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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum, but found it when seaching about consumer advice! I recently booked a flight with easyjet and upon payment of the flights, I immediately realised that I had booked the wrong return date!!! As Easyjet don't have a phone number (that I can find) I had to complete their online request form where they are to "get back to you within" 24 hours. No response. Tried again. No response. Tried a third time, just over the 24 hours mark for this one too now. I booked the actual return flight I wanted as well because I had made the error and HOPED! that Easyjet would be understanding that because I had immediately realised my mistake, they would simply refund my card and cancel the error that I had made. oops. that was a bit naive of me. Do I have a legal leg to stand on because I realised my mistake within 24/12 hours of booking for a "cooling off" period? Any advise would be greatfully appreciated.. David.
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