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  1. I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that the gov where clapping down on people not just on benefits, that sell goods on ebay and other sites that anything they sell they will have pay tax, how they will police it is anyones guess
  2. Hi back in 2012 I went to my docs about my hearing, he then sent me to my local ENT to get checked out, short story I have deafness because of the work I done so I put a claim in against my former employer I finished there in 2005, anyway x employer agreed and settled out of court last month, so last week I applied for IIDB on the grounds of industrial deafness, had a letter back today stating that I am writing to tell you that you cannot get iidb for the prescribed disease occupational deafness, this is because you did not claim within 5 years of the end of the job that was likely to cause
  3. Hi I also suffer with PTSD but have never claimed as I don't want to be reminded of what I witnessed, do they bring it up as after 14 yrs im still not fully recovered ive just learned to accept it Regards chris
  4. Well filled out form and send off had a home visit in Dec 2011 still waiting to find out whats happing, but still being paid is it worth calling them see whats the outcome is regards DCA
  5. Hi folks this was in the papers from money saving expert Only tickets issued by authorised wardens and police are legally valid, by contrast a ticket from a parking enforcement firm such as those supervising supermarkets, hospital car parks, Are not fines but a breach of a contract a parking company has no power to force you to pay an invoice unless it first takes you to court, which is hassle and then it needs to win the case, which is by no means certain, if you ignore the ticket and they dont send a follow up invoice there is no reason to pay, if you do recieeve an invoice you can disput
  6. Under english law only 2 people can come onto your property without a appointment 1 a postman and 2 someone asking for directions ring or write (dont sign it) to them stating the law and you do not wish to give them a appointment and anyone coming on to your property will be charged with tresspassing regards DCA KING PS i have the sign staing the law (its on here some where) on my gate, it also states dogs roaming freely in this area (there not ) do not enter without a prior appointment you be surprise how many people dont bother you
  7. Hi i filled out a esa form and was given a appointment, after the wife phoned and a doctor sent a fax i am now waiting for a home visit for a medical, today now i recieved a dla 80 form to see if i get the right living allowance, what are these form and is it linked to the esa form i filled in Regards Chris
  8. Hi all just finished (well the Wife) filling out the form ESA50 i have Mental health problems also Astma and athritis is it worth photocopying my Industrial injuries Disablment Benefit award as it states due to occupational Asthma the award is for life and another award for lost of faculty is untill 2014 also a copy of my DLA award as i need care and mobility help Regards Welshy
  9. All police forces now use ANPR and in car computers that are linked to a database that is updated LIVE so the police will know in a second if you car has no tax,insurance or MOT all the organisation now have to update the database when one of the above is done I got pulled over on a spot check and the cop asked wheres your tax told him i did it online today and waiting for it to come He came back from his car and told me you taxed it at 3.17pm today. Yea was about that time so they know now everything thats why a lot of force want there offices to have hand held ones so even a copper wal
  10. Can they still put a default with CRA Regards DK
  11. Hi i recieved a letter on the 16th oct of capquest for a debt purchased from abbey £2640.37 they would like to make me a offer final payment of £1320.19 today i recieved a letter from abbey saying that the debt was sold to caquest on 3 Jul 09 by way of assignment(letter had same po box as crapquest this debt is more than 6yr old and i have had no contact from abbey or anyone else any help regards DK
  12. This is going to be fun walking through bridgend today and brighthouse opened a store last year there, Have a guess who's opening 3 shops away??? BAYV that should be fun
  13. Hi i get DLA and IB and the DLA is not counted IIB9industrail injuries benefit) is counted i would just go in and find ouyt what its about bear in mind that if its something you do not want to discuss terminate the interview stating you would like legal advice and you solicitor to attend the next one
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