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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will cross it off my the letter before returning it to them. I will have a problem waiting to cancel the court case tho. My hearing was set for this coming Monday (26th March), and there is no way that they will clear the funds in my account and leave me enough time to cancel the case.
  2. Tanz I'm about to send the letter back to them now. Do you suggest simply crossing out the sentance that says "By accepting this offer, you also agree that the existence and the terms of this offer are confidential between us"? Will this affect them paying me, as I also need to contact the Country Court to inform them that a settlement has been agreed. Please reply.
  3. OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT AGREED, BARCLAYS PAID UP IN FULL! Just to complete the story, I called Anthony Lombardi on Monday 26th February. He said that they were dealing with the claims in order of court date. My date was 26th March, so he advised to leave it for two weeks. He also advised that his colleague Laura Wrage was going to be dealing with my case. This was a very civilised coversation, and I thanked him for his help. On Monday 12th March, I called Laura Wrage to discuss my claim. She said that she had requested the statements to verify the claim, she advised that I would rece
  4. Thanks TANZARELLI, is this something that I should be producing even though they will (hopefully) settle prior to it going to court? Also, if should be producing this, should I be sending it to the court sometime before the date of my hearing? Thanks
  5. Also, I'm not sure what I should be doing about the court bundle. Can anyone assist? Thanks
  6. After receiving my court date (26th March), and not hearing anything from Barclays (no surprise there), I decided to give them a call. Spoke to Anthony Lombardi, who advised me that his colleague Laura Wrage was dealing with my claim. He said in order to treat each customer 'fairly' they were currently reviewing the claims for the first two weeks of March, and once that had been completed, then they would look at the rest of the March claims. He said Laura would be in touch with me at some point. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I sit and wait for another week or so, or is
  7. Hi Group Finally received a letter last week with my court date. The date has been set as 26th March in Cardiff. I read somewhere of some advice about waiting a week or so and then contacting Barclays with regard to an out of court settlement. Is this correct? Does anybody have the contact details for Barclays? Thanks
  8. Just been looking through the Basic Court Bundle, and wow.....it means nothing to me. Maybe it's too late in the night for that now. Anyone else feel the same? Can somebody please explain this in layman's terms? Help and advice is always greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all of the replies, but I'm a little confused. I received a letter yesterday saying that it had been transferred to a different court, this is the third court that has now been involved. It began in Northampton, then it was transferred to Newport (the local court to my home address), and now its been transferred to Cardiff for track. Is this normal, has anybody else experienced this? Thanks.
  10. Ok, here's the latest. Received notification from the court that Barclays were going to defend this. Notification included a change of court (to my local county court), and the Allocation Questionaire. I had until 30th December to return this, so I completed it as per the excellent guidelines on this site, and delivered it by hand to the court today. Can anybody offer some sort of idea as to the time scales from here on? I hope / assume that at some point that Barclays will decide to settle out of court....??
  11. Thanks Michael I just wanted to ensure that there was nothing I should be doing / sending to the court etc....? It seems that at this point in the process one of a few things can happen. I'm off to B&Q!! Thanks
  12. Ok, Barclays have now acknowledged my claim made on MCOL, and intend on defending it. I've received a 'Notice that Acknowledgement of Service has been filed' and a copy of the 'Acknowledgement of Service', but everything seems to have gone quite. I assume this is while Barclays stall for time? Is there anything I should be doing at the moment? Any help / advise would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  13. Sent a second reminder to Barclays including the updated scehdule of charges (recorded delivery), and still no reply from them seven days on. Therefore, completed my MCOL details, paid the fee and submitted it. Does anybody know the timescales involved from here on in? Thanks
  14. From one Welshman to another, thanks for the advice. I will send a second letter and schedule tomorrow morning (recorded delivery) and then give it a few days before proceeding. I've already filled in the MCOL, just waiting to submit it. Thanks again.
  15. Just going through the process of entering my claim details onto Money Claim Online, whilst reading the FAQ's in here again, and I've come across the following om Section 3 - How / Where Do I Start My Claim:- This method can ONLY be used if money is the only thing being claimed. However, you must make sure that the bank has received a schedule of your charges at least twice during your preparatory correspondence. I've only sent the schedule to the bank once (with the LBA), should I send it again before proceeding with the claim? Any advice would be greatfully received.
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