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  1. Thanks for the advice mate, really appreciated, i'll let you know how it goes
  2. same here with Budget too mate, i cancelled a policy, paid what i owe, and they kept the policy going. Now i got C.A.R.S. asking for £129, which they wont be getting. Almost all insurers do the same, get money for nowt. I cancelled mine cos, i got rid of a 1999 Punto 1.2 bought a Punto same spec, everything, they upped the insurance by £212 yet would not explain where they get the figures from. Lets know how you handle them. If i have any luck getting rid, ill gladly let you know how i did it.
  3. nish40

    amex cca

    I think only the Platinum has MBNA logo on it.
  4. nish40

    amex cca

    Your account would have been opened since 1998 yes, can you remember if you got a new card about 2005/06? If so, its possible your account number will be different from when you got the original. Just a thought
  5. nish40

    amex cca

    Just spoke to a mate who worked at MBNA and he said, they called them Platinum Amex Cards, and they have a small MBNA logo in the corner, if its not a platinum, they issue the cards, but dont put MBNA on them. He also said the reason they took to doing Amex, is because Bank of America took over MBNA mid 2005, and they introduced Amex and MBNA together.
  6. nish40

    amex cca

    I worked at MBNA for my sins for 5 months beginning of 2006, and at that time, MBNA took over the running of Amex accounts, and paired them with Visa Cards. All we were told is that although Amex were at one time, an independant company, they were to start looking after accounts, existing ones first then dealing with any new applications after that. I obviously dont know theinns and outs, but i do remember, when we had to start first taking calls for Amex, MBNA software could not handle the info for the Amex accounts, as the Amex cards only have a 15 digit acc number, and the system wanted 16 numbers to proceed with queries.
  7. nish40

    amex cca

    not too sure wether i'm any help here but, MBNA took over the Amex accounts in late 2005. At that time they set new accounts up for existing Customers, and just sent new cards, not renewing agreements, and then at the same time, offered people with MBNA Cards the chance to have Amex cards to run alongside their visa cards on the same account, again without renewing agreements. I know that if your account is older than say november 2005, they wont have a CCA, and if they did find one, your account details now, wont match your details of the Original Account.
  8. MB was a bit slow with me at first, and didn't return calls etc, but i threatened to go elsewhere, and by this time they had done loads on my files, and after that he was ok.
  9. I paid my agreed instalments for about the first 9 months, then was told not to pay or communicate, so i have not paid for a year or so. They were offered at the start a reduced settlement, which they declined and instead sent me a payment card out "for an easier payment plan" as they stated. If i win, theres a few peeps in Chester will be claiming jobseekers hopefully
  10. Well i have had a court Questionnaire to fill in about availability, 10 weeks it will be in court against tfc. By the dates the Barrister can make it on my side, it looks like it will be September, TFC are relying on a penpusher who i have never heard of in the three years ive had dealing with them, her title is just a normal complaints officer.haha.
  11. Thanks i will do, must admit i am enjoying it, just want them to go aay now lol
  12. Been quiet on here for a while, but would like a bit more help if possible. Right, sent an SAR but got Postal Order back, and it was never sent to me. Got a letter off Debitas. so i wrote and explained as Crap1 have not complied with my CCA i will not pay anything till both the request is complied with, and they look into my fraudulent claim. 3 weeks ago i got a letter from Power2Contact, i wrote to them the bemused letter, and also wrote the account in dispute letter again to Crap1 and informed them i am going to seek guidance from OFT. Power2 wrote said it is being sent back and they will deal with it no more, then Debitas wrote with recent charges added. Today i got a call off Debitas, when i refused to answer Security i was called a cocky sos and so then he hung up. So Crap1 have ignored my CCA and have ignored my letter in dispute, and so have Debitas. What can i do next please.
  13. , and papers they sent, contradicted themselves.
  14. The agreement you have and the amount you pay is bang on the same as mine. Totally unenforcable. I am on my way to court with the muppet corp, Barrister has gave me a 90% chance of winning, writing off £23,000 and claiming back up to £5900. If you want to discuss it in detail, pm me as i dont want to put the details on a public forum until i win my case.
  15. When my agreement was sent to the Barister by Mark Bowden, it took 5 weeks from when he received it for me to get a copy of what he said. One thing i was miffed about, is that i weren't even told MB had left. I hope Gillian Lavelle is up to date
  16. IDIOTS....... If you care tha much just give the landline phone number and stop trying to make more pennies from the 08. 01244 200 200. And before you come on stating that the Chester Landline does not guarantee you get the right Dept, the 08 number goes to the same numpty on the phone. You are a disgrace, totally and utterly, whoever you are, if you have an ounce of decency, resign as your company is about to fold, i have that on good Authority byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  17. Dont know wether im helping or not but i just want to give a bit of info to help out (maybe). A friend of mine worked at MBNA Collecting accounts, and to be truthful, he used to work out minimal payment plans for people to pay back, and it cost him his job for being to lenient and this meant him hitting his daily targets meeting targets. Ill explain a bit. The collections Dept is called Customer Assistance, and each member of staff have a computer with what they call "pools" registered. Each pool contains say 12 accounts with an amount of say £30,000 The £30,000 making the pool up is not the amount of debt, but how much the total credit limits come to. For each pool they do in full there is bonuses paid according to what is recovered, however if just one account is not classed as a payment made they get nothing from that pool. My mate used to clear 5 pools a day, 2 more than they are required to, he done this by helping people pay the minimal amount to keep the account away from the Customer Assistance Dept for another month. If the account was not shown as satisfied for a further month, it was put back in the system to do again. The reason the Staff get greedy, is that if you collect the full arrears, they get put into draws for Cars, Holidays, Gift Vouchers, all sorts. But you dont if the money you collect is too low. My mate not being greedy cost him his job. He heard allsorts said to Customers, one staff asked if someone was married, when they said yes, he said they should pawn their wedding rings to pay the card, another said sell some furniture, others would put them through to loans, so they could get a loan to pay it off, one even suggested a customer should get a Provident loan to pay it. The above will probably be useless, but i thought it might be good to know
  18. Mine too is Halifax, they also said they cannot stop setting the DDup, as they are under illusions that uncle Buck have authority, but said they do inform the Creditor so it will be on Bank records of the dates they were informed. Seems they will try anything. Since i took the DD issue up though, they have not tried since
  19. Rob and PGH, hope the following helps.... I have posted already on Uncle Bucks and a loan they say i asked for but i did not. In Feb i repaid £390 back for a £300 loan i got in Jan 09 then cancelled the DD. after it was Paid back they deposited £200. They say i applied but i did not, so they set up another DD to take the money. I cancelled the DD, And told them they had no right to set it up without my authority, they said the original loan gave them permission. When i pointed out that after i cancelled the first, my bank would have informed them so, and they would need my permission to re-set it up, and they did not have permission. Now they wont acknowledge any correspondence regarding the DD, and wont Acknowledge the dispute i raised. I said i would pay the £200 back upon receiving proof it was paid (my bank has a deposit of 3X200 but no names next to them) but no interest. They now want £320. can anyone say what to write to Meritfarce, as i have had a letter from them.
  20. Ok, i just had a letter from meritforce about Uncle Buck, saying they want £360. I have just sent the bemused letter to meritforce as i disputed the debt, and as Uncle Buck are unwilling to help, i see the loan as still disputed. Can any one advise if im doing the right thing. And for the record my agreement is the same as the one attached in an earlier post.
  21. Not too sure, its possible they have handed it back to BOI and it will stay quiet until some other lowlife DCA buys it to pursue themselves. I am about to start off on the muppets at red castle, chasing me for a car insurance policy i cancelled within the 14 days of it starting.
  22. Dont know wether this is any help but......... I dealt with the missus Littlewoods account, roughly same as you, no agreement but saying the relationship is there etc etc. They will not refund charges without a fight, so i said we are going to just ignore all correspondence until they negotiate said charges, and the Account would remain in dispute till that time comes. They passed the account to Lowells, and i wrote the BEMUSED letter, and pointed out no agreement, Lowells wrote back saying they had BOUGHT the debt, and in light, they will not pursue it any more. I was surprised Lowells gave up so easy. I have not checked the credit files yet, but It may be worth you looking at the same sort of action!
  23. This Thread is brilliant, good old Crap 1 gettin a thrashin. Iv'e had the same bumff through the post, Unenforcable agreement etc, i have ignored them since they sent that 3 months ago, but although they haven't been in touch apart from to send letters saying i need to bring the Account up to date, i want to keep on at them. In December 08, i put the card in a cash machine, realised i was using the wrong card, and pressed cancel and used my Halifax Electron bank card. However Cap 1 have me taking £10 out. It took me over my limit, and they charged me. Problem is, all i did was put card in, realise it was the wrong one, pressed cancel and took it out. They have refused to look at my complaint. i have not paid a penny since.
  24. Hi, I cancelled the DD, im disputing it with them. The money was deposited on 27th Feb, i never even knew about it until 17th March as its a bank account i use to pay bills only so dont look in it much. I got an email at the end of March saying the payment was due, i looked in the bank, noticed the DD so i cancelled it, as i could not see the TXN they claim they had made. In all, i had various amounts of money put in that bank by direct transfer, however there were a few £200s and none had Uncle Bucks name next to them. I have told them i will pay it back no problem, without the interest etc, but i want answers about the DD set up without my knowledge. I feel this happens to a lot of people and companies should not be allowed to do it. They sent by email a signed DD mandate, but only for the Original Amount i borrowed and gave back, and after that i cancelled the DD as i did not want their services anymore, but they have no permission to set another up, wether i owed it or not.
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