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  1. Hi read your reply to the forum relating to the funding corp. it seems you have been really lucky to not have fell fowl of them, however , what you say about people not paying on time, most of the threads actually say they have given their vehicles back, and dont need to pay. Me, i have a secured loan with these mppets, and just want to point out, that im up to date with my accounts, and wanted my payment datechanging, due to change at work, guess what, they wouldnt do it and were rude and obnoxious, i had no option to pay it a week later every month, the charges kept coming as you expect, well, i have a solicitor contact them, all of a sudden, all charges refunded and a nice lady, the only one ill talk to there, done everything other members of staff refused to do. Moral is, you had a lucky escape, if you had needed help? that is when their true colours would show. cheers. neil

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