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  1. Hi, There is not really much more can be said. All I had was a letter stating that on the 23rd April if I had not paid them by then, that they would instruct debt collectors. i do not know if they have been instructed or not. I have had no correspondence from Barnett Waddingham since 23rd March. The only reason I found out about the adverse entry was when I went to my bank to discuss something with them. I have a very good relationship with my bank, and they suggested that I look at my credit report.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your response. All correspondence I have had has been with Barnett Waddingham. There has been no mention in any letters from them stating that they are acting on behalf of anyone else. The last mail I received from them was on March 23rd. In it, it states that Barnett Waddingham has been appointed as administrator and payroll provider for the scheme. All they ask is for repayment of the pension overpayment. This was as a result of my father passing away end of November and the pension going into his account a week before his dea
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The only thing I use the card for is to transfer funds to a additional card that I have. I took out an additional card for a relative that lives in Poland. Every few months her company sends her to the UK to work, and while she is here she stays with me. I thought at the time it would be a good idea to get a card for her while she is here and if needed to send money to her when at home. Pockit were fully aware of all this when I applied for an additional card. She purchased some land in Poland along with her husband to build a house.
  4. Thanks for your help. Was wondering if they were regulated.
  5. Thank you for your help. much appreciated, will get in touch with the credit reference agencies and request a notice of correction. Also tomorrow will contact Barnett Waddingham. Once again, thanks for your help.
  6. Hi, will try and get something when I can. I found out that they have entered details on my file when I went into my bank to see about an overdraft as with this coronavirus was having difficulty. The bank informed me that there was this marker on my file.
  7. Hi, It's no longer British Steel that runs the pension scheme. It's a company that is called Barnett Waddingham. These are the ones I have been dealing with as executor of my father's estate And these are the ones that have trashed my credit file.
  8. Hi, My father passed away last November and he had a small company pension. Former British Steel. When he died I contacted all relevant companies. When I contacted his pension company I was informed that there was an overpayment on his pension of just under £800. I explained to them that there were no monies in his estate but that there was a property that would be put on the market within the next few months and then any funds owing would be paid out of that. This was acceptable to them at the time. since then, I have had letters from them stating t
  9. Hi, I have a pre payment debit card with a company called Pockit. Two weeks ago I received an e mail from them stating that my account was blocked subject to them doing a review and requiring verification on the account. They asked for copies of passport with pic of me holding it and copies of utility bills, and also where I get my money from?. I e mailed them back and told them that I would not be sending them that information as that would leave me open to identity fraud. They did not require any of this information when I applied for the card and as such I feel that th
  10. Thanks, I am aware of the terms and cannot see where I or my friend have breached them. I supplied them with her name, my address that she was residing at, and her dob before they even issued her with an additional card. They had this information but are now insisting on further information that she cannot give. I have asked them to refund the amounts on her card to my account as the primary cardholder and been ignored. Looking at other forums about this company it would seem that they do this to cardholders quite regularly. they encourage customers
  11. Hi, Don't know if this is the right place?. If not please feel free to move it. Ok, my problem. A few months ago I applied for a pre payment Mastercard with a company called Pockit. Found it convenient and was reasonable. I also applied for an additional card for a friend that was staying at my address while studying, she is from abroad so thought it would be handy for her, I could top up her card and she could use it both here and back home. Things were going fine until she went back home, Poland. She used the card a few times with no problems, then she
  12. Hi, I'm having problems with three network. Basically, they phone me on my landline number approx twice a day and have been for the past week asking for a person that I do not know and has never lived at our address. I have asked them very politely to remove my details from their system which they promise to do and yet a couple of hours later I get yet another phone call from them.. They seem to be calling from an Indian call centre.... so... does anyone have the name and contact details of their chief exec as I fancy calling him throughout the night to let him know... see ho
  13. Hi dx, Many thanks for your help, however, the stat interest sheet does not seem to work on my system when I try to open it it transfers into works and comes up as containing over two hundred errors, and when it does open, once I put the info in it calculates number of days elapsed wrong and does not calculate interest rate at all. Is there anything else that I can try?. Thanks Mike..
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