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  1. Well What proof do I need that I was loading/unloading if you say a delivery note is not essential. I have scanned the letter which refused my appeal. Yes I have 14 days from the 09/02/08 to pay the reduced amount of £60. Can I appeal to the adjudicator, and then if that appeal is refused am I still able to pay £60, or will it be £120. Thanks
  2. Yes youa re right it says from 16:20 to 16:20 but......when do I ask for the PA's notes? Do I write to the council? they have said I must appeal to the adjudjicator now or pay up. What do you guys reckon I must do, do I have to pay first no matter what?
  3. In the letter I got yesterday which they say they do not accept my appeal they said the same thing which is that If I was loading/unloading, then 'there must be a clear indication of such an operation in progress'.
  4. I've uploaded the PCN and NTO as you said Bernie. Would appreciate someone to have a look as time is tickin by... thanks
  5. Yes I did send the appeal by email within 14 days. I have scanned in that stuff how do I attach them here? I can onlly see a way of uploading an image on the net, how do I upload it when it is saved to my computer.
  6. Also I dont know if htis amkes a difference but the PCN was not fixed to my window with the sticky stuff at the back of the envelope. Just put under the windscreen wiper.
  7. OK thanks Bernie. I will 'wash and scan' them now...lol. I have just found out that the NTO has expired. It isi dated the 10.01.08 and I sent the council the copy fo the NTO and a covering letter on the 14/01/08 explaining that I have not even received a reply to the PCN appeal made in september 2007. I recceived the reply to the appeal today, dated the 09/02/08. But again as I said, the letter states that I have 28 days from the 9th. No mention of the NTO. Im scanning that stuff now.
  8. Thanks for your reply Bernie. I am afraid I dont quite understnad what you mean. Can you reword that please. But you say I should respond to the NTO. I think that has expired now. But they say in this letter I have 14 days from the date of the letter (09/02/08) to pay the reduced amount of £60 or pay £120 before the end of 28 days from the 9th of feb. So no mention that I must stick to the NTO.
  9. Hi Guys It is my first post here as you can see and it is about a PCN i got back in September 2007 for parking on a single yellow line on a Sunday. I sent the appeal via email with pics to show that there were no time plates on anywhere on that road. Also to show there were metal posts on either side of the road which had no sign attached to them, just bare metal posts on the road. I was parked in the beginning/end of the road, basically near the corner. I received no acknowledgement of the appeal. I received a notice to owner 2 weeks ago saying I had not repsonded to the chance to pay the reduced fee so I must pay the double of £120. I spoke to them, and explained that I still have not hear the outcome of the appeal. They said to send a copy of this notice to owner and a covering letter. I did this and that was 2 weeks ago. Exactly 2 weeks after I did this I received a letter now saying that they apologise for the delay in replying to my 'informal representations'. What does this mean? Informal in terms of it not going to court, or informal in terms of my language....? They have said that they reject my representations because the road is part of a the area's inner CPZ. This zone they say is enforced from 8am to 10pm. The restriction times and signs are apparently clearly displayed and marked on each entry time plate to the zone. They also say that there is no need foor additional time paltes for yellow lines as the yellow lines are governed by the hours of the controlled zone. They say unless I was loading/unloading...and they give a max of 20 mins for this to happen. They also say that there must be a clear indication of such an operation in progress....now how can I get that...? lol. I also wrote in the appeal how rude the attendant was when I asked why I was given this PCN. They made no reply to this. They have just said right of appeal to adjudicator or pay reduced fine within 14 days or it doubles or then it triples!! What do you guys think?? Isnt it meant to be cancelled as they made no reply to my appeal back in September? I would really apprecitae your help. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post lol.
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