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  1. Hi Guys. A quick question.


    Got my son a car through moneybarn in June 2015.

    He has made 10 payments of 248, all on time so no problems there.


    He phoned for a settlement figure and they have quoted him only 100 quid less than he borrowed.



    Seems high even for sub prime that in 2480 worth of payments he owes that much.


    Is this right?

  2. Just thought I would add a bit to the argument.


    I had the same email as above, but they do not have my address, and no phone number.

    I had fraud committed in my name by my ex tenant.

    5 Payday loans were put into a dormant account I had which my tenant at the time somehow resurrected,

    The police dealt with 3 but 2 of them QQ and Uncle *uck would not go through the process and ignored my pleas.

    Motormouth contacted me, well after it was all sorted asking for money, that was 2 years ago. After tons of prove it emails back and forth, and even giving them the crime reference number i had, it went quiet. Now they have started again.


    Thanks to this site I love it as I know how to handle them.

    In all honestly Im glad they are back in my life lol,, as after sorting all my mess out last year, I was missing the arguments a bit.

  3. Hi All,


    Sorry not been on, just been really busy trying to relocate from Scotland back to good old England side of the border.


    Firstly, I noticed Binouille commented earlier on, sorry I missed it. How are you doing.


    Ok where I am at the moment is good news.

    Since my car went back, it was sold at auction in Leeds, and I have heard nothing since. I have an email to say it is all credited and closed as per the account, and my credit file also says it is satisfied. I personally think Advantage knew they were onto a loser.


    RCT, Where are you up to with Advantage? Earlier on when Binouille gave some advice, I can categorically say they can give good advice in certain areas if possible, but there company does deal in Bills of Sale as well.

    I know who it is, and wont say here, but they are in a position to help as much as you need, and I can say, in a company full of idiots, Binouille is the only nice, caring and considerate one in the whole company from my experiences.

  4. Hi Guys,


    I did reject it within 6 months, but I did it on the phone (my brain didnt work at the time id just relocated).

    They did however, in writing, confirm the phone call had been recorded, so there is proof if I apply for it.


    I have not replied here as Ive been talking to Advantage.

    They have after all this, agreed in writing, to recover the car and write the account off. They say as a good will gesture, but me thinks they know the score, as it was too easy.

    I do however, have a £700 problem, cos thats what I spent in October 2011 getting all the braking system, and steering overhauled, im not losing that.

    The repairs did not have much effect because of the bodywork underneath.

    Had it up on a lift in a local garage today, the mechanic had a gauge, to measure the bodywork. It is out, not by much, but enough. He says Its about £800 to rejig the car.


    Ill only accept Advantages offer if I get my refund so I will let you know what happens.


    Dbabylon. No probs, but I wont ask for money back as I would have no chance them agreeing without a court, however, Im not fussed, I'd go court if I have to and Advantage know this, but what they have offered now will work better for me, If I get my repair costs back.


    RCT, tried Keith Charlton, ended up being a you know what, totally changed his attitude.

  5. I stopped last year first, and after 7 months needed the car on the road, and after trying to do repairs myself, they had no effect due to the damaged undercarriage, so I have stopped payments again.

    Advantage have just offered to wipe the arrears and charges, if I start full payment again from Feb 2012, I said no. End of it all, in court, maybe the Inspector cannot say the normal repairs were evident at point of sale (even though I reported them to DisAdvantage), but he will say the undercarriage damage is aged and was.

    The repirs cannot be effective until that is fixed.

    Advantage can run and jump if they think Im caving in this time. Even when stating the obvious to them, they try and ignore the problems and mince their words.


    Forgot to say, the Inspector who looked at the car, is willing to also look at the car again for a report of my own. I will pay him, but Advantage will have to pay to get him as a witness in court, so when he is there in front of the judge, I also have my own report off him, cool eh, less cost for me.

    I am speaking to him tomorrow again. He has already said he can do it.

    I thought I would need an independant inspector from him, but he said there will be no conflict of interest.

    In Dis Advantages arrogance, they have ignored even some info he told them on the phone.

  6. Your not paying them anything though are you?


    I stopped last year first, and after 7 months needed the car on the road, and after trying to do repairs myself, they had no effect due to the damaged undercarriage, so I have stopped payments again.

    Advantage have just offered to wipe the arrears and charges, if I start full payment again from Feb 2012, I said no. End of it all, in court, maybe the Inspector cannot say the normal repairs were evident at point of sale (even though I reported them to DisAdvantage), but he will say the undercarriage damage is aged and was.

    The repirs cannot be effective until that is fixed.

    Advantage can run and jump if they think Im caving in this time. Even when stating the obvious to them, they try and ignore the problems and mince their words.

  7. Cheers RCT. I did get the mashed bodywork spotted within the first 6 months, and pointed out to Advanyage that the work that needed doing when I got the car had also not been done properly, but Advantage decided to not listen at the time. At that point I also had their MOT insurance which was useless, and was also complaining about that as it was missold. The problem with the MOT Insurance took front seat for a while because I had to wrangle with them to get rid of it, then I got a mechanic to look at the car in full for the problems. His take is he could see the problems were there, and any trained eye can see the car is made up of ill fitting panels, then resprayed to hide the fact. Advantage refused to contact the mechanic, and continued to protest their innocence. While this was going on, I got info on the 2 dealers involved in the sale from Bolton TS, through the Freedom of Information Act, I got a statement off the previous owner, who only had the cat 10 months, and reported the same problems, and stopped paying. I made a deal, which I suggested to Advantage, that If they went half on the repairs needed, I will get it done, and they agreed to put £500 in. To settle it, I accepted, and got steering rack, brakes, discs, brake calipers, and steering column replaced, over £1400 worth of work, and it made the car worse.

    The reason the car was worse, is because the old steering rack was fitted in rethreaded holes, with the wrong bolts, on a mangled undercarriage. It will not sit straight.

    Because of the crash damage, the bodywork will need rejigging, the Inspector pointed this out to me, that is how I know. It is not however in his report, as he can not tell that by the naked eye, he stated that is why the car probably does not steer in a straight line, you have to fight it.

    m now looking into a report of my own, with an Independant Inspection.

  8. Oh forgot to mention, the only reason the Inspector said he will not stand in court and say the car needed repairs at point of sale, is that he cannot as I have had the car for 2 years.

    However, Advantage had the opportunity in 2010 when I had only had the car 4 months to Inspect it and they did not, funny seeing as it is them who booked the Inspection in November.

    I had a mechanic say exact the same thing as the Inspector back in Feb 2011, but Advantage dismissed it and refused to contact him.

  9. Hi Nish any update on your inspection, if as your post suggests you allowed Advantage to carry out the inspection my money is on they found it to be completely problem free (they always are). Can't wait to get to court next week.


    Hi RCT40, Sorry only just logged in after christmas and an exchange of views with Advantage so seeing as you ask, I got some info for you lol.

    Here goes.


    The Inspection was done on the car, and good news for me was there are multiple problems, not least the undercarriage of the car. The car when in a smash had the undercarriage bent out of shape, though whoever owned it had done what they could to fix the car up looking good to the naked eye.

    The Inspector took loads of pics of the car, showing the creased undercarriage, the ill fitting panels of bodywork, and even little cut cable ties he called "sinister".


    Advantage have tried to pretend they have not had the report back, but I know different, as I phoned the Inspector who quite freely gave me as much info as I wanted. He said I was a stand up guy when he met me, and he felt sorry for my position.

    Advantage asked him if he would swear in a court of law that the repairs I said needed doing were there at the point of sale, and he said no, so Advantage thought at that point they had me by the short and curlies. But....... the Inspector did say he would swear in a court of law the undercarriage damage was there when I bought the car, so were other anomolies he found only a trained eye would see.

    So, seems law may be on my side. The main repairs my car needs, is to do with the wheels, steering, exhaust and tracking. All of these repairs I did myself but, because of the way the steering rack is sitting when on the undercarriage, thay have made no difference.

    See, the body needs rejigging, costing quite a bit, and Advantage are obligated to do it. Then the new parts need putting on again what I have already had done, then the tracking redoing, along with new wheels, as 2 wheels are buckled, maybe on purpose I dont know.

    Advantage are just trying constantly to say they have not received the report. Even when I gave them the dates they received it and off who, they still deny it.


    No joke, but 6 weeks ago, I had a new tyre put on the passenger front side, today its a bald as Right said Fred and needs another. This has been going on since I replaced the steering rack in August. When the old rack was taken off, it was bent from impact, and bolted on with the wrong bolts, and into rethreaded holes. The new rack went on with the proper requirements, and now the wheels are under so much strain the tyres wear immediately, the tracking is non existant, and the new brake calipers I had put on along with pads and discs, are knackered one side.


    By the way, I guess from the title you won them, Congratulations a big well done to you.

  10. wee update again seems mr KB somehow traced me at my new address and sent a letter stating thst he was going to keep coming to me until I answer him I have been mailing the company director mr page at MMF keep offering a settlement and he keeps refusing it now the low peice of vile **** has resorted to blackmail as I told him before I part with any money I wish to know why his company continued to act outside OFT guidelines acted illegally why the website only shows the disolved company detsils his response was pay us and we will tell all. (right as if) he offered a discount and gave me 3 days to pay or else he would add charges and interest onto thr original loan which was inflated already with "collection and legal chsrges" it has never been to court no ccj so he is threatening to make the original loan even bigger . I told him that that the last msil he sent was contrevining OFT guidelines and thst along with other evidence it would be sent to TS he mailed back one word "noted" vicotory there \i think only thing now ism to stop thst thug KB coming to my new house 6 letters to him have not stopped his threats any ideas what to do if he does I kniow not to answer but his letter states he will literally embarass me into answering.


    Page? Its that Barnaby idiot isnt it, the plastic pretend director.

    Contacted me asking for an address and number, told him to do one. He said he was recovering paperwork from WageDay, lol, told him in no uncertain terms to learn the law if he wants to succeed in his business, cos to chase the alledged debt, he should have the paperwork already, complete idiot, Barnaburk more like.

  11. I sent that letter I mentioned, Lloyds TSB have wrote back.

    The letter dated 4th November states that my mum has received ALL outstanding information they hold. If that is the case, as the letter says, there is no agreement, no PPI documents, so they have no connection of this debt onto my mum, am I right?

    We always believed that when my dad died, he was the only person responsible on the PPI they had, they decided it was my mums policy.


    I told her what was strange was that they put my mum as first signator like they said, yet she only worked 16 hrs a week while my dad worked 60+.

    My mum was only part time, yet they put her first signator for a loan of 10k.


    My mum paid Robinson Way £474 in total, with no proof of liability so should I write and ask for a refund?

    Also, should I also ask Lloyds TSB for a refund also. Thanks again

  12. I looked on Companies House and there is no mention of IM Group could you send me the details of Hereford Trading Standards so that I can send him my paperwork. I have a Bill of Sale that is invlaid yet they still took the car, i have put in a PPI that has been accepted by the Ombudsman on the grounds of my pre existing medical condition. They have stated that I could still claim on the PPI even though I had pre existing conditions but the insurance details atate I cannot.


    If they cannot get the basics correct what chance is there on them resolving complaints to a satisfactory level

    Contact Details:

    I.M. Group Limited

    I.M. House

    South Drive


    B46 1DF

    United Kingdom

    Andrew Edmiston

    Managing Director - I.M. Group

    Gary Hutton

    Director of Administration - I.M. Group

    Paul Tunnicliffe

    Managing Director - Subaru, Isuzu & Daihatsu

    David Wall

    Director of Business Development - I.M. Group


    There you go.

  13. I find it very hard to believe The Funding Corporation take complaints seriously. I can also concur that staff are rude, unhelpful and generally unprofessional. You only have to look at simialr threads on this website to see what people think of The Funding Corporation. It also seems strange that they have only just starting to comment on posts are they becoming concerned about their corporate image


    They dont. Love thier reply, they are so concerned they post once and dissappear, would be nice for them to stick around once in a while.

    As for corporate image, I honestly do not think they have one, apart from the bullying tactics they use to intimidate people.


    From experience, when a complaint is made, the complaints staff (trying not to laugh) and customer services put their heads together to make a fence, and come up with some explanations to just back each other up.

    I got a letter of them after a compalint once saying it takes 28 days ti investigate, then 3 hours later got an email saying there was nothing evident to uphold a complaint I made, funny how that actual phone call was not recorded.

  14. Maybe your best bet is to ignore them and wait for a DCA to contact you.

    Do not get me wrong I hate DCAs too, but maybe they will be more willing to make a payment plan with you, and ignoring them at first usually gets them to halve the debt as an offer of settlement.

    If you are someone who can put money aside easily ( im not) do so, and if the DCAs offer you this option, you have the money to pay it in one go to accept the deal.


    On the other hand, I had a payday loan a couple of years ago, and the company tried to take the money earlier than they agreed, and I got a £35 charge off the bank, I cancelled my card, and without knowledge they set a DD up and tried again. I too changed bank, and told them I was taking legal action against them. Never heard from them since, and I never paid. Only Crudit Solutions tried to get anything, and I told them to prove it was me who ticked the electronic box on the app forms online.

  15. Sorry this is long, but there is a lot in this.


    Bought a car in 2009, from a dealer in Bolton. I had arranged the finance already with Advantage as an existing customer. The dealer said he did not usually do finance deals as the cars were trade in, but his sister company did, and took me just round the corner to a large car hypermarket.

    Both guys guys knew each other well, and the hypermarket owner said no problem, he deals with Advantage all the time and the original dealer was supposedly his clearance premises, so I had no reason see a problem.

    When I first saw the car, it was boxed in a tiny room, so could not take it out, however, I took it out the second time i looked at it, but could not go far as the battery was shot, but he would put a new one in on pick up (it ended up being a second hand one cleaned up).

    When I went to get the car, I seen what was thought to be a new battery on the car, but as I did not drive it far asked if I could take it out again, but was told the car was still getting serviced, however if I signed the papers, and took the car later, they would give me a one month warranty, one month as it was a trade in, I did question this but was told that is all I would get. Seeing as the car was only 4 yrs old, I thought it would be okay anyway.


    Within 10 mins of taking the car, I nearly crashed it cos of the steering, brakes, stalled while driving, all over the shop it was, so I went back, to find the dealer had locked up sharpish and gone home. The hypermarket at first said it was not up to him to do anything, as it was up to his clearance branch.


    Chopping the story is this. The car was a state, and each time I went back to the dealer, he would not talk, answer the phone nothing. The second garage, I found out was NOT connected to the original dealer, it was a [problem] they both ran. The car never ever got fixed, and Advantage said I cannot cancel as it was signed on the dealers premises ( it was not the original dealer thus taking my rights to cancel away).

    Advantage have told me, the dealer was the one they dealt with, and I got a 3 month warranty with the car. But I got no warranty, as the premises where I signed was not the original dealer, so obvious would not put any faults right out of his own pocket.

    Advantage said they have the paperwork from the third party dealer so proves he was the original seller, I say they are bound to have the paperwork, or they would not have paid out.


    Trading Standards in Bolton were informed, and to be fair, they have been brilliant, they went first to the dealer I got the car from, and they had vanished. Next they went to the 3rd Party dealer, they too had vanished, furthermore, they have had numerous complaints about the same two dealers, to which I have applied for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

    When I took the car for MOT, it was found the car was in a bad smash in the past, it was not put together properly, just enough done to resell it. The car had new front wing, new hatchback and bumper, and new rear wings and new front bumper. The undercarriage has not been straightened or strengthened properly, so the panels do not quite line up as they should, and the car, originall being Trophy Green, is now black, hiding all the other coloured parts put on, i.e. the front bumper was yellow originally, and the fron wing blue.

    Every repair I have done on the steering, has not worked, as the steering rack does not sit flush as it should, and I cannot do no more. As the bodywork is not as it should be, rain water gets in the boot, from behind the lights, and a bit of crumpled bodywork where the rivets have snapped. When you stop the car and brake, the whole undercarriage of the car makes a groaning and stretching type of sound.


    All the damage above I knew nothing about till I got a report done myself.

    Advantage have not been interested since day one. I got proof of the original dealer through Autotrader, but Advantage said I was lying. I gave Advantage contact details of the 3 mechanics who looked at the car, they are not interested, and told Advantage of the investigation by Trading Standards, they were not interested. In all, Advantage dont care.

    2 years on, I have the car driving, as I need it, but it is still not right. Advantage now have said they will get Cavin and Baker to do a report on it, although I do not now see the point, as it has been already pointed out, no report, apart from the bodywork, can tell after 2 years what repairs needed doing, it is just something for Advantage to strengthen their position with.

    BUT..... Last year I offered for them to inspect the car, and they refused point blank.

    All my correspondence I have in writing, so I have proof of everything.


    I am sorry if there is stuff missing above, there will be, so any questions please ask, and they may help me write a bit better.


    Sorry if it seems a bit jumbled up peeps, I am not much good at writing everything in order. Advantage, every letter they write are very careful not to put their foot in anything so apart from the same excuses, and covering their own tracks they do nothing.


    Ask anything to help and I will tell what I can. Thanks.

  16. Good Luck with it, hope you give them what they deserve.


    Just wondered on something. When you receive written correspondence from Advantage do you find they are clever with their words?

    I am getting constant written correspondence at the moment, but whenever they have questions to answer, they are very cagey with the answers I get.


    I have a car going for inspection soon, and in a letter they wrote they told me if the car is fine, I will have to pay the inspection fee, and any arrears and fees I have.

    So I asked in return what if the report is in my favour, what will happen then. Instead of answering the question they told me they cannot jump to conclusions. Lol, after I informed them they already had regarding charging me to the hilt in their previous written communication, I asked them again, what happens if the report is in my favour, will they fix the car, or will they write it off. Again the response was clouded to say the least.

    I am starting a thread on my problem, I hope you look in, you may see something, even small that may help you, I dont know. Thanks again, and as I said Good Luck.

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