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  1. Been reading on here but getting in a bit of a confused mess? The wife has received a letter today from UK Default Recovery acting on behalf of Next Directory. Now she paid a whole load of debts off last year when she got made redundant and used her redundancy money to sort it all out (even though I think she paid too much to most due to charges which I will try and claim some back). As a consequence of onec bitten twice shy this debt collection firm says she owes £205.57 and I am dubious to how much of this may be charges. Can I get details on this debt and if so which form is best to use. She hasn't heard anything from next in the last year or so then suddenly this. Im keen to do this one correctly.
  2. They are already banned on eblag cus governments can't tax em. Is Nicotine Good For The Heart? check the above concerning nicotine?
  3. I notice that there was a thread back in April on these but who actualy smokes em? I have been using e-cigs since jan and not had a "analogue" since then. My breathing and health has imrpved no end but I enjoy using my e-cig. I currently "smoke" a titan 510 manual e-cig, I dont even have to roll the car window down now its getting cold. Im on the low nicotine content, usualy chocolate flavour!!!!!!!!!!! As for not being tested well I can't see how normal cigs that have been tested can be safer - just look at the tar in a ciggy compared to a e-cig, to me its obvious. Yes I did worry about using them but recent clinical trials on nicotine hint that it can even be benefial in small doses??? The other main active ingredient in e-cigs has been used for years in are purifiers etc and has helped people with asthma etc alleviate their symptoms. Well over to debate.
  4. Im after some general direction on a couple of issues and would appreciate some advice. First one is the missus ages ago had a Mackay's card - they kept on adding charges and she ended up paying double what she owed due to them passing the debt to allied international. She agreed a settlement figure(which I advised her not to do) and paid them in full but everyone but her was in pocket. Allied never wrote to state debt was settled even though she asked them too. Suddenly last month Fredricksons contacted her and have since stated Mackays have asked them to collect a further £300. Allied on the phone state its closed but neither company will talk to each other. We have sent Allied a prepaid envelope asking for confirmation of the debt being settled and complained but still nothing.In the mean time Fredricksons ring daily. I have sent them the letter today stating not to ring as on the phone they assured me today they weren't harrasing us!!!! yeah ringing at all hours, waking me up as I work nights and upsetting the wife who is now out of work and has a young baby. Should we write to mackays stating this is in dispute? Also one general ask - over the years we have had a couple of loans taken against the house and when we paid them off we were stung for charges big time. In fact our mortgage doubled as a consequence. Even though these debts were settled somettime back can we dispute them as to the amount of charges and get money back or payments protection? Thanks for any help.
  5. concerning this debt I think I did make a payment to somebody over it but this was some years back but the original debt must be 15yrs old? The company that contacted me have written again stating they are sending someone next week to visit me? Surely they cant do this and can't I demand details of the original debt and without it they ahve no powers? thanks for any help.
  6. I received an important looking letter from H L Legal last week concerning a debt I allegedly have from when I banked with NatWest (about 15yrs ago). True I have been contacted over this debt before by another company that I can't honestly remember all the details about. At that time like this I responed by asking what the debt was as I don't remember and I have been with RBS for years now and they own natwest and my credit rating shows no such debt? H L claim that if I dont contact them in 7 days they will take it to court, bailiffs etc etc etc - I assume this is just bluff? They claim I owe £500. What should I do, can I ask for details of this debt, I cant remember it and dont even remember anything about it? can they take me to court and seize my goods?
  7. Well after joining this forum a few weeks back I realised we had been sold a PPI by blackhorse with our loan - this is a seperate payment and attracts interest but comes out each month with the loan figure. I didn't even know we didn't need the PPI until BlackHorse told me themselves they shouldn't "hard sell" such things? So ive used the standard initial letter from the forum and today I have received a reply? BlackHorse have told me to get stuffed basically. They say as I didn't cancel during the 30 days as stated we now can't cancell - what 30 days? nobody emphasised that one? They say I can complain to the financial ombudsman service if I want to? They say that when I applied for the loan I was asked certain criteria to show I needed the PPI, again since when was this explained to me - they have sent a copy of this criteria and its all BS.It states that we couldn't make the payments if we became critically ill or suffered loss of life - I have cover through work for this but it shows a No against this question - ie showing we need the cover. This again was never explained to us. They have covered their tracks well and sold the PPI by hiding it in gumph when we applied and now they are refusing to cancell it and obviously won't repay the last 6 payments we have made. Where do I go from here on this one? Also interestingly enough I have also received a letter about PPI's today from ther competition commision concerning being mis sold PPI's and stating they may contact me shortly to get my views, WEird how this arrives same day as BlackHorse tell me to go play on the motorway?
  8. Just thought I'd list my woes with Orange on here and see what replies wing my way? I pay for four phones on contract with Orange and I have been with them for over five years.In this time things have been more or less OK other than for three years on the trot when it comes to me renewing and upgrading - I get a free upgrade then in my next bill Orange have always tried to charge me. This happening once would be bad but three times - come on chaps? Still my real gripe is this: Two of the handsets I pay for are basic cheapo monthly contracts for my twin teenage daughters and part of account gives them free internet access after 7pm. Before Xmas I received my bill and it stated they had run up a bill which was £200 more than normal. My first reaction was to cancell Xmas (bah humbug) but I checked and they had accessed a website called bebo and had done so after 7pm. I contacted Orange to dispute the charge and they stated bebo was exempt from the price plan and that I had to pay. I wasn't happy about this so I emailed bebo in the states and low and behold the next day their Managing director rang me at home?? WOW. He apologised and stated I didn't have to pay as it had been a servere error and Orange were aware of the problem. So I contacted Orange and after about five calls stating what I knew they admitted they were at fault and they advised me to cancell my direct debit until they could send an updated bill or else I would be paying too much and they assured me I would not be cut off. Well what actualy happened is that they cut me off time and time again and I must have rang them over thirty times as it took them until the beginning of last week to rectify my account. I admit I didn't pay my bills but I was so annoyed that they couldn't even get it right between their own departments let alone tell me what was going on. So last week I was finally credited and the next day I rang their billing dept and paid £150 over the phone.The chap was very helpfull and said I wouldn't be barred for at least 28 days and by then I would have paid even more off as usualy you have three months to clear any arrears - one happy customer? NEXT DAY - CUT OFF. rang up and asked what had happened and explained what was said only the day before. This was totaly disregarded and I was told bluntly - pay everything by the end of the month or lose all use on the account until its paid. Now I know I owe money I don't expect to get a clean slate for nothing but Orange have been appalling with lack of inter dept comms and that one person promises one thing then another takes it away? My daughters contracts are up this month and I won't be renewing them and my wifes is up next month and the same goes there. I have faxed Orange explaining that I have lost all faith and they will be losing my business. I have 12mths left on my phone and they willd demand I pay till the end but if I do at leats its only giving them 30 notes and not the 130 I pay now?
  9. Well the chasp arrived as expected and too be honest he was very genuine and helpfull, he was a kind of freelance agent (he is a farmer in AShbourne by trade). Thanks to the advice and online documents on here we proved that we had received a settlement figure ont he arrears and I produced a bank statement that showed we had paid the arrears on time as erquested. He rang the credit company and they changed their tune. Originally they wanted about £1600 off us but it aoppears that we owe according to them, They think, about £500 and this is mostly charges. I stated we wanted a access order for the full breakdown and we would pay the £10 fee and also asked for a copy of the original CCA. THis flumoxed them and they admitted that Blackhorse didn't know how much we owed? The chap that called advised that if they didn't give us the CCA we didn['t have to pay and stated that it seemed as if qwe knew what we were on about (thanks again to the forum) and he said as long as we paid what ever arrears we owed the chances were that blackhorse didn't have a leg to stand on with the charges and they would be waved!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for a brilliant forum - we were in the right and they didn't know their rear from their elbow? YIPPEE
  10. I think they are called credit style? Im not happy that they are visiting as they will push the missus into something so Im sitting in on this one!!!!!!! Its only extortionate charges that they want us to pay and not the loan as this is all paid off. Im not happy but im unsure where we stand legally on this issue - any help much appreciated.
  11. Hope this is in the right place first off all - searched for Black Horse stuff and came here? The issue we have is that my wife took out a loan for a car about 5 years ago and I agreed to make the payments each month for her as she fell on hard times at work. The loan was for about £13K and I almost paid it off but I also had a few problems over a year back and we defaulted on some of the payments which is a shame as the loan should have been up as of SEptember last year. She received some strong letters asking for payments and in the end I paid them all the arrears that they stated we had which as far as I was aware meant what we owed on the car we had paid? Since I paid all of the arrears we have been contacted by a credit recovery firm and they want the "arrears" paying back but I have checked and everything that is owed is an extortionate amount of charges and nothing more, this amounts to about £1500. The company in question have been very forcefull and have persuaded my wife to let them visit our home next Wednesday to discuss this issue. I personaly think this is uncalled for. We have paid the loan and are left with a car that is obviously worth a fraction of the original price and the loan recovery firm state the car isn't ours till this payment is cleared. Any advice on where we stand and what the firm(s) can actualy say we owe would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi to everyone on here. Im a great beleiver in forums - if it wasn't for forums my cars wouldn't work!!!!!!!! I have a few things to ask and will ensure Im posting int he right place (hopefully) and I will help with anything I can in exchange.
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