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  1. yyes at the beginning i did.however/it was to be deducted from subsequent earnings .so the following week the amount would be deducted from the commission cheque.,he admitted he did not do this as it would only demotivate the person.in addition in all the time i was there i was never sent a memo or statement or reminder of debt accruing.does this help my case
  2. i was aondering if someone cud help.i worked self employed sellin advertising space on estate agents folders.i did it for 2years.the deal was comm only.desperate.he supplied a car which if i did not hit revenue target i would have to pay 100 pounds per week.if i hit then there would be no charge.as time evolved a working relationship establishe by helping out in other areas.eg finishinf off work others had left,training others etc.the weeks i missed target were never deucted from earnings.the sales manager said this was becauase of my worth to the compant .however i had to leave as suffer from
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