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  1. Sorry for delayed reply. Just had a stack of mail forwarded with dca letters. Not sure of total debt as some creditors not persuing currently. I have a co. called scotcall for a tesco finance debt of £1982.74 and mackenzie hall for mbna debt of7183.15.
  2. Thanks tomterm8. I am in england. The warrant is, ironically, for a debt to the estate agent that sold my newsagents business to the low life that ripped me off for the whole stock, hence my debts. MBNA is harrassing my ex's elderly parents at all hours and really upsetting them. The warrant was for me to attend court and give details. However I forgot to go so have telephoned court and they have told me to write in explaining that I don't live at the address the warrant was served, I am more worried about MBNA as they are really pushy and my ex is going nuts. When I read about some agreements being unenforceable, I thought I'd register to ask for help.
  3. I have read the information on here about this and it a bit overwhelming. I have recently had a warrant served on me for an old debt. I had a retail business from oct 2000 to oct 2002 and to cut a long story short the guy who bought it then didn't pay me for the stock, so I didn't have the money to pay the suppliers so everything went pear shaped. I have since done various jobs, worked away for a time and my post has been all over. I don't know what has happened with this debt but its with a dca. By an uncany coincidence, I was looking after my daughter while her mum (my ex) was having an op before christmas. It was 7am saturday morning, and when i answered it this guy put the warrant in my hand. I was told by a friend to have a look on here as there is some loophole with the application forms. I have read the thread entitled Basic Introduction to Consumer Credit litigation and wondered if it is relevant to my situation. Is it a problem if I don't have copies if any agreements, statements or letters from MBNA or the dca? If anyone can advise me I would be grateful.
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