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  1. I made a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service about RBS back in 2012. In the information they gave to the Financial Ombudsman Service it said they registered a default notices in August 2007 but on my credit file they have listed the default date as 31/10/07. Is it worth contacting them to have it removed immediately? any help is appreciated
  2. I made a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service about Ikano (New Look) back in 2009 as they couldn't produce the default notices that they claimed to of sent. In the information they gave to the Financial Ombudsman Service it said they sent out default notices on the 30/01/06 and 28/05/07 but on my credit file they have listed the default date as 19/07/07. I know there isn't very long left till it gets removed from my credit file but is it worth contacting them now to have it removed immediately? any help is appreciated
  3. All charges have been added within the last 6 - 12months, i was receiving Incapacity Benefit when they were debited but i'm now receiving a reduced rate ESA whilst i appeal the decision to take me off IB. i haven't contacted Halifax about the charges yet but i do have online banking so i can use my statements as evidence. i have only been with Halifax for about 2 years. What do you mean by period charges relate too?
  4. i can't find anything other than the link i posted before. i'm not very good with letters and don't know what to use or if it's all relevant to me. Can anyone help Nikki2975
  5. I wanted to reclaim my Halifax bank charges under the financial hardship rule but i can't find the template. I did find this and i am currently receiving benefit.but i wanted to now if it is still relevant before i updated & posted it. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?138290-letter-to-get-charges-back-when-on-benefits thanks
  6. I already claimed both the charges and ppi last year on both kays and littlewoods I don't know if there live or not. i know i can't use them now there defaulted.
  7. Hi dx, Yes they show on all 3 of my credit files and haven't been updated since late 2010 Thanks
  8. Kays was opened in June 2006 and not sure about Littlewoods i'm guessing around the same time. Does that help?
  9. Phoenix Recoveries bought my debt from kays & Littlewoods back in 2007/8. I've not heard from them in over a year, but i wanted to send a letter to them asking if they would waiver the debt due to ill health and being out of work for several years. When i looked online for the address a few posts from the C.A.G came up. with one of them saying that the company dissolved in December 2010. so i've checked companies house and they confirm that the company is dissolved. i spoke to kays yesturday and they never mentioned anything about them being dissolved when he gave me their phone number. http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/f096195312eb8521d50a618314cd773f/compdetails Does anyone know if this is the same company? and what rights i might have in regards to my outstanding debt with them (about £200). The address i was given by kays last year was : Phoenix Recoveries UK LTD Unit 16, Boundary Business Centre, Boundary Way, Woking Surrey GU21 - 5DH Any advice would be appreciated
  10. Hi Everyone, I contacted the FOS again to say that Welcome haven't resolved my complaint. I told them about the problems gettin them too put back the interest to what it was originally and how they haven't sent me the compensation. The FOS sent them a letter asking if it was true and to basically sort it out a.s.a.p. received a letter from Welcome saying they already explained why the interest was changed and that they will send my compensation when i have signed the agreement. Sent letter to the FOS stating that i never agreed to the interest hike in the settlement and how it was only raised to compensate for their loss of money for me cancelling the PPI. The FOS sent Welcome another letter saying that they had asked around to see if that was standard practice as Welcome said it was. they all agreed that it wasn't and told them to sort it out. Received a letter from Welcome yesturday saying "As part of their normal quality control process, they have reviewed their decision to reject my complaint and have decided to overturn it" They offered me £100 compensation (They had agreed to £200 recommended in the FOS's assessment. And that they will pay me the premium back plus the interest added. Welcome state that this is £249.53 but on the Statement of Price the interest is listed as £524.12. Also since the account has been in dispute (Since June 2008) welcome have continued to add interest on a monthly basis around £100 to the balance and is nearly £9000. They our also updating my credit file with this on a monthly basis. Any advice on what i should do is greatly appreciated. AL
  11. Is there anymore news on Welcome? Their still increasing my balance, it's nearly £6200 for a £1500 Loan. And updating my credit file. I still haven't signed the new areement and they still haven't paid me the compensation they owe me. I'm starting to tear my hair out. Any advise pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Thanks AL
  12. Hi, They defaulted the account about 2 years ago Thanks AL
  13. Ok will do thanks It's my dads account i'm dealing with it on his behalf, it's only about £90 as they refunded some charges was about£190 before. Thanks AL
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