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  1. Just reading this as I have numerous letters from CSL but have binned all envelopes, why is the suggestion to keep these as well? Thanks
  2. On another thought they are also hounding me for a joint account that they assigned to my wifes IVA and then asked for it back. Any thoughts there or should I start a different thread for this?
  3. empowered thanks for that, I get the feeling that I am in for a torrid time as I have had letters for each of my 2 personal accounts and my credit card. That makes me wonder if I should ask for a copy of the agreement to see if it is enforceable, as at the moment I am paying £20 per month
  4. Clemma, Thanks for that. Sorry to sound so dense now but this is **** & Lloyds trying it on for Bank charges not a loan/card under the consumer credit agreement. Do I just amend the letter to remove the CCA reference. Also "OC" does that mean original creditor?
  5. Clemma, Please can you let me have a copy of the bemused letter. Is it worth making a complaint to the Solicitors regulation Authority and the Information Commissioner with regards to the section 10 as **** ahve seen a copy of this?
  6. I am hoping that somebody can help me. I registered February 08 when I received a threatbot letter from a creditor. I duly followed all advice wrote letters to all creditors advising my accounts were in dispute and servedf Section 10 Data Protection Act on all creditors. In May I received a letter from from Sechiari Clark & Mitchell (****) for short. Advising me that they have been instructed by their clients to act in relation of the debt.I replied to their managing partner for complaints Mr T Whetcombe at their Barnet address advising that the account was in dispute and advising that a section 10 notice has been served. Today 2nd July I have received another letter dated 24th June stating that I am required to pay the full balance within 7 (seven) days to avoid County Court proceedings being issued. BLAH BLAH. However it finishes with the following "Entirely on a without prejudice basis, if you are unable to pay the full balance, our Client may be able to accept a partial payment in full and final settlement of £xxx.xx (59.98 % of the disputed debt) which will result in debt forgiveness of £xxx.xx (40.02 % of dispute). However this offer wil only remain open for 21 days after which time the offer will automatically lapse and will not be repeated. You should again contact us on xxxx xxx xxxx within 7 days from the date of this letter to discuss" Can anybody offer any advice. The creditor has received an account is in dispute letter, a complaint has been logged with the Financial Ombudsman, and a section 10 Data Protection notice served in January the 12+2 were up on 3rd Feb 09. What do I do next if anything?
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