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  1. thanks for update, they confirmrd via email receipt. I had paypal call my mums landline the other day? odd as this number is not listed on my account. I answered they wanted me to confirm my identity i said no you should know who you are calling and then hung up. I have put in an official complaint to paypal now via their complaints procedure which states they will respond with 4- 8 weeks? I have also been in touch with the Financial Services Ombudsman and have a form etc to fill in for them if paypal do not back off. You mention a credit agreement, i have looked into this and according to the national debt line etc the fact i havent signed one doesnt matter as it would have involved a tick box agreement via online rather than an actual signature. But i have thought of using this line with at DCA that may get on my case. Anyway like you the debt is in major dispute and is an ongoing police investigation. Keep me posted if you dont mind? I will you as well....
  2. Thanks for the advice people. Hope you didn't mind me jumping on your thread? Would you mind keeping me up dated with what happens at your end. Would be handy. if you do not mind that is? Thanks so much
  3. thanks for your update. It is appreciated. Yeh i have told paypal my crime reference number and they have confirmed receipt of this, but not really listening. So they can send it to a dca and then i'll do as you have done. thank you again
  4. Hi Can someone tell me if you have an official credit agreement with Paypal? I have had my account for many years now i would say since 2004/2005 and i do not recall ever signing anything. I have been doing some research on google but some information is a little misleading.
  5. Hi i just wondered how you were getting on with this situation? As i am in a similar one. Involving an online job [problem]. Not quite the same job as you. I have already reported this to the police and have a crime reference number, i have also given a witness statement and provided the police with various supporting documents and evidence. I am also finding paypal not to be very helpful or grasping exactly what i am saying. they have been given my crime reference number. Thanks
  6. Hello i just wondered how you were getting on with this situation? I am in a similar and the victim of an online job [problem]. Not quite the same as yours but similar and now i have paypal chasing me for a negative balance. I have reported this to the police and also have a crime number. however i feel paypal are ignoring this, and i have also been told by the police to cease contact with paypal and ebay whilst this investigation takes place. thanks
  7. Ok me again with my ongoing battle with my tax rebate issue. I still have not been able to pay back this sum, having recently being laid off work again due to health matters and also my partner leaving me. i literally cannot find lumps of money. I have contact my OR office asking to be able to pay a couple of quid a week, as this is really all i can manage and also for the contact details for the main Official Receiver at the plymouth office. No one seems to get back to me and this issue is still hanging in the air! I do not understand why the OR i have been dealing with will not allow for someone to make an arrangement to pay the rebate back via installments? They are acting just as badly as some of my creditors did! My partner left our home with ctax arrears in both names in which i have paid my half and also working tax overpayments as well as some other things. Does anyone have any further suggestion or can anyone advise me of who i can contact with regard to this matter? My 12 months will be up in Jan, will they prevent me from being discharged if this is still an ongoing issue? I really hope someone can advise me further as i am at a loss as to what to do now!
  8. Ok i do not understand? I have now received the Notice to pay letter for the sum of £732, however this is in myself and my partners name. We are no longer together. How do i play this then??? Are you stating that although some of this over payment was made up until point of bankruptcy in Jan, as i have only now been issued with a notice to pay, that this is not included in my bankruptcy?? If that is the case, what is the likelihood of HMRC accepting that i am only responsible for half this debt and for them to pursue my ex partner for the other half? Where can i find further advice? I am very concerned as i went bankrupt to clear my debts and now here on my lap is another which i am having to deal with myself as my partner is no longer around! I look forward to some further advice. Many thanks
  9. does anyone know why the official receiver is so persistant in saying i cannot send my tax rebate via installments each week? I do not have a lump of money to send, if they had accepted this proposal weeks ago, i would have nearly paid back the £91 tax rebate i owe them.
  10. i dont have an issue with what they are saying we owe. I just wondered what the situation was as i had gone bankrupt and my partner has now left. They have only just sent out info of the figure owed so i guess as you say above, it is to late to include this in my bankruptcy. I will happily pay back half in installments but i dont see why i should be the only one paying anything back, when the claim was for us both.
  11. Thank you Ferni! I will let them wait for now, all this for a small amount, which i needed to use to eat as was out of work. If it was 100's of £'s that would be different.
  12. if i do not pay my tax rebate back to the OR, what will they do?? They have denied me early discharge as i have not paid the sum of £94 back. Will i br forever until i pay it back? Please advise me someone.
  13. I went bankrupt in Januray of this year, i listed working tax as one of my debts as at the time it was believed i owed around £450 to them. Is this debt included in bankruptcy?? I ask as working tax have wrote to me about the overpayment. I am unsure of which direction to take. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
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