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  1. Is there a template letter I can find guys please. I really need your help this was for £150. Shall i scan the PCN for you? TThanks a lot
  2. If a sign states that it is a Red Route way no stopping at any time, is this for the road behind or before the sign. Must there be a sign saying Red route way has ended? Also, should there be any amrkings on the road itself? thanks
  3. Can I ask, dont TFL take photos? Then they can prove it was in South lambeth...?
  4. Hi Can I ask what are my rights for asking for a refund when I have lost a receipt and returning an item. thanks
  5. Hi people If you want to make a complaint about a university, as they changed the offer in the middle of your exams and you ended up narrowly missing the offer, and they refused to accept you. I spoke to the admission's head of the faculty this was last year and having written to them once again to request that they recosnider the application they refused as they say I am not eligible for it anymore since I am at uni already (this course requires you to have undertaken no uni previously...but I went on this course as I had no where else...). In my written email to them I did not mention that they changed the offer....I did on the phone last year and they said NO still. I hope you understnad me. Should I write a formal letter of complaint to the univeristy concerned or is their a third party like ombudsman or someone? I need your quick help please thanks. Thanks very much
  6. Hey Green and mean If you look at the previous page, the first page I scanned in from the case that the LA have presented, I have highlighted in red where they say that they permit loading/unloading for 20 minutes, and the time the PA was in the road was only 7 minutes. They say that it took time to take photos and to note the tax disc number... but obviosuly she didnt take longer than 7 minutes according to her notes. Also, the contravention didnt occur as you say, so I am not looking for excuses as you say. I am just trying to point out the probs here, please dont let me loose hope. lol
  7. Well actually it was on the 6th not the 5th I made a mistake. I have changed it to a personal hearing for later in May. Have you read the annotations regarding the times on the PA's notes...As they say that the PA was there for 10 mins, but she wasnt there for 10 mins looking at the times... Also they assumed that my informal representations were a formal reply to the NTO.
  8. Yes There are signs on entering the area. Saying Inner Controlled Zone Monday 8am to 10pm. So thats sorted. But what do I do in terms of the evidence I have scanned in.? Thanks
  9. It is a CPZ. Controlled Parking zone Mon - Sun from 8am to 10pm.
  10. Hi I wanted to know, if a student withdraws from a course. They are in the first year of a 1 year course, and received the tuition fee loan and grant. Will they be eligible for support if they go on to do a 4year course? Thanks
  11. Yes it is the 5th May as I can remmber from the top of my head. Yes, you are right, they could have acknowledged my appeal by email or at least emailed back asking for my address.
  12. Hey people, I have now just received the LA's case. It seems very strong. They have so much documentation... I will scan a copy of the important bits for you guys now. Please let me know. Thanks
  13. Thing is a friend of mine was asked by a group of young men... Next thing a cop pulls out of a car, not a police car he takes his details and says he will call him in a few days, sounds funny. Do you get a criminal offence recorded? He was told he would probs get a fine, and the alcohol was taken from the young men and given back to my friend.
  14. So would you be sent to the police station straight away? Court and a criminal offence???
  15. Hi Could someone please tell me what is the legal position if you are seen to supply alcohol to an under 18's? Thanks
  16. What do you mean, what can the HPI tell me about the last 6 months? Thanks
  17. I will see if they can adjourn it till I have time to respond to the LA's case.
  18. Why do I nto have to pay it? I am just askign what makes it illegal? I will scan in the PCN for you to see.
  19. Thanks for that, but i do not understand the following; ''If there is any charge for the car park then their damages would be the daily amount at the time and anything over and above that would be a penalty.'' What do you mean? Thanks
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