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  1. OK thanks so much for your advice. I have told my friend to send of the template letters given to him by the CCCS... Can I just ask, can he be put into prison or the baliffs take any of their home belongings...he doesnt have much anyway his house is rented and all he has is a nice TV, leather sofas and childrens laptops.... thanks
  2. Thanks, but what does this mean 'If they are able to produce an enforceable credit agreement, judgement could be made for the debt' Also could you explain this a bit more...'The Creditor may accept the token payments just now although this may change if a CCA request is sent to challenge the enforceability of the a/c. A CCA request may also cause CCCS to no longer assist with the debt management.' Thanks
  3. He was told that the bank cant do anything as my friends income and outgoings mean he doesnt have much to live on.....i.e. they cant send baliffs as they need court permission...and if it goes to court the court will see that hehas no money to pay...and £1 a month is all that is possible. is this right??? The CCCS have sent template letters for him to send to the bank...and have told him to set up a standing order for £1 a month as I said. It is worth mentioning that the £30 a month is not the agreed payments, my friend was just paying that since that is all he is able to afford. But now the CCCS have told him not to do so.
  4. Ok the DN was issued as the repayments could nto be made. But is the advice given by the CCCS, correct ( please read bove)??
  5. I am not sure what authority the CCS have.
  6. No, he was making regular payments of £30 but could not keep up with this. Then he recived a default notice. Then he contacted the CCCS who took details of his income and found that he cannot afford to keep paying them back and have told him to pay just £1 a month. He was also told that he would get harassed from the bank, their solicitors, and baliff action....But was told to ignore this and just oay the £1 a month. Is this all right? I told him what if the baliffs come and recover goods in his house...Is all he has been told so far, correct? Thanks
  7. I have a friend who has received a defualt notice for an amount he cannot afford to pay. What does he do? He has been liasing with the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service) and has been paying the bank regular payments of £30.. thanks
  8. you cant just simply keep ignoring them forever, thats not how it works in this country they will be on your back...forever! Just write in an appeal saying you didnt even have a pay and display ticket...you got nothing to loose!!
  9. will do. is it normal to take this long?
  10. I am still to hear from them or get paid....?
  11. But wont this list her on the adress..?
  12. they say that they are carrying out security checks...what does this involve?? Also, my ex says she wont change her adress for her bank.....shes not very helpful you see. I have contacted all other companies that will allow me to change the bils in my name (utilities and that....) but the banks say they cant change address unless she calls them which she is refusing to do. What do you think about this. Thanks for your reply bazak
  13. I recently seperated from my partner and she no longer lives with me. I have been told that they are carrying out security checks as I am now saying I am single which I am. Does this always happen? It is just that they are taking their time. Luke
  14. So paying on a thursday 4/9/08 should be £120?
  15. Is it too late to appeal and have a chance to pay the reduced amount? They say I have 14 days.
  16. I was given the PCN on 21/08/2008. today is exactly 2 weeks, so its too late to write an appeal??? Shame time has flown by...
  17. Sorry I dont want to go off the point, but Haringey are nasty people, make sure you dont loose hope. In my case they had too many photos...and they were meaning less. Anyway...stick at it mate. Good Luck
  18. The sign is exactly like this; http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/images/general/clearway.gif I was parked behind this sign and there was no road markings. ( no red or yellow lines) Please reply quick guys thanks v much!
  19. AL27 if you read above, you will see that my mates have already paid £170!! lol. So now it is a case of claiming back all the money... I will scan it asap and put it here. Are there template letters for me to send? thanks
  21. If there is no red line or a bay on the ground...do I have a case? I only have one day left to appeal so please help me out quick guys... The place had a sign and the car was parked behind the sign. There was no red line on the ground. Same for the other side of the road it is red route, there is a sign but the road markings are half worn away...but this was the other side. I hadnt stopped there. Thanks G&M and everyone else!
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