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  1. Sorry for the late reply, But my husband had doctors and hospital appointments I will get her to take a look at what advice has been given regards Mrs DCA-KING
  2. Hi my daughter had a letter off Bristow & Sutor for apparently driving over the line of a bus lane with a local council. she has emailed them telling them that my husband has major health issues and am classed as vulnerable due to my mental health state and my and him being on his 5th heart attack and waiting for a emergency heart op. My Daughter has just changed jobs as she was a carer and caught covid twice and has been stressed in case she passes it on to her father, was on the sick with depression and given medication so she is vulnerable and we had to get the police to find her as she was going to self harm, thankfully she is getting better and as started a new job. she stated that only thing she owns is a car on finance and a contract phone and a old laptop, they have emailed her now saying they want proof my husband and her are vulnerable and she needs to pay the £100 odd fine otherwise they will add another £285 for a home visit surely they cannot call if there are vulnerable people in the household I look forward to your help Regards Mrs DCA-KING
  3. I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that the gov where clapping down on people not just on benefits, that sell goods on ebay and other sites that anything they sell they will have pay tax, how they will police it is anyones guess
  4. Hi back in 2012 I went to my docs about my hearing, he then sent me to my local ENT to get checked out, short story I have deafness because of the work I done so I put a claim in against my former employer I finished there in 2005, anyway x employer agreed and settled out of court last month, so last week I applied for IIDB on the grounds of industrial deafness, had a letter back today stating that I am writing to tell you that you cannot get iidb for the prescribed disease occupational deafness, this is because you did not claim within 5 years of the end of the job that was likely to cause occupational deafness, my point is shall I appeal as 5yrs ago I didn't know I was that deaf and its only been the last 4yrs its been proved that it was work that caused it, surely I have ground to appeal that it should be 5yrs from when I found out anyone have any help on this Regards DCA-King
  5. Hi I also suffer with PTSD but have never claimed as I don't want to be reminded of what I witnessed, do they bring it up as after 14 yrs im still not fully recovered ive just learned to accept it Regards chris
  6. Well filled out form and send off had a home visit in Dec 2011 still waiting to find out whats happing, but still being paid is it worth calling them see whats the outcome is regards DCA
  7. Hi folks this was in the papers from money saving expert Only tickets issued by authorised wardens and police are legally valid, by contrast a ticket from a parking enforcement firm such as those supervising supermarkets, hospital car parks, Are not fines but a breach of a contract a parking company has no power to force you to pay an invoice unless it first takes you to court, which is hassle and then it needs to win the case, which is by no means certain, if you ignore the ticket and they dont send a follow up invoice there is no reason to pay, if you do recieeve an invoice you can dispute the ticket-But dont state your appealing as that legitimises the ticket, ignoring letters or nogotiating is one preferred tactic, and as theres no credit involed, it cant affect your credit rating regards DCA
  8. Under english law only 2 people can come onto your property without a appointment 1 a postman and 2 someone asking for directions ring or write (dont sign it) to them stating the law and you do not wish to give them a appointment and anyone coming on to your property will be charged with tresspassing regards DCA KING PS i have the sign staing the law (its on here some where) on my gate, it also states dogs roaming freely in this area (there not ) do not enter without a prior appointment you be surprise how many people dont bother you
  9. Hi i filled out a esa form and was given a appointment, after the wife phoned and a doctor sent a fax i am now waiting for a home visit for a medical, today now i recieved a dla 80 form to see if i get the right living allowance, what are these form and is it linked to the esa form i filled in Regards Chris
  10. Hi all just finished (well the Wife) filling out the form ESA50 i have Mental health problems also Astma and athritis is it worth photocopying my Industrial injuries Disablment Benefit award as it states due to occupational Asthma the award is for life and another award for lost of faculty is untill 2014 also a copy of my DLA award as i need care and mobility help Regards Welshy
  11. All police forces now use ANPR and in car computers that are linked to a database that is updated LIVE so the police will know in a second if you car has no tax,insurance or MOT all the organisation now have to update the database when one of the above is done I got pulled over on a spot check and the cop asked wheres your tax told him i did it online today and waiting for it to come He came back from his car and told me you taxed it at 3.17pm today. Yea was about that time so they know now everything thats why a lot of force want there offices to have hand held ones so even a copper walking the street can check with have to call it in and most will have fingerprint reconation on there hand held ones and some forces already have them in the cars so they can just ask please put your pinky on here BIG BROTHER STRIKES AGAIN Regards DK
  12. Can they still put a default with CRA Regards DK
  13. Hi i recieved a letter on the 16th oct of capquest for a debt purchased from abbey £2640.37 they would like to make me a offer final payment of £1320.19 today i recieved a letter from abbey saying that the debt was sold to caquest on 3 Jul 09 by way of assignment(letter had same po box as crapquest this debt is more than 6yr old and i have had no contact from abbey or anyone else any help regards DK
  14. This is going to be fun walking through bridgend today and brighthouse opened a store last year there, Have a guess who's opening 3 shops away??? BAYV that should be fun
  15. Hi i get DLA and IB and the DLA is not counted IIB9industrail injuries benefit) is counted i would just go in and find ouyt what its about bear in mind that if its something you do not want to discuss terminate the interview stating you would like legal advice and you solicitor to attend the next one
  16. Hi do you have any kids you could put the house in there names so technically u dont own it
  17. Go to the council ask for a copy of plans and take yours along and ask for a letter confirming that its a private parking space then get on the phone and email copies of the letters to your mp and get him to write a letter stating you want your car back within 7 days if its not returned apply to the county courts its that simple dont [email protected]@ about with these loser get them in court then send the story to your local rag put them in the spotlight my mate bought (and i did) the grass verges off the local council about 2 yrs ago i have fenced mine off my mate has a sorn car on his the lifted it he asked what are you doing removing it of council property Its no its mine No its not its council so he let them take it only worth 500 he went straight up cop shoip, someones nicked my car no sir dvla have it was parked on council property ok thank you down to the courts had a date took all the pics new deeds bill of sale for buying the land i went as well told them we bought it 2 yrs ago he left room to make a call came back told the guy your in the wrong he told you he owns the land and council just confirmed in the mean time they crushed the car he was with his court cost and for all his troubles came out with a 28 day court order to the sum of 2400 and they have paid it regards dk
  18. a friend once had his wife shout bloody wasps when a bailiff was outside peeping through the letter box and he sprayed him in the eyes Look i got him on the front door he was by the letter box Oh and sorry if i sprayed you who ever you are the guy sat on there wall for a hr wiping his eyes lol
  19. Tell him your 18stone rugby playing son is home if he would like to call bet you he wont hes only calling because he knows your frightened i remember when one called here for my wife she said call later when hubbies home he wasnt looking tpo happy when he called back and i came from around the back and told him to F off and never knock the door again and wake me up or il smash his face in funny he never called again might have something to do with being a 19 stone prop forward Regards DK PS never be frightened of them and never phone i would contact the courts and council and make a complaint also write to ylour MP and and the press if the courts or council do nothing i allways put on the bottom i await your reply before contacting the press
  20. Hi if you not working or even if you are some solicitors offer a free 1hr service see if they will do a letter for you or a phonbe call if not i would write to the courts and ask them how come a bailliff is harrassing you for a debt you paid regards chris
  21. No what im saying is make the taxman aware, because op said they did the same with last company and knowing the taxman they will look into it think here they go again, Because if they owe the taxman cash they wont be happy bunnies also like i stated contact acas they will give free advice it may look like to tax and vat man that these people are opening companies getting work done and closing them and moving on they have the powers to freeze all there bank accounts if i was op i would let them know that as i int been paid im off to the job centre and tax office to see if i can get any tax back and any mnoney this may make them pay the op so they dont get anyone on there backs and i would mention to the company that i int been paid i did it yrs ago with a company Oh we wiating for the money to be paid into account to pay you local rag run the story that staff didnt get paid i got called in and told your no longer required and heres the 7 weeks we owe you regards dk
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