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  1. Not sure if hes working for sure. He is not a young guy. He has a family ive been told. The trouble is, i don't think my son got him to sign the log book. Only the receipt. We've been told hes not a very nice guy to confront. Do you have any suggestions ?
  2. Thank you. In other words, nothing can be done other than the small claims route?. If the log book is sent off than he will get to own it fully as such, even if he doesn't pay at the courts request? If this guy is happy to drive un insured, it is not likely that he will take notice of the small claims court.
  3. BTW, i have since done some digging, it is likely this guy will drive around uninsured. Obviously this could come back on my son . Lets hope the stupid son learns from this..
  4. Hi, my son is young & he did not word the receipt correctly, it states how much was paid, what is owed & the log book to be given on the rest of the moneys paid. My son has the log book, MOT and service history. he doesn't have the car or the key. this is why he cant go & take it back as there was no spare. Can he report it as stolen ? The car was only £500 & he ows £250 still. Would there really be any point in going to court ? Also, the tax will be due at the end of the month & the car is still in my sons name.
  5. Hi, Im really sorry if this is in the wrong place ! I hope to help my son. He sold his car to some guy, he paid 50% of the money and said he would pay the rest by the end of May at the latest. This has not happened.He has now stopped answering all calls from my son & he is ignoring the text. He has got a receipt with all the details on & signed by both party's. Lucky my son did keep hold of the log book and knows exactly where he lives. Do you know what i am LEGALLY allowed to do ? Thank You
  6. good for you. Im sure you will be still waiting a few years for your money as Shi*force will take their cut first
  7. I have been in contact with the Childrens Services and they say they cannot be involved at this stage. There are no Safeguarding issues with the child. They are adamant that the only time they can be involved when the child becomes homeless. And as ive said, he cant get legal repesentation because he has not been awarded his benefits yet. She is now going for a Transfer of Tenancy and an Occupation Order.
  8. Does anyone no how to get a solicitor to represent you, when your claim for Income Support hasn't been awarded yet ? His said he cant claim for legal aid, so is unable to do anything at this time ???...... she claimed the benefits which has messed him up. Hers are already in talks with the LA solicitors Please ????? Thanks
  9. Both unfortunatley, or it would be quite simple ! She added her name when they moved into the property
  10. Thanks again Webranger, i will ensure that the SS do take this serious and helps out
  11. Thank you, I would like to make it quite clear (as i could not edit this post for some reason), that she is not the birth mother and they are married. The childrens services have been contacted but they say they cannot intervene in this but it would not be right for the judge to make the child move after such a neglectful history ? I find it quite unbeliveable that this is down to money for a shower conversion ! So he cannot do a thing to prevent this ?
  12. Hello, i am writing this on behalf of a close friend who is getting desperate and confused; Father and son were living in a 3rd floor 2 bedroom flat owned by the local council. The Tenancy in the sole name of the father. He was awarded custordy of his son in 2006 due to reasons of neglect by his bm. August 2007 he met his new partner and she had a council studio flat of her own. She gave up her Tenancy to come and live with them in the 2 bed flat. She has got "disabilitys" (not to the extent she makes out as i belive it is Munchausen’s ) and found the 3rd floor flat an issue beca
  13. Hi everyone, Many many thanks for all the good advice. I am now going to put this all in practice now..... wish me luck! My husband has spoken to the customer and he is willing to sign a letter of satisfaction, so this is our first step and then comes the "polite" letter to the builder requesting payment..... will keep you informed when i know more !
  14. Ps, The customer is more than happy with his work The builder payed £1000 last month but we need the rest... it gone on too long now.
  15. Thanks BF & H2006 Unfortunately he has worked for the builder for about 3yrs now and he normally would invoice him. This time he hasnt because he said he will pay in stage payments. my husband does have a record of what works were completed by himself but no actual dates. (Between March and September) The customer has not been happy either because the work has taking so long.(not my husbands work) The other problem is that the customer is the sister-in-law to the builder (hope this makes sense) we cant see them going against him altho they are very annoyed with him themselves. They s
  16. If someone could help, we would be most grateful... My Husband is owed about £4000 from a guy he has sub-contracted for. (My husband is a one man band) This money has been outstanding for some months now. Unfortunatly we have no savings or any means to obtain moneys. He has now fallen out with the guy due to finally loosing it, he told him he would not work any more for him untill he has been paid. He has always been a bit of a pain for paying but this year he has got worse. (we believe his money is tied up in property that he cant sell) We got married at the end of August and
  17. I am covered and argued to i was blue in the face, but BH absolutely insist that my insurance claim/payout must be paid direct to them
  18. BH wont except my insurance cover as it is the wrong sort!! my insurance wont pay them direct so BH wont except that... they want paying direct if i need to claim. Tho i am covered under my contents insurance for HP items?
  19. yeh they have moved the goal post,now ive bought it in, i said the contract is between me and you and were i to claim i would simply pay off the debt... they said i cant do that. They want paying direct..... they told me other insurance companys have this cover, wasn`t sure if they were pulling my chain or not but i no wat you mean !
  20. My insurance company wont pay them direct they will pay me if i make a claim, so BH said this not acceptable cover, it has to pay them direct....so i have to have it ??
  21. Hi, I tried to get my dlc removed but i have the wrong sort of home insurance..... they say i am not covered for 3rd party pay out direct to them is this correct? Max
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