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  1. Five or six weeks ago I wrote, recorded delivery, to British Airways about claiming a quantity of Avios points. The Royal Mail Tracking system confirms that the letter was received. Last week, not having received either an acknowledgement or a formal reply, I emailed the CEO(politely) asking for a response. On the email I requested a "Read Receipt". As yet no reply to this communication has materialised. I might sound old fashioned but I find that the absence of a reply in the timescale to be discourteous to say the least. Can anyone suggest what further steps I can take? I am wondering if a recorded deliver "snail mail" to the CEO would work.
  2. Well as a retired Civil Servant I remember we had rules which prohibited us from divulging personal information to others.
  3. Hello, I'm new around here. Went to a shop in North Wales today and parked in what I thought was their car park. I was only there about half an hour and when I came out there was an officious looking old chap, wearing a yellow jacket going round looking at the cars. As I was leaving the car park I saw a ticket machine and a notice to the effect that cars were allowed to park free for half an hour and then pay after that. Apparently you still had to get a ticket BEFORE you parked otherwise you would be charged £75. There was nothing on my windscreen to say that I had been booked so can they do anything? Can/Do they REALLY ask DVLA for driver details? If so it's morally wrong surely.
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