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  1. Hi guys, i used to work for a commercial debt recovery company (not a nasty one lol), and as long as the law hasnt changed in the last 4 yrs, im afraid there is a way they can still enforce this debt. First you need to find out wether since the debt first occured, when the last course of action was taken. The reason i ask this, is although the debt is very old, the 6 yr rule was a bit sketchy, as if the company involved keeps on top of the debt they can still enforce it. It only becomes unenforcable if the debt lays dormant for 6 or more years without any forther action or updates done on it. IE, the debt begins on jan 1st 1990, and on dec 31st 1995, they get a fresh judgement for non payment, then the debt has another 6 yrs to ride, on 30th dec 2000, they may appoint another debt collector. Please check that on your credit file, the last update was more than 6 yrs, as they may just keep updating it. I may be wrong, but thats what practice we had to use in work
  2. OH another thing. I contacted IM GROUP off my own back, and was given the name Bob Browning, who is a director of IM GROUP, who is based at TFC offices in Chester, they told me to email him, i did twice, and ill tell you he is as ignorant as the rest of the staff there, he answered neither email, the second was basically though to tell him he was as ignorant as the rest of them
  3. i would like to state ive been on here before, and im currently dealing with Stephensons solicitors regarding this cowboy outfit. I too have a secured loan. I have been told by Stephensons that early indication is that there is a small floor for starters and wondered if any of the mods can clarify the situation......... Apparently they have placed on one signed document that a brokers fee was paid to magic loans who was my broker, but on another document it reads no other fees were paid out. Although Stephensons are writing to them as to why this is, does anyone know wether things like this can make a document illegal. Secondly, when i got the paperwork, they tried to get me to sign up for insurance, i never ticked the box and also wrote in habdwriting, NO INSURANCE NEEDED. It later turned out someone ticked the box and charged insurance to the account, even with the footnote i put on it. I have since had a refund of the insurance but they did the month after the refund, try to charge me with it again
  4. This company are shysters, you do not, by law have to take out a payment protection policy, and if you never wanted it in the first place but were told you had to have it, contact OFT. i did on a car i had with a different company, and i won hands down, as far as the funding corporation go, i have a secured loan with them, and i am currently looking at legal action regarding the charges and harrassment ive recieved. good luck
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