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  1. Hi, Is there any advice on what letter i should send to the creditor to get this removed from my credit file, as i cannot do this through the CRA ? and on what grounds please. I am sure there is a template letter somewhere ! kind Regards Max
  2. Thanx Sequ, Do you know how or where to start to challange this? regards Max
  3. Hi, I went Bankrupt in september 05 and was released september 06. my question is, can a company still up date your credit file in 2009 when they were included in that at the time ? as this is happining to me. other companys have not updated on my file. Also, a mail order company has split one account into 2 (with the same start date) one marking as satisfactory- settled in March 08 and the other that Says, Default - £1600 last updated in september 06. Surly they would up date the existing account, not make a new one up making it look worse? do i have any rights here to challange t
  4. Can you help please ? Can a landlord by Law request 2 calender months notice to leave ? yes it is in the contract but a friend of mine did not realise the implication of this, she sort help in a Refuge and claimed dual Housing Benefit. She was then offered a "New place" with a local council. The trouble is, she is now liable for the 2 months rent. Regards Max
  5. Do not trust the bailiff, move ....i mean sell for a pound to a friend and buy it back at a later date anything you want to keep including games consols, dvd players and your car. they will take it. Then you may have to fight to get it back IF it was taken unlawfully.
  6. so..... even if you do ow a debt to a company, do the likes of lowell`s have a right to access your credit file ?
  7. thanx guys, I should imagine that this company would have a recording as it would never stand up in court. its no more than bully tacktics i believe. Anyone have any ideas on how "robust" i should be ? Any ideas for a letter would be wellcomed ! when repliying, do you think i should mention in the letter that they had already sent out this pack before in the wrong name and that they had already been told it was not required ? Thanks Thanks
  8. Thanx, Thats what i will be doing on Monday but i guess the real question im asking is Is there such a thing as a legal verbal binding contract ? he only said he would take a look at it. The T&C were on the back of a letter that was enclosed with the pack.
  9. Hi, In December my partner got a call from a company asking him if he wanted to join the federation of master trades & crafsmen. After a little bit of gental persuation he agreed to take a look at the pack. The guy on the other end of the phone said you must send it back within 7 days if you do not require the service. He also said he would be charged £30 if they did not get it back in that time. A week later it arrived and 2 days after that he got another call asking him if he wanted the service. My partner said "I only got it 2 days ago, i havent had a chance to look, they replied w
  10. I have, but i still cannot see what they have charged legally. Everything seems to be under miscellaneous. Regulation 12 i believe !
  11. Craig, Did you ever get a SAR or breakdown in fees from Marstons before sending the letter above ?
  12. So craig, your saying use the letter above and fingers crossed it will work for me too !! TT would i do this first and then apply for a detailed application if i do not get anywhere ? Where is a costs officer ? court or bailiff company ? any help with a letter would be great if i have to write one ! Many thanks
  13. But how do you reclaim moneys that have been OVERCHARGED by the bailiff ? I have now made an aggreement with the solicitor to pay the outstanding balance which is £900 cheaper than the bailiff, it still doesnt change the fact the bailiff has kept £1650 out of the £2650 i have paid to date. I still have a further £1172 to go. This was all from an £1800 debt.
  14. Thanx I will do the N244, but does it change anything because the warrant is over 12 months old and they only have a run on to collect ?
  15. Thanx Palomino !! Im not a nagg really ! Tomtubby... i cant go any further untill i know the answer to the "above question" Waiting quietly for your expert advice !!!!!
  16. Badnews again, I would never advise people to "just pay them" The baillifs think they are above the Law ..... they are not. I am fighting them as far as the Law allows. They are the **** of the earth and play on the most vulnerable people in society. I have paid them so far £1500 for the first and only visit they have ever made... and still the fees increase.... no more. I refuse to pay them another penney. I WILL FIGHT THEM.... IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO
  17. Thanks palomino, i get what your saying. SORRY ! But is the warrant valid if they only have a run on to collect ? Is it all the same prossecess ? do the baillifs still have the same rights ? (not much i know) I have so many questions ! Can i do this N244 if its past 12 months ? The solicitor to the creditor wont except direct payment.
  18. Hello, can anyone help please ? i am aware HCEO`s can not attend my property on a Sunday but tomorrow is another day ! The main question is... how do i stand wen this is just a "run on to collect ? " is the warrent still valid ?
  19. Hi, anyone ? I forgot to mention too, do i need some kind of paperwork that shows the levy on the car ? i have never received a thing. In over a year i have never had one letter from them except replies to the SAR requested and a breakdown of fees. I was only ever given the copy of the paperwork from the court showing the judgment order and their fees of £750. A thousand pound more has been added since the first visit !
  20. Thank you Tomtubby, I'm glad you have picked up on this thread ! I have managed to speak with the solicitor to the creditor now and they have informed me that they have only received £1000 from the £2500 i have paid. Sherforce have so far had £1500 for one visit and no van in attendance??? the car has been scrapped now that they levy-ed on. (because the car was registered to my previous address they went to that address also on 15/5/07 even though the first payment was made on 5/4/07... then guess, they charged me for it I do still have a car on the driveway belonging to my son....
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