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  1. Thank you very much! We hadn't agreed on a payment day but I shall be ringing up on Saturday to make the first payment so I will email them this information today.
  2. I have just rang the bailiff who was at the house earlier, we have come to an agreement of weekly payments. As I will now be making payments can they still take the car?
  3. Many thanks for the quick reply. The car is not on finance, it was a wedding gift from a relative. I think it is worth around £2500. The benefits we receive are council tax/housing benefit, child and working tax credits. No one is ill (apart from a stress related bowel condition) or disabled. I do know how much the liability order is for but I am unsure when it was passed on to the bailiffs.
  4. Hello... I am having a few problems with my local council and CCS bailiffs. I owe council tax, just over a grand. 3 months ago I rang the council to try to sort it out with a payment program; I was told I need to fill out an income form. I never received this form. 3 weeks ago I get a knock at the door from CCS bailiffs. I was a bit confused why as I was waiting on a form so I told a lie and said I wasn't the person they were after. After which I got in touch with the council to ask why the bailiffs were at my door when I was waiting on the form. As I hadn’t chased up the form they h
  5. Hello, I have a bit of a situation going on that i really do need help with. About a year ago a lady brought her kids to a sports club that I am a member of. We became friends until she tried to get me to take sides in a petty argument she was having with another member of the club. Since then there has been many times she has tried to cause trouble for me. She has tried to break up a close knit of friends on a couple of occasions, luckily we can all see what she is trying to do and we are all still very close. Then came the personal attacks, she made an allegation of me bullyi
  6. I should have mentioned about the dispute. After waiting over 9 days for a reply to an email I had sent them regarding the fault, I did open a dispute with ebay/paypal which is still open and I won’t close it until I receive the new drums (which should be in a week or so). I rang them as I hadn’t received a reply to my email and that is when I remembered about the game. I have been told I will not be getting the game, is there much point in carrying on the dispute???
  7. Hello I recently purchased some Xbox 360 Rock band drums from Zavvi stores via eBay. The auction page stated that the drums came with a Rock Band 2 game. I received the drums nearly 2 weeks after I paid and they have become faulty within a couple of week of having them. While I was on the phone with Zavvi sorting out returns arrangements I remembered I had not received the Rock Band 2 game as stated on the auction page. When I queried this I was told they do not have sufficient stock to send out the game and basically it was a mistake on the auction page. I asked if I would be ref
  8. Many thanks for taking the time to look in to this for me. It doesn't mention anything about reciepts unfortunatly. A friend of mine advised me to ring consumer direct which I have just done. The lady I spoke to said by law the company does not have to replace as I cannot prove I bought the jacket from the store. I feel a bit annoyed as the jacket has only lasted less then 6 months, but as there is nothing I can do about it im just going to throw it in the bin.
  9. The stitching has come away on the back, around 3 inches has come apart.
  10. I took the jacket back but as i had no reciept the sales assistant said there was nothing she could do. I tried to explain all i wanted was an exchange not a refund but she was having non of it and was handed head office's phone number. I got in touch with head office and was told exactly the same thing, even my husband tried but still the same answer. So now i am stuck. What do you think my next move should be?? I will be fighting this as far as I can.
  11. Many thanks Royalscot. I am unsure how I can prove that I bought the jacket from sports world, It is a LA Gear jacket. I think I will pop down later today and see what come out of it.
  12. Hello I bought a jacket from sports world max 6 months ago. I do not wear it every day and it is in very good condition. Yesterday i noticed the stitching on the back is coming apart quite a bit leaving the jacket unable to wear, it has not been ripped. Now my problem is, I do not have the recipt anymore. I am not after a refund just an exchange. I have read about sports world being a bit of a pain when it comes to refunds/exchanges so would like to have the info before I head down to the shop. Many thanks in advance
  13. Hello My Husband today received a letter from JB debt recovery. It say's Hillesden Securities vs. The Husband debt outstanding xxx My husband had no clue who Hillesden were so I did a quick search online, it came up with another DCA, this is what is confusing us both. How can 1 DCA be claiming money on behalf of another DCA??? Many thanks in advance
  14. Hey ya I pay weekly by debit card over the phone. On odd occasions i will pop in with a cash payment. I have paid 2 weeks off at the same time and the same the following week, we had no problems doing that.
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