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  1. Thanx fx, How would they get another ? Do you know of any reason why the solicitor to the creditor would not be able to give me the information on how much of the money that has been paid, they have received ? .. they wont tell me. They keep telling me i have to deal with the bailiff.... I do not wish to as the £1800 debt now stands at a £4000 which is ludicrous. Thank you
  2. Can someone please tell me if HCEO have any rights here... I have received a SAR and on this is states that a levy has been made. (They have never gained access into my property). I have never signed a thing either. The levy was made against the car. The car was on my driveway, out of MOT and Tax, i was waiting to scrap it. I soon made sure the car i was actually driving was no longer in my name. I have since scrapped that car now. Wrong or right, i dont care ! Do they have a right to take anything else from my property other than that car ? I have received a "Not
  3. As much as i love the arguments for and against LBL, i have no intentions to get into more debt !this is not the path for me ! The funny thing is, the car is only worth £100 and the debt was for £1800. There is no loss to me if they take the car. It has no MOT or Tax. The car i actually drive is in a different name now, They never spotted that one on the day they came round ! ( me not stupid !! ) All i was asking was, do i need official paperwork as proof that the car has been levyed or not ?! The HCEOs warrent has also expired, they simply have a "run on" to collect, does this
  4. Hi, Can you please tell me how or what i would need to see to make a levy on my car legal. After receiving the SAR back, i read that there was a levy made on my car. It was on the driveway when the HCEO made his first visit. No entry into the house was made nor anything signed. I have never seen any paperwork relating to this except on the SAR. How long is it valid ? ( if valid at all ) Thankyou
  5. Thanx, My daughter was subjected to sexual abuse between 9-13 yrs old. The offender absconded to europe and they are battling to get him extradited. This has been going on since 2004. I was advised by the OIC to put in a claim for an interim payment. My daughter has left school 2 yrs early,suffers with mental health problems and self harms. The OIC said they would back it with a report.
  6. Hi, Just a quick question... Would anyone recomend using those "No win No fee" people to make a claim to the Criminal Injurys Compensation Board ? Or could someone recomend how i should take this forward. Thanx guys !
  7. S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) also states sherforce only working with instruction to extend not reissue. States letters printed.. but dosent say to who. Total charges for sherforce is 1068.14 at the moment. It seems to vary depending on the paperwork i recieve. They have charged WP fees. It clearly states none has been signed. I challenged this and was told because they have levyed against the car they can charge for this, also because he is a HCEO and not a bailiff nothing needs to be signed. The law was behind them ! I only found out about the levy against the car because
  8. Hi, The writ is for 2,172 Dated 23/03/2007 LEVY dated 4/4/2007. On the first visit. Car was valued at 200 quid on the S.A.R Details on the S.A.R is all the payment history. E.O report including photo to prove the first visit. All there own costs and charges. It states only telephone call with debtor. Not seen in person. DVLA and HPI check done and charged for. How much was offered by debtor. sherforce advised client they should chase debtor for more. 50 quid offered per week. It states that voicemails were left.... I DONT HAVE ONE ! Letter to debtor.... NEVER RECE
  9. Can anyone help please ? They said they have a "levy" on the car. Is this true ? Please
  10. I have received the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) i sent for also. On there it has a photo of my car, on the driveway. I have never signed a WPA. Tho i have been charged for one. The HCEO has never gained peacefull entry to my home. He did the WPA stood on my driveway.
  11. Help ! Hi, i have an agreement with a HCEO at sherforce. To pay a weekly amount of £50. The problem is i am self employed and have not worked for 4 weeks. This is due to having Sciatica.( back problem ) I have had no income. Do you know if there is anything i can do because they are telling me i have to pay or they are coming to get my car. i have no credit card either. The writ has expired and they only have continuation to collect off me. Please help as they phoned me late yesterday and told me i must call them back by the end of the day. I have not as yet, i know h
  12. Can the HCEO charge me for valuation fees if the WPO has not been signed ?? or can they do it becase of what i have discribed above ? Thanks
  13. Hi, After, (wat seemed a very long wait !) i have now received a reply to the SAR i sent off to Sherforce. Where do i start ?? I hope this is going to make sense !! As i have stateted no WPA has been signed. They have seen (and taken a photo of a car on my driveway) They valued this at £200. The car was registered In the name of my partner but at a different address to where the judgement was made. (As not changed log book over). When the HCEO came to the door on the 3/4/2007 he spoke by telephone to my partner on our driveway. i did not allow him to enter property. He agreed an amount of
  14. Thanx 101, Even though they have charged vat lawfully, it still does not excuse the other "Made up" charges. Which in turn bumps up the VAT in the long run. !
  15. Is vat charged at the end of your total bill from the HCEO (after he has slapped everything on ) or from the total debt/judgement ?
  16. Tonycee, Grate stuff, cant wait to see that when you get a reply. I understand the difference. Its about them charging me what they see fit ! They have never been inside my home, nor have i signed anything. So, They are in the wrong. S.T.B I have been told to be very careful before completing a FORM 4 as these people have ways of blagging this and winning. So please excuse me if i am cautious until i feel i have enough evidence !! I am listening though !
  17. Tonycee... Luv it !! Yes, Yes, Yes, the answer at last ! i have been told.. yes they can, no they cant, and now i have the answer !! In black and white. Sherforce have over charged me on 5 counts. (1) Interest @ 8% pa (2) Percentage of amount recovered (3) Seizure fee (4) WPA fee (5) Valuation fee They say, under HCEO Regulation part c fee 12 they have charged me also for Admin fees and Management fees. (Whatever this may be ? ) I have read it, it states.. MISCELLANEOUS.. For any other matter not otherwise provided for, a Judge may allow on app
  18. I have a breakdown of charges from them, this is how i know i have been charged for the WPA and Valuation fees.
  19. I had them attend my house on one occasion, delt with them on the driveway. It was my boyfriends debt (he was not in) HCEO left the paperwork and the other half phoned later and agreed £50 p/w. My boyfriend does have a car on the driveway that is off the road tho, it is not worth more than £100. This is all he would have seen.
  20. I have just been told on the telephone by "The UK Insolvency Helpline" that a Walking Possession Fee by a HCEO is valid, even tho nothing has been signed. Is this correct ? i am confused now, i was lead to believe that you had to sign something.
  21. HCEO Regulation Part c Fee 12 "Miscellaneous" For any other matter not otherwise provided for, A Judge MAY allowed ON APPLICATION.
  22. Tonycee, THE HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS REGULATIONS 2004 States, that under section A 4 (2) For all expenses actually and reasonably incurred in relation to such work including any postage, telephone, fax and email charges.......... further sum not exceeding £2.00
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