. Still i have to pay 292,000 and the property is worth 500.000, its a join mortgage but account is only for my name. Sorry, but I dont understand what the property is to do with this ?
  5. I have another personal account with Starling, I am only worried if the accept me to pay it back in instalments. I have as well other debts to pay and can afford only small amount each Month like £100.00, not more
  6. First Direct wants to close my personal Bank account and pay arranged overdraft in 2 Months I just received letter from them that they have to review some accounts sometimes and they decided to close mine . My scoring is bad, I had problem before with gambling, payday loans etc., a few times I went over arranged overdraft but always in week or two paid this in full. I am with them 17 years, have overdraft £6000.00 and now I have to pay it back in 2 Months. Due to current situation, I am working, but my income has been drastically cut off , I don't have 6000.00 to pay them anyway. I did not call them yet, I don't know what to expect from them, because is impossible for me now to pay the £6000.00 as they want
  7. When I received first text two weeks ago I called them and said that I will pay £800.00 on the 31.01.2020 and after each Month but week after come another text to pay now .
  8. Last time when I paid was October 19 because I was out of work, I had two Months gap and I will only start this Month , on the 31.01 if wont be too late
  9. I had already two text from HMRC , each Monday to pay now. I will start paying them again starting from 31 January £800.00, and after each Month on the end, I cant afford more. No letters, No left messages from them - what to expect after ? I cant sleep, I cant concentrate, I cant do anything ... I don't know what kind of procedures they have
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