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  1. I got divorced 5 years ago and moved out of the marital home. My ex-wife has finally got round to clearing out a store room and found some of my old stuff in there. In a box I found the credit agreement and Repayment Protection policy document that I took out in 1997. I've had issues with Lloyds a few years ago and SAR'd them but none of this appeared within the returned paperwork. I have the date I took out the loan, the value of the PPI, the monthly figures etc and I know I was told I had to have PPI for the loan as I wasn't long out of University and had just sta
  2. just a loads of 6's and then U's....it's an old co-op loan which they did default but I argued and they removed it so it just sits there now as 6's
  3. Thanks Ida....the June one has never been defaulted just sits on my credit file so should in be removed when the debt no longer exists?
  4. I have a loan that worst credit bought. The last payment I made was 1st March 2008. Is this debt SB'd on the 2nd March 2013? I have lived in Scotland for the last 10 years. And.....I have another loan that I last paid on the 1st June 2008. It appears on my credit files. When this becomes SB'd does it come of my credit file as it no longer exists??? Thanks for any help
  5. I have written a draft of my particulars so I think I'm ok now thanks. I don't have a mortgage as I was waiting to see how long my Job up here would last but as it was confirmed that it was going to last another 5 years I wanted to buy in March this year but couldn't get a mortgage because of the default. I have calculated what I would have paid off a repayment mortgage over the period and used that. I have the value up to just under the £5k threshold and then added damages at the descetion of the Sheriff.Just one important question.....I had an email from the ICO yesterday saying they had
  6. I would have thought this wouldn't be complicated seeing as the ICO have said that the default breaches the DPA. So guess it would be summary cause. Thanks for the info Ford, much appreciated
  7. Thanks for all the advice.....sounds like I should quantity my losses and then go for damages as Systemerror suggests and keep it under the £5k limit. Still not sure how I would quantify how much money I have lost by not being able to get a mortgage. I can do the sub prime loan etc. Systemerror could you PM me a copy of your particulars so I have a starting point please?
  8. No news from Lloyds and tbh I've trying to navigate the Scottish legal system and figure what I need to do. Not sure what I should put in the particulars of claim other than they registered a default which the ICO says is unlawful, remove it and pay me some compo! Anyone got a particulars of claim similar? The limits in Scotland appear to be the same but I'm loathed to drop to £5k and let them get away with it. Anyone know how to quantify what you would have paid off a repayment mortgage of £200k in a year? I can prove I'm £900 down in interest on a sub prime car loan. I'm paying £15 mor
  9. Hi IndaInFife. I had a loan that stayed in collections for years and I paid what I could every month but was gaining interest. They transfered it to their debt section in late 2010 froze interest and then registered a default. I complained that the default should have been registered 6 months after I started making token payments (sometime in 2005). Lloyds agreed but then went back on their word and keep the 2010 default date. I complained to the ICO who upheld my complaint saying they agrred that my data was inaccurate and therefore breached the DPA. They wrote to Lloyds in July last ye
  10. Thanks Andy.Is that for Scotland or England? So I owe £76.23 which is the balance of their 'fees', are you saying I don't need to pay this or that I should pay it and then fill the forms in? Is the £126.23 acceptable for a £85 claim?!?
  11. I am planning on raising a claim against Lloyds TSB for a breach of the DPA. I have a thread under the Lloyds sub-forum but want some specific advice for the actual claim. The ICO have confirmed that Lloyds have breached the DPA and now I want compensation. I am looking for over £10k damages but not sure if this is realistic (haven't been able to get a mortgage, loan etc). I believe that in Scotland this would be an ordinary cause action? Would I be liable for Lloyds costs if I lost? Also has anyone got a previous DPA breach based action that I could use as a basis for my claim. I'm new
  12. I have a small limited comapny in Scotland and for medical reasons I filed my yearly account 2 weeks late. I recieved a £150 late filing fee. Due to the seasonal nature of my business cash flow at this time of year is pretty dire so I couldn't pay it all in one go. I paid £65 in October and then received a claim through the post during November for the £85 oustanding. I have paid a further £100 in late November and then £35 today after speaking to companies house (they confirmed that this was the oustanding amount due to fees). Total paid to date £200. Companies House told me that the Le
  13. Well surprisingly I have heard nothing from Lloyds....not even an acknowledgement!! So want to start drafting up stuff to take my claim to court. Never done this before so can anyone help me with what I need to do to start my claim in Scotland??Any help much appreciated
  14. As long as the SAR covers all Lloyds accounts that the OP has/had. As I said my Lloyds loan charges nvere went near the loan account, they bounced the payments and then charged the current account £25. So the loan account in isolation looks like it has no charges at all.
  15. It can only be defaulted once so if they do put anything on your CRA files just get it taken off. Lloyds like to chop and change DCA's.. ..guess whoever gets them the best deal gets the work plus DCA's get paid on commission so they like the accounts that take a couple of calls to get big money in. People like you that pay what they can afford over a very long period don't interest them. I guess you had a Lloyds bank account so any charges for missing payments etc will be on that account. You should also check how long after you defaulted they moved your account to
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