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  1. You might garner a little more sympathy had you not also added the following "Either your just a DVLA troll, a grumpy the 'laws the law' robot or an imbecile. Probably all three." And all of the above is nothing more than a strawman to distract from the FACT that YOU drove an untaxed vehicle on the public highway after buying it, and then left it - untaxed - on the highway. YOU are the author of your own misfortune, no one else. DVLA fine people for having untaxed vehicles on the road, its called 'enforcement'; without enforcement, no would pay the tax. Don't get me wrong, I th
  2. Great news. At least you have a happy ending to an unfortunate saga.
  3. Hardly punitive, arbitrary and disproportionate. You knew that you would be going on holiday, you knew that you had to insure, MOT, and tax a car, and yet you still went ahead and bought it knowing you had less than 36hrs to complete this. You know that it is an offence to drive an untaxed vehicle on the public highway. It makes no difference that your working day appears to be about 12hrs long, you have a lunch break, no? As for lawyers' fees, well, *we* pay them via our taxes...
  4. Congrats on winning. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, return the car to them until they have paid you. The car is legally yours until payment has been received. They have, afaik, no legal right to inspect the car - this appears to be a flimsy excuse to find faults in an attempt to say "hey, its damaged". Take multiple photos AND a walk-around video of the car exterior and interior, as close as possible, so if there is any attempt later to say "it was scratched/damaged" you can prove the condition of the vehicle when it left you. If they turn up on Sunday without CASH, then do NOT re
  5. The use of a .yahoo email address suggest something else; your son might have been targeted as a "mule". It is a simple [problem] in which monies obtained from a target are deposited with a third -innocent and unwitting - individual. This person is fed a story that (s)he will be handling monies on bahlf of another, and will receive a commission/cut for doing so. And quite often that's the case, until ActionFraud/Police come knocking. But as everyone else has said, it is imperative that your son does not touch a penny, does NOT delete any emails, and tries to return the funds ASAP.
  6. Did they say this (as in 'verbally', ie on the phone), or put it in writing? PSD are an internal investigations department, investigating police officers and not members of the public. If it was a verbal comment then there is nothing you can do as you cannot prove they said it. (Though, why oh why would you be talking to them - have NO verbal contact with them until mediation - and do that through a third party - or court). If it in writing, then contact the IPCC as it is essentially a threat, albeit a harmless one.
  7. I think this encapsulates your problem; a misplaced sense of entitlement.
  8. Oh yes, and unless you do watch live TV - or now, use iPlayer - without a licence, don't sweat it.
  9. In March this year (and September last year), it was your car; in your words "i paid my road tax", and "set up direct debits from my bank account", and it was from your bank account the direct debits failed. So when did you transfer ownership of - or sell - the car to the car club? Did the 'club' ever tax the vehicle? And, if the vehicle was clamped yesterday morning, why did you buy it (or transfer ownership) yesterday afternoon, knowing it was clamped?
  10. In your first post, you said "I paid my road tax via the DDicon scheme at my local post office back in September and set up the monthly payments via my bank. I have not authorised my bank to stop payments but the DVLA have stopped requesting payments and are now claiming that my car is not taxed." Yesterday you posted "Car clamped this morning no tax. Bank saying DD is still active and is showing that on on-line banking. I set up DD for 6th of each month but bank are saying DVLA claimed on 2nd and 6th of month. DVLA are saying that they have cancelled DD because two attem
  11. The date of a direct debit is usually set by the company, not necessarily on the 1st of the month - in my own case, not one DD comes out on the first, and in 30+ years I can't recall any that has done so. Although DVLA's website says that they setup the payment for the first working day of each month. edit: multiquote failed. Yes Callum, they made two attempts to collect payment, on the 2nd and on the 6th. Two attempts, in accordance with their policy. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-direct-debit/setting-up "If there isn’t enough money in your bank account DVLA will try to
  12. In what way is this relevant? Is the same car that you taxed in September last year?
  13. It's increasingly obvious that the OP fails to take any responsibillity for his (in)actions in life, and immediately resorts to blaming others when the consequences of his actions "bite him in the ass". For those unaware, he has a separate thread concerning car tax. In his first post he accuses the DVLA of "breaching the direct debit scheme" by not collecting the monthly payment for his car tax. The second accuses them of incompetence, and in usual Callum logic somehow contorts a negative (the bank not confirming he had cancelled the DD) into proof of their incompetence. It's only l
  14. Callum, you need to start accepting responsibility for your actions - or lack of - in life, rather than immediately blaming others. Your first post in this thread accuses the DVLA of 'breaching' the DIrect Debit code, the second accuses them of incompetency, resulting in your car being untaxed. The real reason? YOU had insufficient funds in your account, resulting in the debit being unpaid. It's hard to see how you could not have noticed this, given that a) the bank would have informed you of the unpaid DD, and associated charge. b) you have online banking and would have seen it. Regard
  15. Pure speculation: Callum will not post the remainder of the defence because it claims the solicitor did inform him that his PI appeal did not hold water Callum will not post the 'other correspondence' referred to because is demonstrates the solicitor informed him of the above. This is not meant derisively, but one starts to draw conclusions from the lack of pertinent information. Hard not to when the OP argues and belittles the people he is asking for advice.
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