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  1. The removal of the Edit Button is by far the worst move. The rest is just window dressing. Cheers, BRW
  2. I have to disagree...it's not awful...it's REALLY awful! Where's the Edit Button gone? Which bright spark elected to make that disappear after a few moments, never to return thereafter? Cheers, BRW
  3. The upgrade is awful...everything is harder to read, harder to find and the Site is now even harder to navigate. Plus, I cannot Edit any of my Posts (the Edit Button disappears after a short while, never to return). If this is badly written, I apologise. Normally I'd come back and tweak my Posts until they were better to read and easier to understand. Bring back the Edit Button, and bring it back now! Cheers, BRW
  4. Hello Philip43! Yes, they would indeed. They have a Duty of Care to ensure any Controlled Waste they are responsible for is handled appropriately. Thus, they will, or ought to, ensure that the damaged Vehicles awaiting Categorisation are held at a suitable location authorised to store Vehicles and also handle Controlled Waste if such is effectively created when a Category A or B rating is applied. However, and this is key, they are in the clear if they take all reasonable steps. When the Breaker or ATF takes over the ruin, provided it is handed over via a Waste Transfer Note, a
  5. Hello Philip43! The danger is, if the Car is a Category B, then it is Controlled Waste until recategorised. This means that if the Environmental Secret Police get wind of this, then they will bang on your door, fine you for failing in your Duty of Care, demand the Waste is taken away by a suitably qualified Waste Carrier, then they will hang you up by your goolies until you tell them exactly who sold it to you... ...then they will bang on his door and fine him for failing in his Duty of Care, then they'll hang him up by his nipples until he tells them exactly who sold it to him
  6. Hello Philip43! If you can take a look at my Post #14 above, the real spanner in this is not the ABI code, but the Environmental Protection Act 1991 (EPA) and the Duty of Care that imposes. So, take great care. The fines for handling Controlled Waste are onerous, not just for you, but for everyone in the chain. The person who sold it to you needed to have suitable EPA Certification just to handle and store the Controlled Waste - which is what Category A and B Cars become once an Insurance Engineer has declared the damage or contamination to be so great that repairs are neither
  7. Hello Jamesx81x! The fact that they have Terminated is good, because that should cut them off from being able to re-issue a valid s87(1) Default Notice. I regret the best way from here is to point you at some reading: This Court case is the leading one at the moment when it comes to Default Notices: Woodchester v Swayne & Co [1998] EWCA Civ 1209 (14 July 1998.) Then these CAG Threads: Anatomy of a Default Notice Deminimis - Default Notices - Discussion The first Thread above links out to other Threads and Posts, so no need for me to re-list them here
  8. Hello Hushpuppy! E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T! But keep at this all the way, keep reading, and keep sharp. Don't let them slither out of this. Have you read up on Costs? i.e. to put in your own Costs for all of the work done. Cheers, BRW
  9. Hello Folks! I urge everyone to stay on CAG. Stick with it. This Lowell issue is a monumental own goal, but if we break up, the Debt Industry wins. They get what they wanted. However much we disagree with this, and boy do I disagree with this, it's far better we stick with CAG and thrash this out here. Cheers, BRW
  10. Letting DCAs onto CAG = Face Plant! Cheers, BRW
  11. Just seen this Thread. DCAs have absolutely no place on CAG in any shape or form. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. CAG is sleep walking to disaster. Cheers, BRW
  12. Hello Mrblonde! Welcome to CAG. I think the price of Gold is a fairly good indicator that many people think inflation is coming, and it will shoot up when it starts to rise (and with it Base Rates). I think many will also agree that inflation has started to rise, but we are being spoon fed manipulated figures to try and keep a lid on it. Hands up all those who feel that most things are rising in price and/or you are getting less for your money? Fuel? Food? Basic Services? A few things have been kept down, and/or have been propped up to stop their prices
  13. Hello Jeezman! There are two issues here: (1) The original bank Account Agreement, and any Terms that applied when you signed up for this, or didn't sign up, as the case may be. If they wish to apply bank Charges, then they need to have an Agreement that allowed those Charges, or stated that their Terms could be varied. Ask them where the Agreement is, and can they let you have a copy of any Terms that applied at the time the original bank Account Agreement was made. This Account will not have a fixed end, so they are correct in one sense, that it is open ended. (
  14. Hello S! Just take a look at some of the other M&S Threads on CAG, and see what was sent to them, then compare it to what they have sent you. But anything that says things like, after you have completed this Form, send it back to us, or a Heading that suggests it's a mailed Application, then these all give the game away. The DCA should just be sent a bog off letter, such as a CCA Request and a curt note to say this AC is in dispute, do not visit, no not call, and do not write unless they have something new to say that concerns the issues in dispute with M&S.
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